Are There Steps On How To Find A Husband?

It's in the back of every girl's mind. Though they deny that they want it, every girl dreams of finding a husband, or at least a lifelong companion. However, finding a husband may prove to be challenging for those who are usually focused on academics or careers, sometimes even on a pre-started family. Amongst all of this stress, how can anyone find a husband?

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Are there steps involved? Could it really be as simple as transitioning from point A to point B? Yes and no. There certainly can be steps, but the order in which these steps are taken and the context of each of these steps can vary with each person and with each relationship.

How to Find a Husband

When looking for a husband, it is important to express what you are looking for in a man and what you expect out of a marriage, but it should be done in a very casual way. For example, should the conversation phase into a similar topic, you can briefly discuss your plans. This can be done at any time during the beginning of the relationship, even if you are hanging out with a boy as friends.

Candice Z. Walters stresses in her article, "Finding a Husband", that when women present clear and strong expectations of their relationships with men, their relationships are more stable and last longer because men know where the relationship is heading and how to get there.


Sometimes men get the wrong impression from women if they are friends with them too long or have had premarital sex with them too early in the relationship. It may seem stereotypical, but if men have sex too early in the relationship, they may not find much reason to stick around in the relationship. By waiting, you are giving men something to look forward to and you are allowing them to get comfortable with you outside of the bedroom. This is how you will develop a companion rather than a one-night stand or a dead-end relationship.

Lastly, when finding a husband, it is best to find someone that you can do anything with, and that includes menial tasks. If you are with a man who does not like to do the same things as you, is not cooperative, or is not okay with simply coming over to your house to just chill, he may not be husband material. Remember that you want to live with this man forever, so it is best to know if you can truly do anything with him.

Trouble Finding a Companion?

You Want To Find A Husband? Here's The Best Way To Go About It. Learn More!
Work On Your Love Life Now With An Online Therapist


Another tip in finding a husband is to ask for help and advice. Your friends might know someone who likes you or is just your type, and will hook you up. However, if you find that your problems in searching for a husband is more complex, it may be beneficial to speak with a therapist at Better Help.

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