5 Ideas For Where To Meet Women

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Many people are in search of a special someone to spend time with, or maybe even just looking to meet new people and see where it leads. Perhaps you are also ready to meet incredible women. There is one important step that greatly increases your chances, and that is getting out and going somewhere.

Sure, you can try online forums and dating apps, and many people have success meeting incredible women in that way. There are also other ways to meet people where you can start in your search to meet women who may be open to a new relationship. Here are 5 ideas.

The Places You Already Go

Do You Struggle To Meet And Speak With Women?

This may be one of the most overlooked ideas for where to meet women. But, if your goal is to meet someone you can get along with and interests with, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at the people who frequent the same places you do. You can actively pursue these relationships and risk success or failure or you can try to let these relationships evolve naturally by simply spaces and interests.

Meeting someone new at places where you already go also helps to reduce some of the anxiety that some people feel in social situations or when meeting new people. There is still the awkward aspect of meeting someone new but at least you are on turf that you are familiar with.

You may already know some of these people a little, depending on where you usually go. The place or activity where you met can be its own conversation. Strike up a conversation about the weird poem you just heard at that meeting, or talk about the awful band that you just heard at the bar.

One interesting way to grow one of these relationships in a new and natural direction is to identify someone who you see at one of your favorite places and not at another and invite them to go with you to the other event, or to a special event that they may not be aware of. You see them outside of superhero movies, ask them if they’d like to go to your favorite comic book store. You see them at the gym, but do they know about your favorite jogging trail?

You may be so used to going to a certain place that you don’t pay attention to who you’re that space with. Next time you’re at a familiar place, be mindful of who else is there and try to think about where you could go next.


Taking a class is a great way to meet new people, and you make yourself more skilled and interesting in the process. Even if the right person doesn’t end up studying wine tasting with you, it gives you that much more of an edge when you do run into her. Classes can expand your social circle, making it easier and more likely to meet someone.

Because not all classes are great social events in themselves, you may want to use the opportunity to meet new people and then ask them to do something outside of class like study or practice the skills that you are learning.

Parties At Your Friends’ Places

There’s a great French expression that translates to “The friends of our friends are friends.”

The next time you see a friend post a Facebook event for a party, go ahead and click, “I’m going.”

Your friends’ social circle overlaps with yours, but it’s likely that their other friends or their significant other will bring along people you don’t already know. And because you may have mutual acquaintances, it can make going up to someone for that initial conversation a little easier.

Meeting people this way is also a good combination of the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Someone that you don’t know but that knows someone you know is likely to have some things in common with you but will also be just far enough outside of your usual social group to offer some adventure and intrigue.

The Library

Okay, maybe this one sounds lame to some of you (or maybe you know your dream woman would be the library type), but there are very few distractions at libraries, making them a great place for quiet conversation. Many of them also host classes and events where you can meet other people trying to make friends and get out of the house.

If you aren’t the library type, you should definitely rethink libraries. They’re more than just rows of dusty books. Many also rent out more modern media like films, music, and graphic novels. Further, you don’t need to be interested in books in general, just one genre. If the only books you’ve ever read were by Louis L’Amour, hang out in the Western section. If you’re not much of a reader but you can tolerate Steven King, hang out in the Horror section. One thing though, browse the titles, don’t just sit around pretending to read while scoping people out. Actually engaging with the titles will keep you from scaring people, it might introduce you to something new, and the title you choose might get someone to talk to you.

Trivia Nights

Lots of places host trivia nights, from libraries to restaurants. Many trivia gatherings are themed, which means the women there are probably already interested in at least one of the same things as you. It’s a great atmosphere for joking and casual conversation and is also a good opportunity for you to show off some of your smarts.

Some people might find this idea to be intimidating but remember that there are a lot of things to know about. It’s like watching trivia shows on television – you won’t know all of the answers, but every now and again an expertise that you might not even know that you had shows up as a category and you get to shine.

In Summary: Where To Meet Women

Do You Struggle To Meet And Speak With Women?

When you’re going out to find women to get to know, pick a place where you can enjoy yourself even if you don’t meet anyone. Instead of going specifically with the intention of meeting someone, don’t force it. Go out, have fun, and drop the expectations.

Of course, some people have trouble meeting women not because they don’t know where to go but because they don’t like going anywhere. For some people, this is just a lack of interest, but for others, it may be because they experience fear or anxiety in certain social situations, or because meeting new people is the source of fear or anxiety. If this describes you, you might have a condition like social anxiety, and there’s no better reason to overcome it than to meet new people and there’s no better time to overcome it than right now.

If you’re having trouble finding the courage to go somewhere new or strike up a conversation, get encouragement and tips from a therapist who specializes in social anxiety.

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