Does She Love Me Quiz For Men Who Are Lovesick

By: Patricia Oelze

Updated February 14, 2020

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If you're searching for a "does she love me quiz," you may believe you have found the woman of your dreams. Just the mere thought of her makes your heart go putter pad and you never stop thinking about her. The question in your mind now is "Does she love me?"

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that may help clarify things for you.

Does She Love Me Quiz: Questions to Consider

Does she always seem pleased to hear from you or see you? When you call her on the cell phone, does she switch to text, delay your message, or does she pick up right away with a cheerful word or two? Does she smile when you enter the room? Hearing pleasure in her voice or seeing that smile on her face when she sees you, should give you confidence that she at least likes you.


Does she show an interest in what you do and the things you like?

We pick our friends according to common interests. We pick our lovers the same way. Once the initial attraction wears off, we want to see more of what our lovers are all about. If she encourages you to share aspects of your life and talks about her own interests, she's walking down a very friendly lane.

If you two have been friends before the romantic side of you both started, you may already share common interests and do things that you both enjoy. If this is the case, have you noticed any changes in the way you both enjoy time together? Has the time together increased? These might be important signs to pay closer attention to since you already have a history of spending quality time together as friends. If she is interested in you, the time you spend together will be changing.

Does she openly show affection?

You are proud to be with her and enjoy showing the world how you feel, but what does she do when you hug her in front of your friends? If she hugs you back, snuggles, and kisses you or lays her head on your shoulder, she's probably very proud to be with you as well.


Not all women like to show affection in public, so if she does not snuggle back or hold your hand, it may not always mean that she isn't into you. Having a conversation with her about public affection will help you know for sure what she means by not holding your hand at the mall. This way both of you are on the same page and can feel comfortable when you are out. While PDA is nice, it is not always the best way to gauge if she is into you or not.

Does she just call for no other reason than to hear your voice?

This is huge. Girls who call three people just to hear their voice: a family member, a BFF and the guy who's constantly on their mind. It also means she feels comfortable enough with the relationship to call you whenever she pleases, so you're definitely doing something right.

One way to encourage her to call you is to let her know when you are available and not busy. For example, if you have a big business meeting at work and know you will not be able to answer the phone, let her know so she will not think that you are ignoring her or too busy to take her call. It is important for her to know that you look forward to hearing from her during your day.

If you will have a busier day than normal, let her know that you would appreciate a text from her during the day to say hello. This will open the door for her to send you a nice message throughout the day to say she is thinking about you. If she does not have an opportunity to text you, do not automatically think that she is too busy to reach out to you or that she doesn't want to talk with you, she may be busy at work or school and not able to reach out.

Is she willing to compromise with you?

No two people can think exactly the same about everything so of course there will be differences of opinion. The key is to be able to come to an agreement that is applicable to you both. If she has a "take no prisoners" attitude, and will not compromise on anything, you might want to think twice about deepening your relationship since chances are that the relationship will go her way or no way.

Compromising involves active listening and a willingness on both parties to try to understand where the other person is coming from. If you are both willing to sit down and have a conversation with each other where each person is given the opportunity explain their thoughts and feelings, then she may be willing to compromise. If she is not willing to sit down and talk about the situation needing the compromise, then either you let the situation go if it is not important to you, or you decide how far you want to push the compromise.

Does she enjoy having fun as much as you do?

You've had those moments when you thought you were having a great time, but when you turned to your date, she had that look that said, "whatever". This happens occasionally when people have two separate ideas of a wonderful time, but if she doesn't seem to be having fun, no matter what activity you come up with, something is going down the tube.

This can easily be remedied by having a conversation before planning a date. If you like going to football games and she can't stand football, you may want to plan a date that both of you enjoy. Communication is key to having a great relationship. Start your date planning by having a conversation around what you both enjoy doing. If you both enjoy going to the movies but have distinct difference in genres, talk about what movie that you both would be interested in seeing, if you can't come to a compromise then skipping the movie might be a wise choice.


Does she turn to you for comfort or support?

Even very strong women have strong sensitivities and need a little emotional support now and then. If she confides in her insecurities, as well as her hopes and dreams, and looks for comfort after a disappointment, or during a time of grief, her relationship with you is very important to her. You can strengthen that bind by listening to her and letting her know that you are there for her to listen and support her through difficult times, or want to help see her dreams come true.

What's Taboo?

When the subject of sex is approached, does she try to change the subject or is she willing to talk about it freely? Does she back off from sexual approaches or does she encourage them? The woman you love may genuinely enjoy your company, brighten up when you're around, show affection, come to you for support, but if she's not sexually interested, you're her best friend.

This is a little more difficult to remedy, but with time and work, anything can happen. A major part of a good sexual relationship is an excellent romantic relationship. If you have gotten to this point in the quiz and fall short in the sex department, don't lose hope, follow through with the suggestions offered and you will have a greater chance of building this side of the relationship up.


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