Is It Truly Possible To Fall Out Of Love?

By Robert Porter|Updated August 1, 2022
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Experiencing relationship problems is actually fairly common. Many married couples and people who are involved in long-term relationships will go through rough patches. Sometimes you'll experience moments where your relationship will come into question, possibly leaving you thinking, “Am I no longer in love or am I just depressed?” Many people manage to get through these moments of pain and wind up strengthening their feelings and rekindling the spark in the process.

Discover Ways Of Feeling Better After A Relationship Ends

There are also a large number of people who wind up getting divorced. Divorce is very common in society and many people say that they have fallen out of love with their spouse. Divorce can be exceptionally hard if kids are involved, as they will be hurt as well. Separating causes anxiety for everyone in the family. If you are experiencing any of these issues, speaking with an online therapist can help you work out next steps for you and your family.

Is it really possible to fall out of love, though? If you really loved someone in the first place, shouldn't that love be able to stand the test of time? Is there a point to falling in love at all? Why does it feel like I keep falling in and out of love?

The truth is that this question is very hard to answer. Love means different things to different people and determining exactly why someone has fallen out of love can even be tough to determine. It really is possible to fall out of love with someone, and this fact can sometimes be hard to accept. Learning more about this issue might help you to determine what you need to do in your own situation.

Therapy is a form of treatment that is available for individuals or couples when they need support.

Why Do People Stop Loving Each Other?

People can actually fall out of love for a number of different reasons. You have to understand that people don't stay the same for their entire lives. It's possible that the person that you loved in the past is currently a lot different than they were when you first met. Sometimes your love will evolve with your partner and deepen over time. Other times, you might find that you will grow apart from your lover. People fall in love with a partner, and people fall out of love with their partner. When someone falls out of love with you, it can leave you feeling as if you don’t matter. Relationships are tough, even when you put a lot of effort into them. It can be helpful for both of you to enter couples treatment to help figure things out.

If your values don't match up with those of your partner, then it might wind up leading to you falling out of love. Two people can love each other even when they don't agree on everything. There are times when people manage to create rifts with their partner that cannot be mended easily too. Everyone is wrong once in a while. Often, we don’t even realize it. A lack of communication between two lovers can lead to resentment, and it might wind up killing a relationship if you aren't careful. In the end, you might not even end up being friends, and that usually isn’t good for anyone.

Another common reason why people fall out of love with their partner is due to the romantic spark of a marriage dying. Sometimes this happens due to one person not being attracted to the other partner any longer, and they simply lose interest. Other times, this might occur simply because both people are too busy with their careers to make time for sex or other types of romantic activities. For other couples, one angry fight after another rules the day. It can be hard to be friends, let alone lovers.

You'll even find that people can fall out of love due to their own insecurities. One member of the relationship might be jealous of others, and this might cause them to behave poorly at the moment. The other partner may blame them and not respond as they should. Boredom can play a role in falling out of love in relationships that have become too complacent as well. The thing that you should take away from this is that people can fall out of love with one another for a number of different reasons.

Which One Is It?

Some people also wonder whether they have truly fallen out of love or if they are experiencing some type of depression. One point to note is that this is too difficult to answer without knowing more information about the person, but that is where therapy can help.

Depression is something that can negatively impact a relationship. When a person is feeling a deep sense of depression, they might wind up acting differently than usual.

Those feelings of love that they had might not be as strong as they should be due to the depression. Depression has the potential to make a person feel numb inside. There are situations where mental health struggles can confuse a person into thinking that they have fallen out of love. This should be somewhat easy to tell if you're experiencing telltale signs of depression.

If you are worried that you might be going through depression, then you should take the time to talk to your doctor about what is going on. You'll be able to seek out treatment for the depression and can overcome your problems. Depression is definitely not easy to get through, but it is a condition that is manageable. Treatments for depression issues include antidepressants, therapy, and practicing positive self-care.

When depression is the problem in your relationship, it's possible that things might return to normal once you've received treatment. It's also possible that the depression is being caused by issues that are present in the relationship. This is all very dependent on how your specific situation is. It's possible to fall back in love once you've been treated for depression and you might discover that the love never really went away. It might have simply been tougher to feel that love from a person due to the depression that has been plaguing you.

Can It Be Rekindled?

You should also know that love can be rekindled. If your relationship has been suffering due to a lack of communication, boredom, jealousy, and other issues, then you can work on these problems. Depending on how strong your love is, you might be able to keep it from completely fizzling out. Even those who have completely fallen out of love do have a chance to set things right if there is still a desire to keep trying.

When two individuals are strongly committed to one another, it's still possible to make things work. There are even couples who have been able to overcome serious issues such as infidelity, addiction, and anger issues. Love is something that grows stronger just as easily as it can diminish. Some therapists and other professionals will tell you that love is like a plant that you need to take care of. If you don't make sure to water it and provide it with the proper nourishment, then it's not going to be able to remain healthy. Sometimes, all it takes is for one partner to lead by example.

You have to nourish your love and make sure that you have the right mindset. If your love is on the brink of being snuffed out, then you might be able to still fix things. You simply have to be open about whether or not you want to save your marriage or relationship. If you're both on the same page about wanting to remain together, then anything is possible, and you need to make it a point and a priority to get it through the bad times. With the right support, you stand a good chance of staying together after you work through couples treatment.

Discover Ways Of Feeling Better After A Relationship Ends

Couples Therapy is Important

If you want to keep hope alive and work on the problems that you're experiencing, then you should consider signing up for couples therapy. A couple's therapist is going to be able to work with you on various issues. They can help you to overcome the things that are holding your marriage back. You need to be able to address these problems in order to give your marriage or relationship a chance to heal. Treatment can help with that.

People who are able to use couples therapy to its full potential learn how to communicate effectively. One of the most common problems in a relationship involves communication issues. People don't always express their feelings in healthy ways, and this can lead to resentment. When you learn how to communicate with one another in a loving and respectful way, it makes everything much better overall.

You'll also be able to address several other problems and come up with solutions. A couple's therapist can even help people with intimacy issues or emotional struggles. Learning how to fall back in love or get in touch with your romantic side will be very beneficial. These licensed therapists understand what it takes to cultivate a healthy relationship, and they aim to support both of you. They'll work on helping you to overcome the issues that are keeping you from loving one another while teaching you how to interact more effectively.

Couples therapy is readily available in most areas. Your doctor might even be able to refer you to a therapist if you're in need. Should you need help with getting your relationship back on track, signing up for couples therapy is the best possible solution. It has been able to help many couples to overcome their differences and figure things out.

Online Therapy Can Help You

You'll also be happy to hear that couples therapy is available online. You don’t necessarily need to go to a therapist’s office for treatment. Online couples therapy can help you to get through the issues that you're experiencing. This is just like seeking out therapy at a traditional therapy location. The only difference is that you'll be able to enjoy a more flexible schedule. In fact, you can reach out to receive therapy at any time that you're in need this week or in the future.

Online therapy is great because it allows you to get help from the comfort of your own home. This is a discreet form of therapy that makes it easier to keep the fact that you're seeking help private. You'll be able to work on your relationship problems at home and you'll always have a compassionate therapist by your side to guide you. They'll be able to teach you how to communicate better and your marriage or relationship should be able to flourish again. Once you reach your goals together or separately, you won’t need treatment anymore, but you can always set new goals if life gets hard again.

Relationship issues aren't always going to be easy to navigate in life. It will be significantly simpler when you have an online therapist that you can count on. When you sign up for online therapy, you'll be able to develop your communication skills, overcome intimacy issues, and learn how to show each other love once again. If you're worried that you're falling out of love with your husband or wife, then you should make contact.

Getting signed up for online couples therapy doesn't take long at all. You can get started with the therapy sessions as soon as you're ready. This is a treatment method that will make it a lot easier to rekindle the love that you once had. If you're not ready to give up on your relationship just yet, then give online couples therapy a shot.

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