Karen Foster, LPC (She/her)

Clinical Reviewer
Southern Nazarene University, University of Oklahoma

Although raised in Iowa City, IA, Karen has resided in Oklahoma City, OK since 1983. Karen enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible and you can find her, most evenings, outside by the fire pit with her grandchildren and daughter-in-law. During her off-time, Karen enjoys going into the wood and hiking, exploring and chasing waterfalls. She is an avid reader, enjoys writing, loves music and dabbles in watercolor painting.

Karen strives to be authentic and genuine in both her personal and professional life and brings that into each session. Her main modality of therapy is client-centered, as she believes therapy is most beneficial when you're able to meet the client where they are in their personal journey. Therapy is challenging, "hard work," and Karen strives to provide the support and guidance each client needs. 

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