What Is Cosmic Love?

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Maybe you know the phrase “cosmic love” from Prime Video’s namesake astrology-based dating show. The song “Cosmic Love” by the indie rock band Florence and the Machine can easily be thought of as an expression of cosmic love through its sound and lyrics, such as “a falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes,” and “the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out. You left me in the dark. No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight. In the shadow of your heart.”

But if you’re wondering what cosmic love means and what it may indicate in a relationship between two people, there may be much more to consider. Sometimes, figuring out whether your love is real or not can be challenging on its own. Determining whether or not it should be considered cosmic love may be a whole different ballgame. You may also wonder if cosmic love is even a real thing, or is it simply an entertaining theory. 

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Is There a Dictionary Definition of Cosmic Love?

Cosmic love may be difficult to define as it can be considered a feeling, not something tangible. There may not be one single dictionary definition to describe cosmic love, or at least not one consistent from one source to another. However, cosmic love usually means a love between two people that was in someway destined or determined by the cosmos, such as people who believe they were made to be together.

Some people may not believe in cosmic love, as some people don’t believe in soul mates. The experience of cosmic love can be entirely up to each experience.

Most people may want to be loved, but not everyone believes in cosmic love. But many people use the phrase “cosmic love” to describe intense or strong feelings for someone that they feel are everlasting, powerful, or otherwise indescribable.

Others may recognize cosmic love as a person taking on the effort to love everything and everyone. These people may believe we are one with the universe, and we should love all beings on the earth and in the cosmos as one. 

If you want cosmic love in some form, then you are not alone—it can be normal to be intrigued by the idea of experiencing such a powerful, unconditional form of love.

Cosmic Love And Spirituality

Believing in cosmic love can be similar to the idea of having faith in the sense that it’s up to the individual whether they believe in cosmic love or not. 

Living your life with faith and with love for the universe can be seen as a form of transpersonal love. Your connection with your faith or spirituality should be a personal experience. This renders the idea that cosmic love may be more of an individual commitment to oneself and a personal identity and development determination. With faith and a love for the oneness of all things, there can be a relationship built where an individual can learn more of their own identity.

This kind of divinity found all around is sometimes seen as "cosmic love," which is not love that is felt for another person but rather as a presence of love in all things. It can also be the acknowledgment of eternal truth or a group consciousness. Cosmic love can unlock the ability to feel the spiritual presence that exists all around us. This may entail a feeling of love for yourself, overall happiness, and an improved connection to everything in life.

As you dig deeper into the idea of cosmic love, you may discover that it may not always be a process or transaction with another person, but sometimes about the love you have for yourself. It may be about natural self-healing and self-growth. If love is cosmic and eternal, it can help remove the actions and feelings of separation from others, nature, or a spiritual being that you have faith in. Cosmic love can allow you to live in unity with the spiritual being in which you believe. This can also help you to recognize the strength and passion you hold within yourself. With the evolution of love, from personal to cosmic, small to large, or minimal to extreme, much can be gained from the your love expanding into the cosmos. In this sense, cosmic love can be real if you want to believe it is.

Can Cosmic Love Last?

There is a strong astrological value to cosmic love. If you believe in cosmic love, it would be everlasting because in your opinion it was perhaps manifested and destined by the universe.

Because there are so many different definitions, beliefs, perspectives, and other feelings about cosmic love, it may be considered a compatibility factor between two people. Possibly if the two people are trying to determine their level of connection, they may say their love is cosmic, like it was written by destiny.

However, many other factors determine if love can last, such as personality connections, understanding each other, trust, effective communication, and intimacy. If you’re willing to put in the work as a couple, it is possible your love can last. We may often believe that the current partner we love is the "cosmic" other in our lives, but much more work typically must be done to help maintain a strong, healthy, long-term relationship.

Do You Have Questions About Love And Relationships?

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Whether you believe in cosmic love or not, it may be easy to see that love can be an important force throughout our lives as well as the universe. Love is something that can guide your life, and it can lead to new levels of happiness. With the right tools, you can enjoy a truly fulfilling and loving relationship with yourself and others. 

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