Andrea Brant, LMHC (She/her)

Clinical Reviewer
University of Central Florida, University of North Florida

Andrea lives in Boston with her husband and four dogs. She also spends several months of the year in Vancouver, Canada. Animal rescue is a huge passion of hers. When she’s not reading any book she can get her hands on, she volunteers for a dog rescue society. Recently, she’s been focusing on being more creative which has led to an interest in making/refurbishing furniture. Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, and learning about people and their life stories.

Andrea’s goal is to meet people where they are. It is important that she connect with the individuals she is speaking to so they can feel like they are heard and understood instead of applying a one size fits all approach. She is focused on providing evidence based techniques that can help her clients grow. While she appreciates the desire for clients to make quick changes, she focuses on setting reasonable and measurable goals to ensure that the people she works with can see their progress. She takes a compassionate but direct approach.

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