Therapists serving clients in New York, NY

New York is the city of opportunity for many. Millions come to the Big Apple every year to take a slice, and contribute to the city that most think of when they think of an American city. New York is the perfect example of the American spirit. Your mental health can be like a big apple. It can be crisp, juicy, and tasty, or it can feel like it is rotten and filled with worms. 

A counselor can be the person who makes sure your apple is ripe for the picking. Speak to a New York-based counselor today.

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 15

Feeling stressed or experiencing high anxiety? Tired of stress and continuous anxiety in your life? Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome stressors and anxieties by ourselves. If you find yourself having difficulties handling life stressors, there are ways to overcome and alleviate what you are going through. We will begin with the problem and we will discuss strategies to resolve your issue, you will then learn how to solve a variety of stressful issues in your life. If you are committed to lowering stress and anxiety levels in your life, contact me to take t...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Family conflicts, Depression
Years of Experience: 13

I am pleased to introduce myself as your potential future counselor. My name is Heather Vani and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of New York and Board Certified in Telemental Health (BC-TMH). For the past 13 years I have worked full-time as a Counselor in a hospital and private setting. Currently, I work with individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness...such as Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. I specialize in relationship management, career exploration, resume writing as well as working with individuals on depression ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Depression
Years of Experience: 15

I am a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience in integrated mental health treatment. As a provider, I have worked extensively in inpatient and outpatient behavioral facilities to address need and care, as well as to streamline and improve services in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I am passionate in helping people achieve their own personal growth and potential. I graduated from the University of Central Florida, Summa Cum Laude. I also hold my undergraduate degrees in Economics, Germanic Languages and Literature...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Grief
Years of Experience: 7

I am a personal counselor licensed in New York with over 8 years of experience working in human services, pyschoeducation, therapy, social worker, and mindful yoga instruction. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including: anxiety, depression, grief and loss, spirituality, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, OCD and ADHD. I also helped many people who have experienced trauma or abuse. My counseling style is solution focused and strength based; as not to disregard the past, but sometimes we need to go there to find...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 8

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both NYC and Florida. I am a NYC native who exchanged the beautiful skyline for a magnificent beach view. I have 8 years of experience and have ample exposure working with diverse populations. Because I have been working with diverse populations in many different neighborhoods in NYC, I feel that I am culturally competent and bring acceptance and openness to treatment. I also feel that I have been able to work with a wide array of clients and presenting issues and diagnoses, this including members in the military or depend...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Intimacy-related issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 11

Hello my name is Gina. I have been working as a therapist for over 10 years. My experience is extensive and have spent much of my career working with those experiencing symptoms related to depression, anxiety, OCD, postpartum depression, interpersonal and family conflict, stress and anger management, grief and loss, bipolar disorder and issues related to psychosis. I have worked in both faith based and non faith based environments depending on my client’s preference. I am licensed as an LCSW and obtained my masters degree from New York University (NYU) and my...

Specialties: Family conflicts, Parenting issues, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 20

Hi, my name is Ruthie and I'd love to tell you more about myself. I grew up in South Florida but spent the last 15 years living in New York City. I have always been the type of person that loves to help others. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. I do not have one particular speciality because I have worked with many different populations with various problems including: anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, impulsivity, behavior disorders, and career transi...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Bipolar disorder, Depression
Years of Experience: 5

Hello and welcome! I am a counselor with varied experience. My goal is to help my clients find purpose and fulfillment in their lives and to heal from negative past experience. I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy. Through the process, I hope you will gain insight into yourself and your experience. The goal is to free yourself of thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you, and then to introduce new ways of thinking. This can bring relief from emotional discomfort. I hope to assist you in your journey toward a more peaceful, joyful, and meaningful life. ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Depression
Years of Experience: 6

I am a licensed clinical social worker with six years of experience providing individual therapy and family therapy services. I have worked with individuals ages 8 to adulthood with a variety of presenting challenges such as anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, work stress, bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, traumatic and adverse experiences, as well as LGBTQ and gender identity struggles. I approach the therapeutic relationship with compassionate curiosity and a respect to the person’s unique experience. ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Anger management, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 3

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in New York. I have experience working with a wide range of disorders and concerns including anxiety, anger/aggression, relationship issues, self-esteem, substance abuse, chronic health conditions. My counseling style can best be described as interactive, empathetic, organic, authentic and transparent. I do believe therapy is work but should also be an enjoyable process. I take a client-centered approach, which translates into treatment being built around the idea that you are the expert of you. Recognizing each cl...

Having a hard time selecting a therapist?

Finding the right therapist can feel intimidating, but there are simple ways to narrow down your search for the New York area. First, research what type of therapy you’d like to pursue. Maybe that’s psychodynamic, cognitive behavior therapy or couple’s counseling; just pick what’s right for your needs. Next consider whether the gender of your therapist matters, and finally choose a therapist located near you in the city of New York, elsewhere in the New York county.

What is the cost difference between conventional therapy and working with one of our therapists above?

The United States has many therapists who are comfortable charging $200 or more per session, but the average price of a therapy session in New York ranges from $75-$150. Some therapists in the state of New York will work on a sliding scale, meaning they’ll factor in your income and charge what you can afford per session. With our therapists serving both the city of New York and elsewhere throughout the state of New York, you can expect significantly more affordable options with sessions ranging from $40 to $70 per week (billed monthly).

Did you know our therapists are not limited to in-person visits?

Online therapists, including all those listed above able to work with people like you in or around New York offer creative forms of communication to help people like you receive the best type of treatment for your needs. Whether that’s via sms texting with your therapist, video sessions where you see you one another and talk about your problems, live chat or phone sessions, you and your therapist will find the best way to address your mental health challenges.

How to know if therapy is right for you?

One of the rewarding aspects of working with a therapist is that they are listening to your feelings. Our friends and loved ones often hear us, but they may have a hard time providing objective guidance in the way a therapist can. A therapist wants to support you toward a healthier emotional state. In addition to developing healthier emotions, another benefit of therapy is you have a safe space to discuss problems that you may be hesitant to talk about with people in your everyday life.

Many people have sensitive topics to discuss, an addiction or issue with their relationship that they’re ashamed to speak about with their friends or partner. A New York therapist can help you confront this issue and find ways to face it and heal. With more than 8,537,673 people in the city of New York, finding a therapist can be both costly and hard to do. Our goal with the list of therapists shown above is to get you the support you need today. If you’re looking for a nearby therapist close to 11358 or surrounding zip codes, take a look at other available therapists in the popular nearby cities listed below.