Audrey Kelly, LMFT (She/Her)

Clinical Reviewer
Southern Nazarene University

Audrey Kelly obtained a Masters of Art in 2004 to pursue a career in helping people learn to live more productive, fulfilled lives. She currently holds a license for marriage and family therapy (LMFT).

Audrey is a wife of 44 years. She and her husband have two adult children and 4 terrific grandkids. She likes to crochet, be at the beach, take cruises, spend time with family, walk and go to the dog park with their fur babies.

Having experienced traumatic experiences in the past, it enables me to better communicate and express opinions and have conversations with a variety of subjects relating to mental health and the improvement of mental health resources. It is my goal to assist anyone who desires to reach out and read articles that relate to a struggle they may be facing that he/she has hope to move forward.  To improve mental health awareness to the general community can aid in having and keeping a healthy mind.

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