Can A Depression Chart Help People To Better Understand Depression?

By Robert Porter

Updated July 10, 2019

Living with depression is not always going to be easy. If you're going through a tough time with your depression, then it might even make it difficult to live your life as normal. Depending on how understanding your family is, they might have a hard time coming to terms with what is going on. Sometimes people see depressive behavior as strange and simply aren't informed enough to get that depression is preventing their loved one from doing certain things.


You know that depression is an ongoing battle and that some days are going to be tougher than others. It isn't even always easy to predict whether depression is going to become a problem on a specific day. It can assault you without warning, and it might wind up completely debilitating you on one day. The next day you might feel more capable and will be able to accomplish some things or socialize like normal. How you feel will differ from day to day, and this can be tough for people who don't know much about depression to understand.

Some people have taken to creating depression charts to try to communicate how they're feeling to their loved ones. The idea of a depression chart is quite simple, but it's a fairly genius way of showing the people that you care about how you're doing. It gives them something easy to understand that they can point to see what you're going through on a given day. Granted, this might not work out for everyone.

Not everyone has family members and friends who are accepting of their depression symptoms. Regardless, making use of a depression chart might come in handy. It is one way to try to communicate better what you're going through. Even if you just want to be able to express yourself better, this is worth looking into.

How Does A Depression Chart Work?

A depression chart is something that has been created to express various levels of depression. A typical chart might involve showcasing five different levels of depression and how they make you feel. For example, you might use level one as a way to express the least severe possible depression that you experience. Below the level number, a short description of how this type of depression impacts you can be read.

In the example chart that was linked to earlier, the creator of the chart chose to express depression variants based on whether she felt numb or hopeless. There are different types of depression. Sometimes you'll just feel numb to whatever is going on around you and other times you'll be profoundly sad. Being able to express the differences between the two in a tangible way using the chart might prove to be useful.

Once you've created your depression chart and come up with the descriptions for how each level makes you feel, you'll be able to show it to your family and friends. This might help them to gain a better understanding of what you're going through. It isn't always easy for someone who has never experienced depression to relate to it. If you can give your friends or family a glimpse into what you're going through, then they might be more understanding about days when you aren't able to go out with them or do other things that they'd like you to do.


Having Understanding People In Your Life Makes A Difference

It's going to be beneficial to have understanding people in your life when you're going through depression problems. These depression issues can be very tough to get through when you don't have the proper support. You need to be able to rely on friends and family to help you when you need them. If you have a support system in place, then being depressed won't be as bad as it could be.

Not everyone has supportive friends and family. There are still people out there who don't believe in mental illnesses, but opinions can change over time. The truth is that depression is very real, and it impacts your life daily. You can get through depression problems and learn to cope effectively. It's just going to require effort, and it will be a lot easier if you have the support of those whom you love.

Try to surround yourself with people who care about you when you're going through depression problems. Using a depression chart to show people what you're experiencing is a good idea. You don't have to make use of this, but you might find it to be a useful tool. It's just something that you can point to when you don't have the strength to try to explain things in detail.

Your family and friends love you very much. They want the best for you, even if they don't quite understand what you're going through. Hopefully, your loved ones will come to understand your struggles so that they can be helpful and supportive. Even if they can't, you'll still be able to rely on the support of medical professionals.

You Need To Be Able To Rely On Medical Professionals Too

You don't want to try to get through depression problems without the right medical help. Having doctors to turn to does make a difference when you're facing any depression issues. Doctors are going to be able to diagnose the specific type of depression that you're dealing with. This can help to inform their decisions on which route is the best to take for treating your symptoms.

Depression treatments commonly involve taking antidepressants, but there are also many other things to consider. You might want to sign up for therapy sessions to work on issues that are causing your depression. It also might be beneficial to start exercising more and working on practical ways to improve your mood. All of these things can work in tandem to help battle your depression.

Having the support of compassionate and knowledgeable medical professionals is crucial when you have depression issues. Your life does not have to be defined by the depression that you're going through. Many people can get the necessary help so that they can move forward in life once more. Depression might be debilitating right now, but you can work to make progress to mitigate your depression symptoms.

Over time, you might find that your depression will become less severe. If you can continue to work with your doctors and therapists to help treat your depression, then everything will be okay. Depression is not an easy thing to deal with, but having the right help makes things a lot safer. You don't have to face these things alone, and you should never try to.


Those who have the support of both medical professionals and a loving group of friends or family will be able to accomplish great things. It might take some time to overcome your depression struggles fully. Beating your depression isn't about racing to the finish line, though. It's about continuing to find the strength to put one foot in front of the other and learning how to become a bit stronger each day.

Consider Signing Up For Online Therapy

If your doctor suggests that you sign up for therapy, then you will certainly want to consider it. Therapy is excellent for helping people to realize what is causing their depression symptoms. Some people are experiencing deep depression due to events in their life. Working through depression issues will prove to be very useful when it comes to alleviating your symptoms.

A therapist can work with you over time to help you develop coping mechanisms. They can help you to learn how to face depression problems most effectively. You'll also learn how to recognize the things that are triggering your depressive episodes or making them worse. Being able to recognize and avoid depression triggers will make a huge difference in your life.

The only problem is that traditional therapy isn't going to be the most convenient option for everyone. Some people are going to have issues with leaving their home, and others might not be able to fit therapy sessions in during normal office hours. Luckily, there is a more convenient option that you can take advantage of. You can consider signing up for online therapy.

Online therapy is very easy to make use of, and you won't even have to leave your home to get help. You're able to reach out to a licensed therapist at any time that you feel the need. It doesn't matter what time it is or whether it's on the weekend. You'll always be able to rely on your therapist to help you out. There are even multiple therapy styles to choose from, such as video therapy, phone therapy, text messaging therapy, and e-mail therapy.


Having all of these options makes a difference. You can get the help that you need, and it'll even be very cost-effective. Signing up today won't take much time at all, and you can start receiving the therapy that you need right away. Give online therapy a shot if you need therapy that is designed to be as patient-friendly as possible.

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