Detroit is known for its music, particularly rock and roll. Your life can be just like a rockstar. At times, you may feel like you’re rocking and rolling, living on top of the world. The next, you end up crashing, burning out, and you feel like your career is over. 

A counselor can be the manager who isn’t there to mess you over, but instead letting you keep on rocking. Speak to a Detroit-based counselor today and see what they can do for you.

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Self esteem, Coping with life changes
Years of Experience: 20

Welcome! My name is Jennifer Fritz and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my MSW and PhD from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am licensed in the state of Michigan and enjoy working with people of all ages. The first step in making a change is doing exactly what you are doing by being here. I am looking forward to working with you and establishing a therapeutic relationship. Together we can work through your areas of concern. I have been a social worker for 25 years, both practicing and teaching. I specialize in many are...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Anger management, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 25

ANGER MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST, TRAUMATOLOGIST, CERTIFIED CAREER COUNSELOR, MEDIATOR & COACH I am an Anger Management Expert, Internationally Recognized TeleBehavioral Health Specialist, Traumatologist, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Online Professor of Psychology, Counseling, Human Services, and U.S. History. With expertise in distance education and the virtual classroom, I am proficient in ANGEL, Blackboard, CampusCruiser, Canvas, eCollege, LoudCloud, Moodle, and WebCT Learning Management Systems, including the Wimba classroom. A former Tenured Profes...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Depression
Years of Experience: 12

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling & a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health from Western Michigan University and have been formally trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Michigan and also hold a certification in distance counseling (DCC). I have been working in the human services field for over 11 years with a variety of professional experience including grief & loss work within hospice organizations, coaching those with Traumatic Brain Injur...

LCSW,TMH-C,IMH-E Infant Family Specialist
Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Parenting issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 14

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the States of Florida (SW 12079) and Michigan (#6801085861). I graduated with my Master's Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 2004. I have been working with children, teens, adults and families since 2000. I have experience working with individuals of all ages and specialize in working with teens, adults, couples, and parents as they are struggling through life transitions. My career has focused on assisting a variety of clients using a psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approac...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder
Years of Experience: 10

I am an empathetic and supportive child and family therapist, licensed in Michigan. I have over 10 years of experience working as a therapist with children, adolescents, and adults. My experience includes addressing a wide variety of concerns including bipolar, stress and anxiety, PTSD, career difficulties, relationships issues, parenting problems, and ADHD. Additionally, I have extensive experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual/Developmental disabilities and with their parents/caregivers. My counseling style is comforta...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 17

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Michigan and Texas. Additionally, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. I have comprehensive and extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, children and families in both individual and group settings. Some of the clinical issues that I have the most experience with in include: depression and anxiety, parenting matters, anger/stress management in addition to trauma. I believe that every individual has the necessary tools to enhance their lives and it is my responsibili...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Grief, Eating disorders
Years of Experience: 18

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 17 years. My belief is we are all subject to roadblocks on this journey of life. The choices we make determine out path. Often we take a detour due to emotions and or events from our past. We may engage in unhealthy choices because that is how we got through life. We know we struggle but are not sure of how to break the cycles. I feel a life worth living is a life in balance. If we put too much time and energy in one aspect of life, it is bound to cause an imbalance. To be healthy in mind, body, and soul, we ne...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, LGBT, Family conflicts, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 19

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Michigan, I have worked for over 19 years with youth of all ages, adults and families in the school, outpatient and crisis shelter setting. The clients I have worked with have been struggling with issues of all types - self-esteem, anxiety, depression, family conflict, adjustment to changes in their lives, grief and LGBT issues. Many of my clients also a have a history of trauma in their lives. I take a strengths-based and trauma informed approach in my work with clients. I also incorporate techniques from cogniti...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Depression
Years of Experience: 6

Hello! I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I earned my Master's degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Art Therapy from Marygrove College, also in Detroit. I have 20 years of experience working with adults, adolescents and children with severe mental illness, co-occurring disorders, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe trauma, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities. I have worked in a variety of settings, inclu...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Career difficulties, Depression, Coping with life changes
Years of Experience: 15

I am a licensed professional counselor with a PhD in psychology from Michigan, I have over 15 years of experience in outpatient therapy. I have worked with people who have a broad range of concerns including depression, anxiety, life change issues, career challenges and changes, grief counseling, educational challenges, and phobias. I have worked with people who experience obsessive compulsive disorder, anger management issues, relationship issues, body image concerns and self-esteem issues. I have worked with people who are having difficulty with coping, emotiona...

Having a hard time selecting a therapist?

Finding the right therapist can feel intimidating, but there are simple ways to narrow down your search for the Detroit area. First, research what type of therapy you’d like to pursue. Maybe that’s psychodynamic, cognitive behavior therapy or couple’s counseling; just pick what’s right for your needs. Next consider whether the gender of your therapist matters, and finally choose a therapist located near you in the city of Detroit, elsewhere in the Wayne county.

What is the cost difference between conventional therapy and working with one of our therapists above?

The United States has many therapists who are comfortable charging $200 or more per session, but the average price of a therapy session in Detroit ranges from $75-$150. Some therapists in the state of Michigan will work on a sliding scale, meaning they’ll factor in your income and charge what you can afford per session. With our therapists serving both the city of Detroit and elsewhere throughout the state of Michigan, you can expect significantly more affordable options with sessions ranging from $40 to $70 per week (billed monthly).

Did you know our therapists are not limited to in-person visits?

Online therapists, including all those listed above able to work with people like you in or around Detroit offer creative forms of communication to help people like you receive the best type of treatment for your needs. Whether that’s via sms texting with your therapist, video sessions where you see you one another and talk about your problems, live chat or phone sessions, you and your therapist will find the best way to address your mental health challenges.

How to know if therapy is right for you?

One of the rewarding aspects of working with a therapist is that they are listening to your feelings. Our friends and loved ones often hear us, but they may have a hard time providing objective guidance in the way a therapist can. A therapist wants to support you toward a healthier emotional state. In addition to developing healthier emotions, another benefit of therapy is you have a safe space to discuss problems that you may be hesitant to talk about with people in your everyday life.

Many people have sensitive topics to discuss, an addiction or issue with their relationship that they’re ashamed to speak about with their friends or partner. A Detroit therapist can help you confront this issue and find ways to face it and heal. With more than 672,795 people in the city of Detroit, finding a therapist can be both costly and hard to do. Our goal with the list of therapists shown above is to get you the support you need today. If you’re looking for a nearby therapist close to 48209 or surrounding zip codes, take a look at other available therapists in the popular nearby cities listed below.