Dr. April Brewer, DBH, LPC (She/Her)

Clinical Reviewer
Arizona State University & Bellevue University

Dr. April Brewer earned a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH)at Arizona State University, focusing on Integrated Behavioral Healthcare to develop, manage, and implement behavioral health programs in medical, occupational, and school settings to aid in the prevention, management, and improvement of comorbid chronic medical & mental conditions.   In addition, she earned an M.S. in Clinical Counseling, M.S. Human Services, & a B.S. Human & Social Services Administration from Bellevue University.

Dr. Brewer believes in reducing the stigma associated with seeking out mental health services: "Taking an eclectic approach to assisting each unique individual or population, will assist with the reduction of barriers to mental health services, allowing to meet the unique needs to help improve the persons’ overall health and wellness."




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