Aaron Dutil , LMHC, LPC

Professional Experience

Aaron Dutil has been professionally writing and editing for a number of years; covering a variety of mental health-related topics. Currently, he can be found answering questions related to mental health on both Quora and Twitter. Aaron has edited and ghost written many blog posts for various behavioral health websites and organizations throughout the years. As a writer, he has written on a number of topics related to clinical depression, anxiety, stress and anger management and the stages of grief. Aaron has a particular passion for helping people develop psychological resiliency.

Since 2007, Aaron has been a mental health therapist in the counseling field. He has worked in a variety of urban and rural settings, from hospitals to public health centers. For a number of years, he has worked in private practice in both Virginia and Vermont. Aaron loves helping people discover their strengths and teaching them to use adversity as a learning tool. In both Virginia and Vermont, Aaron holds a current clinical license to provide clinical mental health counseling services. 


Aaron earned a  Bachelor of Arts in the social sciences from Castleton State College (now a University) in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Professionally, he earned a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Marymount University in the Washington DC area where he was a member of the Chi Iota Sigma honor society for counseling students.

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

At some point in our lives, we all face adversity. No one gets through life without losing someone or something, experiencing disappointment or loving someone who doesn’t love us back. Rather than allowing these adverse experiences to defeat and embitter us, we can use these experiences to learn and grow. This is the essence of my clinical work with people, to evolve through adversity...to become resilient.   

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