Coping With Your Eating Disorder: Quotes To Help You Through

Updated December 13, 2018

Reviewer Audrey Kelly, LMFT

Whether it's anorexia or bulimia, or perhaps another kind of eating disorder, no one needs to tell you what a struggle it is every day to experience an eating disorder. However, just acknowledging that you suffer from an eating disorder is a huge step in recovering. Eating disorders can become incredibly dangerous the longer they go on, so the sooner you recognize you have a problem, the sooner you can get help and start enjoying life again.

  • Quotes About Eating Disorders


It can sometimes be helpful to read quotes that others have said about the same condition you're experiencing. For one thing, it can help you feel less alone. It can be quite a comfort to know that someone has gone through the same thing you're going through - even more so when they make it through. Check out the following eating disorder quotes that anyone who has suffered from something similar can relate to:

"Do I want to die from the inside out or the outside in?" - Laurie Halse Anderso

What Anderson is saying here is that when we have an eating disorder, we are killing ourselves physically because of what we do to ourselves emotionally. So, in reality, we're slowly killing ourselves in two ways.

"We turn skeletons into goddesses and look to them as if they might teach us how not to need." -Mary Hornbacher

This is such a beautifully sad statement. Here, Hornbacher is saying that we hold all of these super-skinny women up as ideals of what we should look like, yet how could they ever teach us what we truly need when they're so in need themselves? We try to achieve the same body type because we think we'll fulfill some deep desire, yet we're trying to match women who are just as in need as we are, maybe more.

"I am forever engaged in a silent battle in my head over whether or not to lift the fork to my mouth, and when I talk myself into doing so, I taste only shame. I have an eating disorder." - Jena Morrow

Morrow is describing the exact moment when you realize that something isn't right. You might have been denying it all these months, but when you recognize the sorrow in trying to feed yourself simply, that's when you know you have an eating disorder.


"There ARE people who won't customarily eat an entire row of cookies, or hear food calling their name from other rooms, or who don't grind up food in the garbage disposal for fear of eating it, or get it back out of the garbage so they could eat it. Of course, my binge eating was just a cover-up for the larger issue: Trying to fill the emptiness." - SARK

A lot of times, binge eating is a response to something that is bothering us. We don't just eat an entire box of cookies because they taste good. We eat them because they comfort us, and we often try to fill the voids within ourselves with food. The problem is that we also realize that our actions are causing us to gain weight, which is what causes some of us to develop an eating disorder.

  • Eating Disorder Inspirational Quotes

It can be inspiring to read some of the eating disorder motivational quotes out there. They give us the strength we need to go on, the motivation we need to stand again every time we fall. They take away the stigma we may worry will be attributed to us because others have been there and are not afraid to share their story. Consider the following eating disorder recovery quotes, which may just give you the strength to continue and seek help, if you haven't already.

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety." - Abraham Maslow

This is so true and is all about leaving your comfort zone to experience true greatness. As Aerosmith so succinctly put it in their song "Get a Grip" from the album of the same name: "Because if you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got." You have to continue to do the things that make you uncomfortable but that you know are good for you to break the cycle of negativity.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

This builds on the idea that if you don't love yourself, no one else can love you either. You have to be able to love yourself to help yourself, and if you're already helping yourself, then you already love yourself, whether you believe it or not. That's a great stepping point to start from.


"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." - Flora Whittemore

This is like the idea that when you break up with someone, you have to make the same decision every morning when you wake up to do it all over again. The same goes for giving up an eating disorder. Every morning when you wake up, you must consciously tell yourself you're going to keep up the good fight, and then do all you can to honor your promise.

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'" - Mary Anne Radmacher

We always expect fanfare when we're courageous, and this is probably, in part, due to what we see in the movies. But there aren't any ticker-tape parades or spotlights on us when we do something courageous in real life.

If we're lucky, the people we care about will support us and be proud of us, and it's always important that we recognize what we've done and are proud of ourselves for it. But it's that little voice in your head at the end of the day that encourages you to do the same thing again tomorrow that means everything, especially on the days that we struggle. That voice gives us the confidence to dust ourselves off and try again tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…Do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Tony Horton of P90X fame tells his fans all the time: "every day, do something that you're afraid to do, but that won't kill you." It's so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone because that is when you truly live. Staying in the same situation forever leads to stagnation and misery. Doing the things that scare you keeps you on your toes and gives you the confidence to take on the world - even if that thing is simply becoming comfortable with your own body and what you put into it.

"Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future." - Robert Schuller

If we focus on the things that make us sad all the time, we won't have any room in our hearts for hope. If, however, we focus on hope instead, then there's nothing we won't work towards in the hopes of making for ourselves a better future.

"I am a work in progress." - Violet Yates

None of us are ever finished. There is always something we can improve. Therefore, there is no sense in getting down on ourselves for something we don't like about ourselves, because there is always the option to change it. If you have an eating disorder, and it drives you crazy, believe that you can harness it and learn to overcome it. And if it takes a while, that's fine - you're a work in progress, after all. Don't be so hard on yourself. Its okay, it is.

"Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end." - Carl Bard


This is such a great quote. So many of us get caught up in the things we could have done differently, and our misery manifests in some different ways - including, for some of us, as eating disorders. But every day that we wake up in the morning is a new chance to get it right. It doesn't matter what we have done up to this point. All that matters is that we try to improve from this point forward. And once you've reached your end goal, when you started trying to achieve, it won't even matter anymore.

Are you currently struggling with an eating disorder, and you're not sure where to turn? Our licensed counselors at BetterHelp have the experience necessary to advise you on what your next course of action should be.


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