Brian Shapiro

(M.S., L.M.F.T.)

About Me

Hello! Very nice to meet you! While I do not yet know you personally, clients have often told me that seeking out a therapist for yourself can be an exciting, challenging and sometimes stressful experience in itself! Which therapist will I be able to relate to? Which therapist might best understand me and my own unique feelings and life experiences? It takes real courage to take this first step on this journey toward self-discovery and change. Perhaps you will choose me to be the one to help guide you.
I have over 35 years of experience in practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, first in California, and then in Idaho. A Masters Level graduate of the University of Southern California's (USC) Graduate School of Counseling, I have extensive experience working with both individuals and couples, along with families in many different settings and from many different backgrounds .

One specialty area of my practice has been devoted to assisting survivors of physical, sexual, and emotional trauma and abuse, including survivors of childhood abuse and neglect and domestic violence. Survivors of such abuse can sometimes suffer from after effects of trauma, such as emotional difficulties, problems with trusting others, anxiety and panic type attacks, and ongoing physical ailments. This kind of post traumatic stress (PTSD) can manifest itself in survivors of childhood and domestic violence.

Sometimes these past experiences can be the cause of problems in the bedroom, including sexual dysfunction, trust issues, and problems with sexual intimacy. The good news is that these problems are treatable. If this sounds like you, let me help you with this. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

My approach to the counseling experience is simple and straightforward. I believe that most everyone has the potential to learn, grow, and ultimately change if they so desire. For many, this process of self exploration is unfamiliar and even the thought of it can be anxiety provoking at first. For others, there is a sense of relief at finally disclosing to another human being the often hidden thoughts and feelings they have been experiencing and perhaps suffering from for so long. I am first and always a caring, empathetic, and emotionally supportive listener. You set the pace of this process. I am here to help guide and assist you.

I work in various treatment modalities, and you will often hear therapists advertise about the types of treatments they utilize. Words such as cognitive, or cognitive behavioral, or psychodynamic are often used. Rather than telling you which approach is best, I will instead direct your attention to the numerous studies conducted over many years now which largely agree on one thing. Mainly, that the relationship which develops between the therapist and the client is single most important factor in achieving successful outcomes. And while required continuing education courses keep all clinicians current in this ever changing field, I believe that it is the personal characteristics of the therapist you choose to be most important. The therapist you choose should be skilled in fostering a positive, empathetic, and caring therapeutic relationship in which the client can safe to explore and discover themselves at their own pace with the therapist guiding and encouraging, but not dictating, their progress.

I believe you will find me capable of fostering a positive and caring relationship with you which you will find to be emotionally supportive as well as solution focused, and tailored to your specific needs.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Intimacy-related issues

I also have experience in Grief, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coping with life changes, Coaching, Compassion fatigue

Years of Experience: 35

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Phone

  • Video


LMFT #LMFT - 32 (Expires: 2020-09-01)


Written by S.E. on Feb 18, 2020 after counseling with Brian for 3 weeks on issues concerning relationship issues, and family conflicts

Brian has been very kind and understanding. Talking to him made me have a new perspectives about how to have a fair fighting with my partner. He also gave me some tips that included exercises.

Written by J.A. on Jan 29, 2020 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, self esteem, career difficulties, coaching, and adhd

Brian was very attentive and listened well. I feel like he identifies with my needs and can likely help me.

Written by N.A. on Jan 26, 2020 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, self esteem, coping with life changes, and compassion fatigue

Brian and I immediately connected in our first session. He is extremely perceptive, understanding things about me and my situation even before I ever explicitly said them. He supports me and makes me feel like I always have someone to turn to. He provides a lot of outside resources as well that I find extremely helpful! I’m currently struggling coming out of a relationship, and I feel so much better doing it with Brian on my team.

Written by B.E. on Oct 07, 2019 after counseling with Brian for 3 months on issues concerning relationship issues, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related issues, parenting issues, and coping with life changes

Both my wife and I really appreciate Brian! He's very easy to talk with, and quick to offer input and observations from his experience, all of which have been very helpful for me personally, our marriage relationship, and parenting challenges. Thanks Brian!

Written by P.O. on Sep 15, 2019 after counseling with Brian for 3 months on issues concerning family conflicts, self esteem, career difficulties, coping with life changes, coaching, and compassion fatigue

Brian made me feel comfortable from our very first interaction. He has created a space that is judgment-free and full of support. He facilitates counseling that matches what I asked - counseling that is conversational and the type where he participates just as much as I do. I look forward to our time together as he brings me unbiased clarity and tools, including articles, worksheets and more for me to continue my journey between our weekly sessions. Thank you Brian!

Written by J.A. on May 15, 2019 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, and bipolar disorder

Brian has helped me to get a better hold of myself. He has been understanding and patient with me even when I could not present my thoughts in a clear way.

Written by J.E. on Apr 02, 2019 after counseling with Brian for 7 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and abuse, and self esteem

Brian has helped me grow in so many ways. He encourages me and has so much empathy. I always feel his support!

Written by G.R. on Jan 18, 2019 after counseling with Brian for 6 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, anger management, and career difficulties

I appreciate having constant support.

Written by B.R. on Dec 15, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 3 days on issues concerning relationship issues

Had a great talk with him. Was as if he already knew what I was going to say before I said it. Everything was on point. Really appreciated his advice.

Written by T.R. on Jul 02, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 1 week on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related, self esteem, and bipolar

Brian is extremely empathetic and very well-informed. Basically all the best qualities one could ask for in a counselor. I'm beyond grateful for the time he's so graciously put into helping me during a time of crisis, and I value what he's taught me. Thank you!!

Written by M.A. on Jun 25, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship

Amazing support quick response very knowledgable and friendly

Written by A.N. on Jun 12, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship, trauma and abuse, and anger

Brian has led me on my “first foray” into the world of counseling/therapy. Starting quite skeptically, I am pleased to say that his rational, well considered, and professional approach has been an eye-opener as to how this kind of support can really make a difference and give us the tools we need to be healthier of mind.

Written by J.O. on May 28, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship, and anger

Brian is very helpful with his insights and experience. He offers a variety of different methods and times to communicate in. You can feel Brian's smile and positive energy through his voice and definitely during video chats. Overall, a great individual and very beneficial as a counsellor.

Written by G.U. on May 13, 2018 after counseling with Brian for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, relationship, and family

Brian is an amazing person, He saved my marriage at the last minute when I just asked for advice before going for divorce. I would recommend him to anyone in difficult relationship situation.