Five Reasons Why Love Doesn’t Always Make Sense

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You may have noticed that love can cause people to act in ways they usually wouldn't, or maybe you've experienced this for yourself. At times, love is crazy and may not make sense. It could contribute to poor decision-making, cause you to put another's needs above your own, or lead you to overlook flaws in the person you care about.

Love can even make you feel invincible and losing it may cause you to feel as if the world is ending. If you're having a hard time making sense of love and relationships, know that you may be able to receive the insight and guidance you need from a licensed counselor.

Can’t Make Sense Of Love?

1. Love Can Lead You To Make Poor Decisions

Love may cause you to make poor decisions in various situations. When you're in love, you might not think about the consequences of your specific actions because of how powerful your feelings are. All that can seem to matter is that you're in love, and other things in life may become secondary to you.

For example, you might decide to move in with someone very quickly before thinking deeply about it. You may feel in love and want to be with your new partner all the time.

Another example could be a couple that rushes into marriage. They may not consider all the potential outcomes because their love for their partner may be the only thing on their minds. In the moment, these decisions may not seem like the wrong ones. It's often only in hindsight that people can look back and see the way love colored their perception of certain situations, in these situations it may be better to wait and see if you and your partner are on the same page before checking off the marriage box.

Being in love may contribute to a loss of clarity or levelheadedness. You might not see situations from a logical perspective when you're viewing the world with rose-tinted glasses. Studies show that profound emotions can block logical thinking. It may be an entirely different world when love has you in its grasp. This doesn't mean that love is necessarily a negative experience, but it can sometimes lead people to abandon critical thinking and decision-making skills.

2. You May Put The Needs Of Those You Love Ahead Of Yourself

It may not always be sensible for people to put the needs of others ahead of their own, but many people do this anyway because of their love for their partners. You could find yourself making sacrifices to help someone that you love.

This sacrifice could be something like lending your partner money you can't afford or disregarding your boundaries to make someone happy. It could also mean losing sleep to support someone during their time of need, even when you work early in the morning.

Taking care of those you love can be a positive way to show you care, but it can also have downsides. In some cases, failing to take care of your needs may result in burnout or poor physical and mental health. For example, studies show that sleep is essential for your physical health.

3. You May Overlook Flaws Due To Love

Another way that love may not always make logical sense is that it can lead people to overlook flaws. It may feel wonderful to accept others as they are. However, if it leads to the type of unconditional love that accepts any behavior, the situation may become harmful. Sometimes, people may not address unacceptable or abusive behavior because they love their partner and do not want to lose them.

4. Love Can Make You Feel Invincible

Love can cause people to feel euphoric, invincible, and on top of the world. It can be surprising that the feeling of love is often so powerful. When someone loves you and gives you their full support, it may make you feel like a more capable and confident person, even if nothing has changed about you.

Similarly, love may make people feel like they can overcome challenges and tough times in life. It may not make much sense that love can lead to such differences in perception, but that can be one of the beautiful things about the experience.

5. Losing Love Can Make You Feel Like The World Is Ending

Losing love may cause intense emotions; sometimes, it can be akin to grief or cause depression symptoms. A breakup may not seem like a significant experience when looking at the big picture, but inside, it can feel like the entire world has been altered and will never be the same.

The idea that love may have such a powerful impact on a person doesn't always make logical sense, but if you've experienced it, you may know just how powerful the feelings that come with it can be.

Can’t Make Sense Of Love?

Online Therapy Can Help You Make Sense Of Love

Whether you're in love and have noticed that some of your recent decisions haven't been the best, or you've lost love and are having a hard time coping, online therapy may be a way to gain an understanding of the situation.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used to adjust thinking patterns to experience changes in emotions and behavior. It's possible that CBT could be used to help those in love train their brains to think more logically or to address symptoms of depression in those who have experienced a breakup or loss of love. A recent study discovered that online CBT is as effective as traditional in-person CBT.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of online therapy, you may benefit from trying online platforms that come up in youru search browser, like BetterHelp for individuals or Regain for couples. Below are counselor reviews from users who have reached out for support in the past.

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Love can be complex and challenging to understand, particularly when it leads people to act in confusing ways. At times, love may contribute to euphoria and feelings of invincibility, and the loss of love may feel like the world will never be the same.

Love can contribute to poor decision-making, lead people to overlook flaws in their partners, or cause those in relationships to put others' needs before their own. If you feel you'd benefit from a mental health professional's perspective on love, online therapy could be a beneficial choice for you. Consider taking the first step by signing up with an online therapy platform such as BetterHelp.

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