Interested In Self – Discovery? Take The What-Kind-Of-Person-Are-You Quiz

By Nicola Kirkpatrick

Updated December 06, 2018

Every person experiences the world differently from the next. Our society is structured so that homogenous lifestyles seem to be the thing to strive for, when we all have different structural, social and stimulatory needs. Alternative lifestyles are worth investigating, especially if you are feeling dissociated from mainstream options. This preference for different options is potentially a result of the evolution of varied mechanisms used to navigate different environments, with variance arising in methods of creating and solving adaptive problems such as mate selection, friend selection, and coalition formation.


This means different ways of problem solving, and even different patterns of thoughts to begin with, which is why it may be of value to take a "what-kind-of-person-are-you" quiz.

What Kind of Person Are You Quiz:

At one time or another, we all wonder what it is that makes you. Doing some research into personality types and individual variation can give you an idea of how some others function on certain factors, which can give you a better idea of where you lie. Professionals at BetterHelp can give you an insight into your health and habits. This can have the benefit of identifying the places that may be best to address when working to make your life more functional.

Personality tests are actually legit and used for many reasons. The first personality test was developed in 1920s for the purpose of selection of military personnel. It is an ideal concept that a person who wishes to join the armed forces should be in a good state of mind and a strong personality to withstand any untoward changes. This still holds true today as personality tests are being conducted in schools and colleges and employment sectors to gain information about the person. There are no right or wrong answers in the personality tests. But you can fail the test if your personality does not fit to what was being required by the examining body.


A word of caution in taking personality tests: it must be interpreted by a psychologist or psychometrician. There are many personality tests online where one can easily access and are fun to accomplish. The results can either inspire or harm your feelings though. You may totally agree or disagree to the results and interpretation after taking the test. Of course, if it is in your favor, the more you will believe that this is the personality that best describes you. No further objections made. Nonetheless, if it's the opposite, then feelings of disbelief to the point that you will consider the quiz as invalid or null are the common responses.

Self-Discovery and Taking the Road to Success

Given an interpretation that Susan is more of an introvert rather than socialize in a party, the Human Resource Department suggested that she take seminars in uplifting herself and be more outgoing and exude an attitude of self-confidence.


Personality tests are able to discover traits in a person that may need some modifications or empowerment. This self-discovery should be taken positively and work towards achieving the betterment of the person. On the other hand, knowing what your true personality can also serve as your asset since you are already aware on what you are capable of doing and not able to accomplish. This will allow you to take steps to enhance your personality further.

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