Reasons Why Marriage Counseling Costs Are Worth It

By Patricia Oelze

Updated December 07, 2018

Reviewer Richard Jackson


Every relationship has conflicts. In a marriage, where two individuals are around each other nearly twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, it is bound to have some rough patches. Many couples turn to their friends for advice, and one of the most frequent questions is "have you considered counselling?"

What is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling can be an effective outlet to allow couples a safe and comfortable space in which they can voice their feelings, problems, and opinions. It is not uncommon for relationships to hit snags here and there, but a trained marriage counsellor can help to find solutions to problems in the relationship, and help bring couples a sense of peace.A trained therapist, like those at BetterHelp, acts as a mediator and a guide for couples to discuss and overcome the obstacles in their relationship.

How Much Does It Cost?

On average, most marriage therapists charge between $75-$150 per hour of counselling. Prices can vary widely however from place to place, reaching $300 an hour in big cities such as New York. There are of course good reasons for the high price tags. Marriage and relationship counsellors typically have numerous costly qualifications and they pay high insurance premiums than other therapists.


Is The Cost Really Worth It?

For many couples, financial issues can cause a tremendous amount of stress and tension. Many who seek couples therapy turn away when they see the cost. Despite the costs associated with marriage counselling, many argue that it is significantly less expensive and devastating than divorce. Marriage counselling can have a highly positive effect on the relationship, can help to mend families, and settle long time disputes.

Is There A Less Expensive Alternative?

Like most other services, a higher price usually dictates higher qualifications, more experience, and potentially a greater likelihood of success. That said, many couples have succeeded in their marriages in other less costly ways.

The first thing to do is to contact your health insurance provider. The number can usually be found on the back or corner of the card given at the time your coverage starts. Many insurance providers will unfortunately not pay for marriage counselling sessions, though, this varies widely between patients and insurers. Some will cover your sessions; others may cover some of them, or a percentage of the costs.


Next, be completely open with your prospective therapist. Not all therapists are in it for the money, and if you explain that you can only afford a discounted rate, some may agree.

You can search your area for federally-funded mental health centers which often offer free or discounted counselling services. Other places to check for discounted rates could be local universities looking for practice for high-level students, therapy practices containing multiple counsellors which tend to run cheaper, your workplace's human resources department, and churches.

Another helpful option becoming more popular is the option of online therapy and counselling. Many sites target specific audiences such as individuals, young couples, married couples, and anyone else in need of help. Most of these, such as BetterHelp offer counselling services 24/7 for much lower rates than in-person therapists.

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