How Does Online Couples Counseling Work For Two People?

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Traditionally, couples therapy takes place in person. However, in modern psychology, online therapy is available for those seeking relationship counseling. Advances in technology and increasing demand for accessible mental health services have opened the door for people to benefit from online therapies.

Video conferencing simulates in-person interactions that a therapist guides with verbal and visual cues occurring in real-time in the comfort of any environment with an internet connection. Learning about how couples therapy could benefit you may help you make an informed decision about your relationship struggles.

Online Couples Counseling Helps People See One Another's Point Of Views

An Overview Of Online Couples Therapy 

The Internet, social media, and global events like Covid-19 have shifted how people communicate. Therefore, seeking professional therapeutic help may no longer necessitate an in-person visit to a clinical office. All forms of therapy, including couples therapy, can now be done online. 

Online couples or marriage therapy has been found highly effective. This technology has progressed beyond a “chat room,” allowing couples to attend online marriage counseling through video conference, phone calls, or live chat messaging. The new therapy model allows therapists to communicate with patients at their discretion and at an ideal time for both partners and the counselor. 

Research examining the effectiveness of virtual couples therapy has concluded that video sessions work. Couples report that online therapy services make some aspects of couples counseling easier than seeing a therapist at their office. The participants found it easier to talk about intimate relationship concerns while sitting in the comfort of their homes. In addition, it can be more convenient to schedule a marriage counseling session online than an in-person visit with a marriage and family therapist. 

Couples therapy techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, may work best when patients can afford to attend sessions once a week rather than once or twice a month. Couples therapy services using video chat or phone calls can offer more accessibility in this area.

You can log on from home or on vacation to receive weekly support. Because you have several sessions throughout the month, you may not feel you forgot the last session when you meet with your therapist again. You can also message your therapist at any time throughout the week, depending on the online form of therapy you’ve chosen. 

The Advantages Of Couples Counseling Online

The ability to conveniently take notes and refer to information from the video chat, with a partner or without, makes marriage counseling online accessible for many. In addition to having a couple’s session, individuals can log in individually and talk to a therapist one-on-one about sensitive relationship issues. 

An individual therapy session may allow each partner to talk discreetly, without judgment or defensiveness from their spouse or partner. The therapist may also better understand everyone and how to help them as a couple. 

Other advantages of attending online therapy with your partner may include the following:

  • Ease of use

  • Time management 

  • Reduced costs

  • Accessibility 

Online therapy often resolves the problem of location and timing. The session duration may be flexible and reduce the costs of therapy services. Partners can log in together from remote locations to speak with their counselor. They can choose a long session or multiple short sessions throughout the week without the added stress of travel time. People living in remote places or apart can log on from anywhere, whether at home or the office. Evening and weekend appointments could also be possible with online relationship counseling.

Online therapy users often find it easier to transfer the skills they learn during relationship therapy to their real lives. Because the sessions occur at home, where conflict resolution and real-life relationship patterns take place, they can discuss their concerns from a familiar location. 

Online Couples Counseling Helps People See One Another's Point Of Views

Is Online Therapy Impersonal?

Some individuals may worry that online therapy could feel impersonal due to a therapist being behind a screen. However, combining a comfortable home environment and a realistic virtual office environment may motivate many patients to engage. Some people could feel more comfortable sitting in their homes in a favorite chair than on their therapist’s couch. Studies have shown that most individuals feel most comfortable at home.

Sites like BetterHelp for individuals and ReGain for couples can allow you to schedule a time to speak to a regular therapist or send a message and receive a response, often within 24 hours. This accessibility may allow you and your partner to make decisions to work through your relationship challenges and help you avoid impulsive behaviors. 


Online couples therapy may be seen as a natural evolution of therapy and online technology that gives clients a place of comfort to receive support. Attending online couples therapy sessions can make a positive impact on the way you and your partner communicate. If you’re interested in trying this form of therapy, consider reaching out to a professional for further insight. 

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