“I Need Help”: Why Is It So Necessary That You Ask For It

By: Nicole Beasley

Updated February 04, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Galyen, LCSW, BC-TMH

It has been said that the world is too terrible not to have a friend. Everyone needs someone to confide in when circumstances arise in which it feels like living is too hard to bear. It is hard to come out of something like this by yourself. It's even harder to open yourself up to other options, such as telling someone, anyone, "I need help".

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That Moment You Realize You Need Someone is Not One You Forget

What you must consider when admitting you need help is how much you are struggling and what you are willing to do to get yourself out of it. When you are willing to make a positive change, know that help is always around in many forms.

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One outlet to pursue is BetterHelp, a platform that allows you to find a psychiatrist who can work with you through your struggles, regardless of what they may be. When you are on their site, you can fill out a questionnaire which will help them determine which psychiatrist and treatment is right for you and your situation.

When I Admitted "I Need Help"

Never be ashamed of the help you may require. Being too fearful of obtaining what you need and deserve can be damaging to your mental and psychological health. Take it from someone who constantly feels lost and is too stubborn to ask for any assistance.

Closing yourself off from the world and attempting to face your fears by yourself can cause you to feel depressed, isolated, and unmotivated to get things done. There was a time when the stress of everything -school, money, my social life, the future-was so unbearable, it felt like something dark was inside me, eating away my heart.

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Simple tasks such as eating and watching television were drowned out with overwhelming feelings of dread. I could not push myself forward to develop more monumental experiences like going to parties, joining clubs, volunteering, and dating. I kept myself in my safe zone, even though that was costly.

My main concerns were always just getting through the next day rather than diminishing my negativity by talking to someone about it. Waiting for a depression as toxic as this to go away on its own can take ages and may not even go away completely. You may find that 5 years have gone by and you are more depressed and stuck then you were before.

Yet I continued to disregard the possibility that someone out there could possibly help me through this dark time. To me, however, I did not disregard this because I assumed it to be weakness to ask for help. The reason for my isolation was because I did not understand how talking about what I was feeling and what I found frightening could be beneficial to me.

How can Talking be Helpful?

The truth is once you admit your fears and your insecurities out loud, you are that much closer to be rid of them or to better understand them so that you can cope with them more easily in the future. It is also not enough to say them out loud, but to say them to someone else. Honestly, would you get yourself to say them out loud any other way?

When you admit that you need help, and everyone does at some point, you have taken your first step to a healthier and happier life.

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