Working with a licensed therapist can help you manage life's challenges and learn to make positive changes in your life. If you’re looking for a therapist, FL can have many barriers to treatment, like a lack of available providers or types of insurance coverage, which can make finding in-person mental health counseling challenging. 

With BetterHelp, you can attend individual therapy from the comfort of your home at a time that works for your schedule. You can work with a clinical psychologist, social worker, marriage and family therapist, or other mental health professional to find solutions to your unique challenges. Plus, you can change providers anytime until you find one with whom you have a good working therapeutic relationship.

If you need support to manage the symptoms of mood disorders, navigate relationship difficulties with your adult children, or cope with changes to your physical health, an online therapist can guide you through the healing process and help you reach your goals. Connect with an online therapist licensed in Florida to get started.


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Monica Grey

Offering therapy in Florida
License: MSW,LCSW
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesTrauma and abuseGriefDepression
30 years of experience

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1996. with experience as a therapist, working with a diverse population. I have experience working with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, grief and loss, communication, trauma, and parenting. My counseling style is warm, receptive, and non-judgmental. I believe that clients are highly knowledgeable about their issues, and that my job as a therapist is to encourage self discovery, and the exploration of solutions, to each individual's unique problems. My approach combines cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic and rational-emotive counseling. I also recommend the use of Mindfulness techniques as part of the process of inner exploration. Interventions are geared for each individual dependent on their style, and needs. I look forward to meeting you as we embark on this exciting journey together. It takes courage to seek a more fulfilling and happier life, and to take the first steps towards a change. If you are ready to take that step I am here to support and empower you.

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Lugannys Lopez

Offering therapy in Florida
License: LMHC,NCC
Stress, AnxietyAddictionsAnger managementSelf esteemCoping with life changes
6 years of experience

Welcome! My name is Lugannys Lopez and I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida, and a National Certified Counselor. I have three years of experience working with at-risk children, adolescents, and their families in a community mental health setting. I have worked directly with clients with a wide range of concerns including stress, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, communication, parenting problems, ADHD, and family conflicts. My counseling style is interactive, strength-based, and collaborative. I believe in the therapeutic relationship and building good rapport with my clients to create a safe space to have open dialogues about their concerns. I believe in treating everyone with respect and compassion. We will work collaboratively to discover strategies and solutions that work best for you. My approach combines person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I will tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. Being aware of your needs and seeking help is a difficult yet courageous choice. If you are ready to take that step, I would be honored to walk with you on this healing journey, to support you, and empower you towards the path to wellbeing. I look forward to working with you!

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Tanya Thompson

Offering therapy in Florida
License: LCSW
Relationship issuesFamily conflictsTrauma and abuseGriefDepression
9 years of experience

I am a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Florida. I have nine years of experience counseling clients with various mental illnesses, some of which are persistent and severe. I have worked with clients with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia as well as those with panic disorder, trauma, and other mental illnesses. I have certifications in grief and trauma work. I am a blind therapist and I find clients respond positively to not being judged on their physical appearance. My philosophy is client-centered and my style is warm and engaging. Using cognitive reframing, I challenge clients’ perceptions and interpretations when appropriate. I believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and I am passionate that emotional healing and mental stability can be achieved when the therapist and client work together with a common goal in mind, focusing on what the client wants to accomplish in therapy. I look forward to working with you in your journey to establish optimum mental health.

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Heather Schumer

Offering therapy in Florida
License: LMHC
Stress, AnxietyTrauma and abuseSelf esteemCoping with life changesCompassion fatigue
7 years of experience

Hello! I'm Heather, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based in South Florida. Let me share a bit about my journey. I started off my education at the University of Florida, where I majored in Biochemistry and Gender Studies. Life took me on a different path, however, when I realized pharmacy wasn't my calling. So, I headed back to school and in 2016, I earned my Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University. I’ll always be a Gator, though! How many times in the last week have you said something along the lines of, “Are you fucking kidding me?” or "Why do I keep doing this shit over and over?" Clients that work well with me have probably said them a bunch of times. Are you part of Gen Z and struggling with anxiety and/or depression because of the socioeconomic and political climate in the US? Maybe you’re a millennial trying to balance being perfect in your career, maintaining friendships (likely by making plans to make plans), attending friend’s weddings/baby showers, and scrolling the dating apps trying to find the love of your life (maybe this time you reactivate your account will be different!). Perhaps you’re just trying to grapple with the millionth ‘once in a lifetime’ event that happened this week, or you’re a parent wanting to heal the trauma from your own childhood so you don’t traumatize your kid(s) the way your own parent(s) traumatized you. Or — you’re a first responder, a therapist, or even a ‘regular’ person simply struggling to navigate your daily reality and its complexities. I've had the privilege of working with clients struggling with a diverse range of issues, including trauma/PTSD, anxiety/panic attacks, body image concerns, perfectionism, emotional detachment, low self-esteem, phobias, and much more. More specifically, my expertise includes working with survivors of mass shootings and community-based traumas, millennials, individuals experiencing panic attacks, fellow mental health professionals, first responders, pre/post-op bariatric patients, and parents looking to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma. My approach to therapy is all about creating a space for clients to develop bottom-up coping skills and healing from trauma. I firmly believe that many of the challenges people face today can be traced back to unresolved childhood experiences. But here's the good news: I believe everyone has the potential to heal and build a happier, more stable future. I view participation in counseling as a partnership between the client and therapist. Clients define the problem(s) to be worked on and therapists use specialized knowledge to help their client bring attain their goals. While this sounds easy, clients often struggle to make changes, especially early on - change is uncomfortable, so it often feels easier to avoid. Most of the progress made in therapy is done outside of and between sessions, so what clients do between sessions will impact the sessions themselves. When I am not working, I spend my time at stand-up comedy shows, playing board games, going to live metal shows, playing with my pets, spending time with friends, and scrolling social media.

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Tanya Davis

Offering therapy in Florida
License: LSCW
Stress, AnxietyAddictionsDepressionCoping with life changes
8 years of experience

Hello! I am Tanya, a Licensed Clinical Therapist (LCSW) with 8 years of clinical experience. I got into social work to help people to be their voice or help them find their voice. My goal is to assist people in not only surviving life but to enjoy life. Life is tough and I am a believer that everyone could benefit from therapy to learn how to cope with life better and to control your own narrative. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work from University of Central Florida in 2003 and with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Florida State University in 2017. I have worked with many different populations including Department of Children and Families, middle/high school students, substance abuse, and in crisis settings. It is a difficult road but I am here to help, guide, and support. My passion is to assist you with achieving your goals in the safest, unique to you and supportive manner so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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Rose Topal

Offering therapy in Florida
License: MA,LMHC,NCC
Stress, AnxietyTrauma and abuseParenting issuesDepressionADHD
8 years of experience

When you join me in a therapeutic relationship you will find an open-minded, curious, and accepting clinician. I am a counselor who seeks to empower you, as you address the series of adjustments that is life. I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida with over 8 years of experience working as a therapist. I also have over 15 years of experience as a life and career coach. I have worked with clients with a wide range of challenges including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, life transitions, OCD and ADHD. I also work to help my clients learn how to live with and thrive despite experiences of trauma, emotional or physical abuse, or diagnoses of complex/serious mental health illnesses. My therapy style is warm and interactive, I believe in treating each person with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. I don't believe in stigmatizing labels; my goal is always to share space with you as we both work together to achieve a sense of well-being. My approach combines an eclectic style that combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, DBT, Parts Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, mindfulness, REBT therapy, Somatic/Body Based, EMDR, and Brainspotting. Please allow me to share space with you as you begin this very brave journey of casting aside your pain and discomfort to seek a life of intentionality. I am here to support and empower you as you embark on your journey. I will tailor our dialogue and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. Welcome, I look forward to working with you!

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Dr. Cherrie Camper

Offering therapy in Florida
Relationship issuesFamily conflictsIntimacy-related issuesSelf esteemCoping with life changes
16 years of experience

I am licensed in Florida with 15 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with relationship issues, family conflicts, intimacy related issues, & motivation, self esteem, and confidence. I work with my clients to create an open and safe environment where thoughts and feelings can be shared without fear of judgment. Taking the first step to sign up for therapy can take courage and I am proud of you for getting started!

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Jasmine Broadnax

Offering therapy in Florida
Stress, AnxietySelf esteemCareer difficultiesCoping with life changesADHD
3 years of experience

Do you have struggles conveying your message effectively? Greetings, my name is Jasmine Broadnax, LCSW. I have had the privilege of working with adults, foster families, adolescents, and children who have faced challenges related to Neurodivergent complexities, trauma, interpersonal issues, Autism, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and more. I enjoy helping families and individuals overcome habits, achieve new goals, and implement change. Allow me to offer you support and empower you with techniques to break old pattern and develop new healthy skills.

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Jennifer Fuentes-Perez

Offering therapy in Florida
Stress, AnxietyLGBTFamily conflictsTrauma and abuseSelf esteem
6 years of experience

My name is Dr. Jennifer Fuentes-Pérez and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, which is why I prefer to offer my services in Spanish - my primary language. I have always been interested in studying human behavior and helping people overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I received my bachelor's degree in social sciences with a concentration in psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, P.R. Later, I went on to complete my master's and doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Carlos Albizu University, San Juan Campus, P.R. In 2012, I obtained my permanent license to practice the discipline of clinical psychology in Puerto Rico. Early in my career, I worked in school settings, offering individual therapies and conducting psychological/psychometric assessments. Later, I achieved my goal of establishing my private practice, which I practiced for five years until I relocated to the United States in 2018. At the end of 2023, I obtained my license to practice psychology in Florida. I am currently providing my services to subscribers of BetterHelp and another telehealth platform. I have experience helping clients with situations such as stress and anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, life stage difficulties, work stressors, LGBTQ+ issues, family conflicts, trauma, and abuse. My philosophy has always been to work towards a better future, as it is a wise decision. *My practice schedule is Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Jessica Rosalia

Offering therapy in Florida
Stress, AnxietyTrauma and abuseSelf esteemDepressionCoping with life changes
5 years of experience

I am licensed in Florida with 4 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with stress and anxiety, trauma and abuse, motivation, self esteem, and confidence, & depression. I believe that you are the expert of your story and that you have many strengths that will assist you in overcoming things that challenge you. It takes courage to seek out a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. I am here to support & empower you in that journey.

How can therapists in Florida support you?

Therapists in Florida can practice many types of counseling, from marriage and family therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). They may also assist you with symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety.

Therapists may help you set and achieve career goals, work on current issues you may be facing, or address your past. Over 10,343,500 people live in Florida, and one out of five Americans has a mental health condition. Searching for licensed professionals in Florida may help you find mental health support for personal growth, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health concerns. You do not need a mental health diagnosis to seek support from one of BetterHelp's licensed providers above.  

The mental health field can include psychiatric medication management, online therapy, marriage counseling, couples therapy, clinical social work, licensed counseling, and other mental health services in person and online. Seeing a licensed provider can help you navigate mental health conditions and life circumstances through mindfulness and other specialized techniques.

Please note that BetterHelp does not offer diagnostic or medication management services.

Why are many residents in the state of Florida working with a licensed counselor?

People reach out for mental health support for a variety of reasons. Many individuals work with a counselor for general life advice, while others may attend therapy for a specific concern. Whether you live in a large city or a smaller county in Florida, BetterHelp can match you with a licensed professional tailored to your preferences noted when you sign up.

Mental health counselors in Florida support clients with varying issues, which can include:

  • Challenging situations or life stressors
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression or depressive conditions
  • Adjustment issues
  • Emotional support for a terminal illness
  • Chronic pain emotional support
  • Grief
  • Personality disorders
  • Trauma
  • Relationship conflicts and concerns

Finding a therapist that takes new clients in online therapy can be the first step in finding a treatment plan that works for you. Your therapist can provide a safe space for you to focus on self-care and well-being.

If you're interested in speaking to one of the therapists above or being matched with a counselor in 24 to 48 hours, consider signing up for BetterHelp. BetterHelp has over 35,000 providers, including those listed above.

Emergency services

If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, don't use this site's online services. If you are in life-threatening danger, call 911. If you require support for a crisis, reach out to the hotlines below:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some commonly asked questions can be found below.

How much does a therapist cost?

Mental health professionals can differ in price. Forbes found that the average cost of in-person therapy in the US is around $100 to $200 per hour. Pricing can also vary based on your location. 

BetterHelp offers payment plans of $60 to $90 per session, charged monthly in a lump sum. You can also take advantage of this pricing on one of BetterHelp's sister platforms, like ReGain for couples or TeenCounseling for teens aged 13 to 19.

Many therapists may be upfront about their pricing and whether or not they take health insurance from the beginning. Additionally, some in your area may offer a sliding scale plan to allow those with lower incomes to pay less for therapy. However, services online can often save individuals a few hundred dollars per month.

How do I know if I should get a therapist?

Mental health services and mental health providers may help you navigate various concerns. You do not need a diagnosis or condition to attend therapy; You can discuss grief, relationship concerns, stress, or life changes and ask for general advice. A counselor may help you gain power over your life and emotions while you navigate day-to-day experiences.

Mental health issues don't always present as a crisis. Many professionals provide talk therapy and support for life transitions, skills learning, relationship problems, or life coaching. Online therapy sessions in Florida can allow clients seeking therapy to experience professional help through video, phone, or live chat sessions without commuting to an office.

Does insurance cover therapy?

Different counseling services can vary in cost. Therapists must apply to accept insurance through insurance companies, which may take time and money, so not every therapist offers services through insurance. If you cannot find a therapist that accepts your plan, BetterHelp may be cheaper than visiting an in-person therapist.

Is online therapy safe?

Online therapy through BetterHelp and its sister platforms is safe. Therapists are licensed, experienced, and vetted before being contracted with the platform. If you experience any concerns with your therapist, you change your counselor through the platform or app at any time.

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