Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend

By Samantha Dewitt|Updated August 1, 2022
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Loving someone for exactly who they are is a crucial part of being a part of their lives. Many of us think that we can change the person we're in a relationship with. The people you love may have flaws, but the truth is, we all have flaws. If you find yourself thinking, "I don't know any reasons why I love my boyfriend", keep reading.

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Why You Should Love Him As He Is

Build His Self-Esteem

When you love someone for who they are, you're going to improve their overall self-esteem. They're going to feel a whole lot better about themselves because they know that, despite their flaws, or maybe because of their flaws, you love them and care about them too. That's going to help him in several ways because it actually might prompt him to become a better person. That means some of those flaws that you might not like as much could go away over time, just because his improved self-esteem makes him want to do more.

Improve Your Relationship

When you love someone for who they are, you're setting your relationship up for success. No one wants to spend a lot of time with someone who is always negative about them or always dragging them down. No one wants to spend all their time with someone who points out their flaws all the time or doesn't appreciate who they are. That means if you're constantly trying to change your boyfriend, you're going to find your relationship struggling and you'll be hurting his self-esteem right along the way.

Be Happier

It's no fun to be negative all the time, right? It's depressing when you're constantly nagging or complaining. By loving your boyfriend just the way, his is you're not going to be doing that so much (everyone sometimes complains, right?). Instead, you're going to be able to enjoy those flaws and those quirks, and you won't have a problem smiling about them instead of griping. That means it's going to be a much better life for you as well. After all, being happy in one facet of your life is a great way to make sure you stay happy in other facets of your life as well.

What You Love About Your Boyfriend

But what about the things that you love about your partner? What are some things that you can see in your partner and that you will love better than anything else? In truth, there are several reasons to love your boyfriend for the different things about them as well. Whether it's things about them specifically or about things that they do for others.

  1. How He Treats Other People

We tend to judge people by how they treat others, whether it's us, our friends, our families, or even strangers. We want to make sure we're with someone who treats the people around them well. That means someone who is kind to others and who shows respect. You want to know that they're going to do the little things for other people and maybe even some of the bigger things as well. That way, you know how they're likely to treat you in the future, as your relationship continues.

  1. How He Looks At Life

You want a partner that is looking forward positively. After all, you want to make sure you are going to become a better and better person at every turn, and someone who looks ahead positively is going to help with that. That partner is the one who is going to always look on the bright side of even the negative things that happen in your lives. There are always going to be negative events and problems that happen, but you want to make sure you aren't going to give up, which is what tends to happen when you're looking at things in a bad way. This is why it's important to know how he looks at life and to love him for it.

  1. How Unique He Is

You want a partner who is going to be unique. Of course, their uniqueness is going to be different based on the two of you. Maybe you want someone that's out there and a little wild. Maybe unique to you is something entirely different. The key is just to have someone that you can feel comfortable with, and that will only continue to improve your lives together. You want someone that you get along with and who is going to engage in the great experiences that you find most important.

  1. How He Communicates With You

Another important aspect is just how well your partner communicates with you. You want them to talk to you in a way that you can understand, and that doesn't just mean you need the knowledge to communicate. It means that you both need to be able to express yourselves well. If your partner is rather abrasive, they might say things and not realize how they come across to you. If your partner is shyer, they might not tell you things even though you need to know about them. That's why it's important to come up with a good communication strategy for both of you.

Learn Strategies to Help You Form Healthy, Loving Relationships

  1. How He Makes You Feel

Every one of us wants to feel important. We want to feel loved. When we feel each of these, we become better versions of ourselves, and we become happier and healthier as well. And that's why it's important to have a partner who can make you feel each of these things. If he can make you feel better about yourself, it's going to improve your life, and it's going to improve your relationship as well. That's a reason to love your partner because not everyone is as supportive as you might want your partner to be.

  1. How They Take Care Of You

When the person you love is also caring for you, it's going to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. You want someone who is going to pay attention to you and who will do the little things for you. That might mean doing chores around the house or making sure you always have gas in your car. You want someone who cares about your wellbeing and cares about making your life easier. That's something you can love.

  1. How He Respects You

Having someone that respects you is always going to be an important aspect. You want someone who is going to treat you well and who is going to defend you if someone else says bad things about you. You want them to respect your thoughts and opinions and to respect you as a person. All of these things require your partner to pay attention to you and to do what they can to appreciate you and continue to do what they can to make sure you feel good about yourself.

  1. His Appearance

It's not just about whether they're traditionally attractive, but whether they're attracted to you. The truth is that it's about things like how they smile, how they laugh, and how they look at you more than the basics of what their face looks like or their body shape. In fact, research shows that the person you love will look more attractive to you simply because you love them. The way that they smile and laugh; however, those are things that are far more likely to draw them to you and make you feel more in love with them as time goes on. His looks are an important aspect, but not in the way you might think.

If you're struggling with forming healthy relationships and feeling love for the people around you, it's important that you get the help that you deserve. Finding a mental health professional, however, is going to be a great way to go. With the right mental health professional, you'll be able to work on your current situation and get on with living the type of life that you want. You and your boyfriend deserve to be happy, so make sure you're doing whatever you can to help build and improve your relationship.

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