What Is Cosmic Love?

Updated December 17, 2018

Reviewer Laura Angers

It is easy to look at the song by the indie rock band Florence and the Machine as an expression of "Cosmic Love" through its title and verses. But then there is much more to consider in the dictionary definition of "cosmic love" and what it may indicate in a relationship between two people, especially whether or not it is indicated in true romance or love overall.

Is There A Dictionary Definition Of Cosmic Love?

There is a potential answer that there is no true dictionary definition of "cosmic love," at least not one that is consistent from one source to another. Rather than something with a true definition, there is the possibility that cosmic love is more of a theory or belief, something that everyone makes an independent decision about its form or whether it exists at all.

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Some people say there is no such thing as "cosmic love" although it is possible for a human being to love a mythical or imaginative creature such as an alien or cartoon. From here many more questions arise, including the reality of aliens or other mythical creatures, cosmic beings or imagined characters. If those beings exist, even if that existence is in the imagination, then it could be possible that this type of love is defined.

There is another consideration of "cosmic love" which may be a love that contains so much emotion and such a high level of significance that it is amazingly unique. This would be more unique than the emotion we feel for a partner in an intimate relationship, possibly referred to as "a relationship of pure cosmic love" or a description of "love that is cosmic." It may not be a definition of a noun, but an overwhelming adjective that labels a relationship or emotion to the height that it would be unending or otherwise indescribable.

Others recognize "cosmic love" as a person taking on the effort to love everything and everyone. While this may be more personal or romantic, the idea that "cosmic love is the greatest" is one that exists here. It may be something as describing an individual who attempts to be the most loving person in the universe.

Are There Secondary Descriptions Of Cosmic Love?

There are also many poetic and literary quotes considered as tagging "cosmic love." Many of these are more of a self-respecting and spiritual nature than they are a romantic love between two separate people. Also, music can define "cosmic love," more than just the feelings of one person for another. Authors and poets point out "cosmic love" as representative of feelings for another, though not the true emotion felt for that person. Some metaphors and symbols express ecstatic emotion felt within the heart, while not being actual love itself.

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Some of these quotes include the following:

"You are the reason

For my blessings

And you will be the inspiration

Of my enlightened being."

Vishwas Chavan, SoulBliss: a poetic tale of cosmic love

"A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes.

I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it's left me blind.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out.

You left me in the dark.

No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight.

In the shadow of your heart.

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat.

I tried to find the sound.

But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,

So darkness I became.

I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map.

And knew that somehow I could find my way back.

Then I heard your heart beating; you were in the darkness too.

So I stayed in the darkness with you."

Florence Welch Isabella Summers

The mythical view of another may be "cosmic love," while it may be lust or infatuation more than romance. Something of a poetic nature exists when analyzing this person who drives a cosmic feeling in you. However, this may not be an overall loving feeling at the time that this overwhelming emotion or perspective comes about so quickly.

Is There Reality To Cosmic Love?

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One perspective of "cosmic love," especially, in reality, is the nature of Zen or astrology in determining wisdom or enlightenment. Zen helps to determine your best levels of energy with various methods of meditation that dig deep within oneself.

Cosmic love, unlike interpersonal levels, is not a transaction. Energy is not transferred from one person to another, or even from God to someone. Cosmic love IS, where it is the reality related to "God is Love." This would indicate that due to God's overwhelming presence and complete love, then love is everywhere already. So, the question exists as to whether the belief in God is"cosmic love." Therefore, the act of creating love is the grace of allowing Love and is eventually the entire movement of love. Whether this is interpersonal or transpersonal, love grows continually. Metaphors of love like a river, growing and flowing to empty into the ocean of cosmic Love, where full peace would exist.

Transpersonal love enters life for some, realizing that you are doing things in God. No matter the personal determination of a bad day, good days from God may exist. This can be the understanding of that old quote, "Everything happens for a reason." There is something of this "Being" that is in line with the "cosmic love" that is helping steps to be taken within your life. In "cosmic love" no action needs to be done, as this is more of a spiritual love of "Being" that would help to determine the internal self without taking action. At this point, Love is a Condition and a Reality of self, with your task to maintain the Condition of Love by mindfulness.

With "cosmic love" as more of a connection with God, it is not something of importance to others. This makes "cosmic love" more of an individual commitment to oneself and a determination of personal identity and development. With the recognition of God or Being there is a relationship built where an individual can learn more of their own identity.

This kind of divinity found all around is seen as "cosmic love" and not a love that is felt for another person. It can also be the knowledge of Eternal Truth, both in a spiritual and self-acknowledged manner. With "cosmic love" there is the ability to feel that spiritual presence all around us. This may be a feeling of love for yourself, a feeling of overall happiness and improved connection to everything in life.

So, as love becomes more cosmic, it is not so much a process or transaction with another person as it is natural self-healing and self-growth. If love is cosmic and eternal, then it helps to remove the actions and feelings of separation from others, God or another spiritual being. There is the ability at this point of "cosmic love" to live in unity with the spiritual being in which you believe. This also helps to believe in the strength and being of oneself. The answers can come much easier as belief comes into play. And this belief comes from the "cosmic love" that builds the strength of self. With the evolution of love, from personal to cosmic, small to large, or minimal to extreme, much is gained from the overwhelming feeling that comes as the love grows.

An Attempt At This Level Of Emotion, Can Cosmic Love Last?

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There is a strong astrological value to "cosmic love." This also includes a calculator which can help determine the compatibility of two people. Now, this is something that many of us many often consider being a little ridiculous or of a false nature. But, if two people appreciate this sort of compatibility calculation and agree that their computed compatibility is worth following, then maybe they are compatible.

Because there are so many different definitions, beliefs, perspectives and other feelings about "cosmic love," then maybe it is something that can be considered as a compatibility factor between two people. Possibly if the two people who are trying to determine their level of connection, then if they were to see "cosmic love" from the same perspective that could be a factor of compatibility.

While there are plenty of other factors of compatibility, this is not necessarily the only factor that could determine the true match of two people in a relationship. It is not likely that the "cosmic love" calculator, or a quiz that can be taken online, is one that will determine the final compatibility of two individuals. However, it could help bring up the conversation about those issues that were mentioned previously.

It is clear that "cosmic love" is not the same thing as romance or love between the two people who are trying to determine their true connection and compatibility. Any two people who feel this romance or love together can determine this based on the physical intimacy and sexual attraction they feel together. While there are many other factors of personality connections, knowledge, understanding and belief in the other to determine the strength of a relationship, these are not necessarily the same as "cosmic love." It is easy to believe that the one we love is the "cosmic" other in our lives, but it is clear that much more work must be done to help maintain a strong, healthy, long-term relationship. It's important that everyone make those efforts to keep a relationship going.








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