Finding Support In Military Chat Rooms

Military Chatrooms Are a Great Place to Find Support For Veterans In Need
Online Therapy is a Safe Place to Discuss Your Feelings


"I guess you had to be there." That's a phrase that people often use when it's too hard to describe a powerful experience using words. From boot camp to combat, military veterans have seen things and done things that are nearly impossible for civilians to comprehend. That's one of many reasons that causes active military personnel and veterans to form a special bond with each other.

Regardless of which branch they served in, or which rank they held, an automatic feeling of kinship exists between people who served in the military at any time. For this reason, therapeutic support has more meaning when it comes from a fellow serviceman or woman. That's why military chat rooms are more attractive to those who served in the military than any other kind of chat room.

Military Culture Enters the Military Chat Rooms

Anyone who served in the military shares a unique set of values with their fellow service men and women-duty, honor, and courage. They share the traditions of when to salute; how to show honor; when to wear a hat, and much more. From the drills and chants, to the military alphabet code and the military commands, our armed forces have a language all their own. Kinship across branches even has a special brand of humor. This culture remains alive in military chat rooms.


Value of Military Peer Support

According to the 2011 report called Best Practices for Peer Support Programs by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, there are five key components for effective peer support programs.

Military Chatrooms Are a Great Place to Find Support For Veterans In Need
Online Therapy is a Safe Place to Discuss Your Feelings


  1. Social Support-support from other veterans protects against PTSD
  2. Experiential Knowledge-peer knowledge is based on experience
  3. Trust-trust from a peer who is more like them than a paid counselor is easier
  4. Confidentiality-trust a peer to keep information in confidence more than others
  5. Easy Access-must be easy and convenient to alleviate mental health stigma

The key components for effective peer support programs make it easy to see why military chat rooms and online counseling at provide trusted, confidential support with easy access.

Value of Military Chat Rooms

Military personnel and veterans are flocking to military chat rooms for similar reasons. It's an arena that offers the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people across the country. There's no doubt that there will be someone to connect with who will offer just the right support.


Not only are there military chat rooms across the country, some of them specialize in different types of support. A couple of groups of note are the Amputee Coalition which offers support groups for military amputees and The National Center for PTSD, which has support groups for veterans and others who live with PTSD.

The Veteran's Administration does its best to provide health care and support to our military men and women, but they can't do it alone. As mighty as the V.A. is, an organization didn't experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches of combat. That type of support only comes from another person who wore their boots.

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