The Best Motivation Video Content To Help You Get Motivated

By: Joanna Smykowski

Updated February 25, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Laura Angers

Motivation is what drives humans to do great things. A need for shelter motivated us, so we built the house. We wanted an easy way to travel, so we built the car. In our daily lives, it helps us too. We want to make more money and live a better life, so we seek a promotion. It's a natural human instinct, but some have it more than others.


Some of us don't have the motivation we need. We may want to do something, but we don't have the motivation. Sometimes, it's because we don't want to risk it. For example, if you ask your boss for a raise, you're afraid you may be reprimanded. Other times, we have stage fright or are in a stage of our lives where we feel depressed. Regardless of the reason, we may look to motivational content and speakers to help us.

While we can go through self-help books and pay for seminars, motivational content is easier and cheaper to find than ever thanks to the Internet and all the video content. Here is some good motivational content to get you started.

Do It!

For some, they don't need much to get motivated. Someone telling you just to do whatever it is you want to can be an effective way to get you motivated. This video is not only popular with the motivational crowd but also has become a meme of its own. Actor Shia LaBeouf screams that you should "JUST DO IT!" in an eccentric manner. He also calls out the procrastinators in all of us by saying, "Yesterday, you said tomorrow." Everyone has procrastinated on something, but by doing it too much, you're never going to accomplish your goals.

It's a video that is funny to some, but motivational to others. At just a little over minute long, it's worth watching.


This video is from 2010, but it's still a highly effective video that is talked about to this day. It begins by talking about various celebrities and other famous people who were turned down by people. For example, the Beatles were turned down by various record labels who thought rock was dying.


We've all heard these stories of inspiration involving famous people taking risks. Many of them did not become famous on their first go; it was a long process of rejection before they found someone who would give them a chance. Authors such as JK Rowling had their manuscripts rejected by publishers more times than would count, but instead of giving up, they kept trying. The worst that could happen is that someone would say no. Eventually, these people found someone who was willing to sign them into a record, book, or acting deal.

One of our problems our society has with celebrities and other public figures is that we treat them like they are superhuman. If they do something wrong or say the wrong thing, it is a shock to us. We all assume that they became famous on the first try, and stories of them are failing multiple times, sometimes to the point of reaching rock bottom, are not emphasized too much.

The video ends by saying "Life=risk." This statement is quite true. We are creatures of safety, but we have to take some kinds of risk. In our modern society, this usually doesn't mean that you're going to end up risking your life, but taking risks such as asking someone you like out can feel that way. The point is to take the risk because the worst that could happen is a no.

This Is Your Year

One of the biggest motivators is the New Year's Resolution. We see the new year as a start of a clean slate. The old year has given us time to think about what we could have done better, and we look to the next year in hopes that we self-correct and learn how to have a more successful year. We may make resolutions to accomplish during next year, be it weight loss, a job, a vacation, or more.

This video motivates you based on taking the year and making it your own. Images of people doing high-energy activities make your blood pump and push you to your goals. We are only four months into a 12-month year. You still have plenty of time to make 2018 yours. Do not wait until next year; do it now!

Weight Loss

One of the biggest activities someone needs motivation for is losing weight. If you are happy with your current weight, awesome! However, if you feel like you should lose weight, be it for health or look reasons, that's awesome too. Perhaps you want to lose 10 pounds before swimsuit season. Perhaps you are obese and want to lose weight before it leads to health problems. It's hard to take the first step in losing weight but seeing other people do it is a big motivator.


This video details one person's weight loss journey as she loses a whopping 200 pounds. All the struggles she goes through are illustrated in a nice picture slideshow. Most people do not have to lose that much weight for their goals. If your goal is 20 pounds, you may be inspired knowing that someone can lose ten times that much.

Of course, always talk to a doctor or health care professional to help you get on a diet or exercise plan that is right for you.


A lot of the problems with getting the motivation you need come from the lack of confidence. If you don't believe that you can ask that person out or get that job, you may not take the plunge. Some people are naturally confident and were able to succeed because of that. Meanwhile, others have to learn confidence. They have to realize that they do have the potential to accomplish their goals, no matter who says otherwise.

Improving your confidence isn't as easy as watching a video, but this video may help you to take steps to be more confident with yourself.


For many people, asking a person out is difficult. Love and dating is not something that is taught in schools, but something you must learn on your own. A person must be confident, smooth, and have good chemistry with the other person if they want the date to succeed, but they may fear rejection. A good motivation video can help you get the drive you need to ask that woman out, but you still need to make a date run as smooth as possible. Also, know that you may fail many times before you find your soulmate.Fail To Succeed

Finally, we look at another video about failing before you're able to find success. We look at Michael Jordan, one of the most famous NBA players of our time. Michael Jordan may be romanticized in history as a basketball legend, but he didn't win every game. He didn't make every shot. He failed a lot of times in his career, but that just made success sweeter. Know that in your career, you're going to fail. You may not turn in a project before the deadline. You may end up as the team leader and fail everyone. But failure is not an embarrassment, but a lesson to be learned.

Are They Effective?


Motivational content is a bit controversial because many who view it may not be as motivated as they want to be. See, motivation does come from within. There may be inspiration and influences to help you decide, but at the end of the day, you're the one who needs to make the plunge. Someone can encourage you to jump, but they're not going to push you into the waters below.

In other words, it all depends when it comes to the effectiveness of motivational content. Some will find the content to be effective. It helped them make a choice to stay motivated, and it was just the talk they needed. Others may be inspired, but their motivation soon runs out. This is because you can't force motivation; it has to come within. It's worth it to watch these videos, but if you're still having trouble, you may have a problem, be it depression or another reason. In cases like these…

Seek Help!

Motivational content can work, but you should also talk to a counselor if it does not. Therapy can help you figure out why you are not motivated, how you can get around the blockage, and take steps towards accomplishing whatever goal you want to meet. Another problem with motivational content is that it's tailored for a wide audience. A counselor can create a motivational plan that is tailored towards you. They will learn all your quirks, your strengths, and tell you how you can be more motivated.

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