Laura Angers Maddox, NCC, LPC (She/Her)

Clinical Reviewer
University of Montevallo, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Laura is located in Helena, Alabama. She enjoys gardening, caring for her family, crocheting and sewing. She is passionate about mental health care access for the most vulnerable among us and strives to provide access to all individuals in need. 

Laura Angers graduated with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2012 from The University of Montevallo. She also took several classes post-Masters at the University of Alabama, including courses in quantitative and qualitative research.

Her Bachelor’s in Psychology was completed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2009.

Laura believes that mental health is a process and a journey: "Many of us struggle to improve or simply maintain mental wellness and I believe that it is paramount to have a supportive person in one’s life to walk this journey with you. Counseling is a powerful tool to get to a person’s innermost conflicts and can help an individual or family unlock their happiness. It has been my sincere pleasure to go through this process with so many people."



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