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Looking to support your family through online therapy? If so, you're not alone in your attempts to seek counseling. Many couples today seek marriage help via online talk therapy and licensed marriage counselors to help them resolve major issues in their marriage.
The most important thing for couples seeking relationship or family counseling online to understand is that no marriage (or family) is immune to conflict. As most therapists know, every married couple runs into issues, so you are certainly not alone! If you're looking to work through marriage problems, online marriage counseling may be exactly the help you need, giving you the tools and relationship coach to work through any relationship issues you are facing. 

Online Relationship Counseling Can Make All The Difference

Online Marriage Counseling - What You Should Know

When you think of marriage counseling, you may envision someone like your parents or a couple in a traditional in-person clinic. When in-office sessions are the only available option, some couples choose not to seek marriage help. Today, there are other options, such as online couples counseling, for partners looking to gain the benefits without the pressure of traditional in-office sessions, something especially important for partners with busy schedules. You can find some of these options by searching "relationship counseling near me" online. This may grant you the option to receive therapy through phone, video chat, or messaging.

Online couples therapy is making it possible for everyone in a marriage to take part in sessions from wherever they happen to be in the world. All couples experience conflict, and having a conversation to talk through these disagreements and feelings can help them avoid divorce. Through websites like BetterHelp, spouses can take part in online sessions of couples therapy with licensed marriage therapists. When people opt for online therapy, they can securely and privately search for a therapist to connect with from the comfort of their own home. Searching for marital therapy virtually often feels less stressful for most couples because there isn't as much direct contact. This provides even the most private partners a way to find the marriage and family help they need through private online sessions.
Taking part in virtual sessions regularly can lead to the following long-term benefits for couples, including lower rates of divorce, and increased intimacy. It's important to note that different people benefit from marriage counseling work in different ways. (Keep in mind that the benefits of in-person, online, and virtual counseling are proven to be equally effective for people struggling with their marriage.) Below are a few benefits you and your partner may experience from marriage counseling work:
  • Improved communication and new techniques for constructively handling conflict throughout the marriage and dealing with criticism. This might look like an increased ability to address disagreements over money and finances, feelings of blame, and family conflict.
  • Experience a re-engagement in the course of the marriage and a reminder of what attracted you to each other in the first place as well as increased intimacy.
  • You and your partner maintain and develop a new foundation for your marriage to stand on that makes a conversation about feelings, blame, money, or even divorce, easier to have.
  • You and your partner learn to develop goals and priorities together rather than focusing on individual goals that conflict and strain your marriage.
  • You and your spouse learn to work together to develop better parenting strategies that benefit the family as a whole.
  • More support and empathy from your partner when you're struggling with a personal challenge. Conversely, you may find yourself more supportive of your partner as well.
  • Working as a team through major life transitions and challenges that may strain the marriage.
  • Speaking openly and honestly about issues in your marriage or family, which leads to real solutions, instead of having the same argument again and again.

No relationship is perfect, but that doesn't mean you need to settle for one fraught with conflict. Seeking the help of licensed marriage or family therapists virtually can provide you with the guidance you need to work through issues and disagreements with your spouse constructively and create positive changes. A mental health professional can support their clients through a variety of questions or challenges.

Best Relationship Therapy Tips To Help You and Your Relationship Thrive

Agree On An Online Marriage Counselor

When couples decide to find virtual marriage counseling, they sometimes can end up with an EFT therapist that favors one over the other. Even if the therapist is fair, their personality might mesh better with one partner. The wonderful thing about virtual marriage counseling is that you and your significant other can easily switch to a new therapist if needed.

Learn To Communicate Healthily

Healthy communication is a cornerstone of a good relationship. A virtual marriage and family therapist can guide you to talk more openly with each other, help you understand your communication limitations at the start of couples counseling, and provide you with tools that you can practice afterward. Communication issues between partners regarding money, family conflict, and a difficult point in their marriages are some of the most common reasons people divorce. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, one of the top three reasons marriages dissolve is due to conflict and arguing, thus showing how important it is to communicate with your partner on the same level.
Combine Online Marriage Counseling With Individual Therapy
Many marriage and family therapists require that each of you have an individual therapist when you seek marriage counseling. The two of you will likely bring up issues that one of you needs to deal with privately. While the couples therapist must remain impartial, an individual therapist is there to understand and guide only you through whatever problem arises.

Online Relationship Counseling Can Make All The Difference

Online Marriage Counseling Privacy

Deciding to go into marriage counseling is a big step. You might feel vulnerable if others know you're having problems in your marriage, thus causing you to seek advice from marriage counseling. With virtual marriage counseling, no one ever needs to know the two of you are seeking help through couples therapy. You can do couples counseling in the privacy of your own home or even on vacation.

Work With A Licensed Therapist

Before you invest in online counseling, check out the therapists on the platform you're using to ensure they have the right qualifications to help you. With trusted, reputable sites Like Regain, you can ensure your counselor has credentials in the field of psychology and is licensed.

What You Can Expect With BetterHelp

Email Registration

You and your husband, wife, or partner will start the process by registering for a free account online. Your email address is used to communicate with therapists regarding your online sessions for couples. When you register, it's up to you if you want to use your real names - or register anonymously.

Individual Questionnaire

After you complete your registration, the next step is to complete an intake questionnaire. This questionnaire is one of the tools that online professionals have used in helping couples to make the most out of their services.

Couples Questionnaire

Your therapist can create a couple's assessment that is unique to your marriage based on the answers in your and your partner’s individual questionnaire. The couples assessment can act as a baseline for when couples start virtual sessions.

Couples Assessment

Your therapist will make an individual and joint assessment of your situation based on the results of the intake couples questionnaire. From here, your therapist will create a treatment plan that will guide your virtual sessions for couples counseling.

Online Marriage Counseling Treatment Plan

When you start services virtually with your life partner - your sessions will begin based on your initial assessments and treatment plans created by you, your partner, and your virtual therapist. Your therapist will provide focused relationship help based on the needs identified in your treatment plan.

Online Relationship Counseling Can Make All The Difference

Virtual Vs. In-Person

Traditionally, sessions with an in-office therapist for in-person last an hour. Today's virtual session options for professional services are more flexible. Therapists who specialize in virtual help are available via platforms like BetterHelp. This means that you and your life partner have access to a licensed couples therapist for individual or relationship counseling - any time of the day or night. As an added bonus, online services generally come at a lower price than traditional sessions.

After the initial session, your marriage therapist will schedule subsequent sessions to continue marital treatment based on several factors such as the severity of your marriage concerns. You and your spouse will get to share your perspective on how you feel about how the services are working. For example, if you find that some couple's exercises given to you by your therapist are more effective than others, you can make these adjustments. The best online counseling services provide a full spectrum of options that can meet the couple's needs from dating through marriage.
It may surprise you to learn that leading services like BetterHelp specialize in online counseling treatment for individuals, those in marriages, and families - also offer premarital counseling or relationship counseling therapy sessions. Take this article as your sign to get started now. Premarital counseling is a component of marriage help dedicated to helping couples build stronger marriages. Premarital counseling addresses the same couple's issues that virtual and relationship counseling address for married individuals. Your premarital counselor will walk you and your life partner through developing good communication skills, financial skills, and conflict-resolution strategies.When couples work to take part in marriage counseling online with a licensed marriage counselor, they have the opportunity to arrange the setting for the sessions with their marital counselor however fit. Couples might feel more comfortable in a space that's set up differently for more focused couples and marriage counseling. When couples take part in virtual couples and marriage counseling services that specialize in online distance counseling - you can find a counselor to meet you in the comfort of your own home on your terms. Marriage counseling online gives couples the freedom to express themselves in the most comfortable environment for them. Being able to take part in online counseling for couples eliminates the stress of long commutes for marriage counseling appointments. On average, couples who take part in marriage counseling online with an LMFT reported less relationship criticism, improved quality of life, and a higher marriage satisfaction rate than people who don't get counselor help virtually.

BetterHelp has licensed therapists waiting to help guide you and your partner through counseling to improve your relationship. You have the benefits of traditional therapy with all the benefits listed above. You can read reviews of some BetterHelp therapists below.

Therapist Reviews

"Stephanie is a gem! She's very thoughtful, thorough, honest, insightful but most of all helpful. This is coming from a person that never wanted to do counseling and just "knew" I didn't need it. She's been key in helping my wife and me find our better place. She made us grow as a couple and individually. Thanks, Steph!"

"The longer I work with Dr. Simon, the more grateful I am to have found a counselor who strikes such a kind balance between supporting and empathizing as well as challenging and coaching. She's been invaluable to the progress I've made individually and in my relationship."

Final Thoughts On Online Couples Help

Couples counseling doesn't have to be difficult and uncomfortable. If you're struggling in your relationship with resentment, attention, affection, or other concerns, the tools are there to help rebuild your connection. Take the first step to a fulfilling relationship today. If you're looking for more information on couples therapy, check out the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy to learn more.

Can Therapy Help A Marriage?

Depending on the specific issues you're trying to work through, a marriage counselor can help you reignite the spark and help you with relationship repair.

The benefit of counseling can include increased conflict resolution skills, improving understanding for one or both partners, and boosting your sex life. If you're looking to improve your marriage, a marriage and family therapist can almost certainly help.

What Is Best For Marriage Counseling?

Oftentimes, the best type of help for your relationship will depend on the goals that you and your partner want to set. The most common type of individual and family therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Other types of evidence-based couples therapy include imago therapy (pioneered by partners and psychologists Helen LaKelly Hunt and Harville Hendrix), focused therapy, or actively utilizing the Gottman method.

What Is Marriage Help Called?

Many different subsets of couples therapy go by different names and focus on different techniques for improving a marriage. For example, Sue Johnson created emotionally focused therapy, in which an ETF therapist works with a couple to identify dysfunctional emotion regulation and proposes new ways for the couple to work with each other to solve problems.

What Do Couples Talk About In Therapy?

Couples who seek help often discuss their life together with a marriage or family therapist. Counseling may help two people in a marriage address unresolved conflict, affairs, concerns about their children, infidelity, or just feel like they have a stronger foundation for their relationship. John Gottman pioneered many relationship counseling methods through his research at the Gottman Institute. Even today, many of his techniques are used to identify strengths and weaknesses in a relationship. Oftentimes, miscommunication is one of the number one reasons couples fail to align with one another, and professional help can help provide a safe space to discuss these dips in communication that occur in your marriage.

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