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I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania with almost 30 years experience in a variety of settings, from hospitals, institutions and schools, to outpatient and in-home work. Specialties include work with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, traumatic stress, abuse, and serious mental illness. I've worked with couples, families and children, provided drug and alcohol counseling, and helped with grief and tragic losses. I've worked in a call center where I took calls as ordinary as helping someone find a pet sitter, or as intense as talking a suicidal caller into putting down the gun.

After all these years I still can't say I have all the answers, but my hope is that I can help bring a realistic perspective to almost any problem, whether it's a parenting, relationship, or family issue, or overcoming your fear, anxiety, anger, hurts, or just plain crazy-off-the-wall-stressful lifestyle. I draw upon a variety of theoretical schools of thought, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, structural family therapy, and various trauma-informed approaches. For those who request a Christian-based approach, I have a seminary education in addition to my Counseling Psychology degree and can provide Biblical insights into all of the above issues, but also acknowledge that the church itself is made up of imperfect people and sometimes brings wounds of its own.

I believe it's important to be real, to meet you where you are, and work together to find the solutions that work best for each individual. So if you need someone to discuss the complex bio-psycho-social dynamics and treatment protocols for particular diagnosis, I can do that. If you need someone to break down the psychobabble into plain language, I can do that. If you need it explained by chapter and verse, or if you want nothing at all to do with religion, that's fine too. Most of all, I believe that everyone deserves to be heard with compassion and respect before I can earn the right offer advice, challenge your thinking, or confront you with an uncomfortable truth.

One of things I love about Betterhelp is that I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world, and am reminded daily that the things we have in common are far greater than anything that may separate us. So no matter what your background, I am honored to have the privilege of getting to know you, and doing everything I can to help.

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  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Bipolar
  • Depression

I also have experience in Addictions, Relationship, Family, Grief, Intimacy-related, Parenting, Anger, Self esteem, Career

Years of Experience: 30

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LPC #PC005432 (Expires: 2019-02-28)


Written by D.A. on Feb 03, 2018 after counseling with Catherine for 6 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, self esteem, and bipolar

After several months of text-counseling at my pace which suits my life and allows me to jot down and send the most poignant thoughts and descriptions of feelings WHEN I can describe them (rather than waiting on a scheduled appointment), I'm in love with this form of counseling. I believe I've made MUCH more progress this way than I ever did in traditional office/appointment/ time - limited counseling. I think it allows my counselor to offer better responses too because she can do it when she knows she has time to concentrate.

I have a masters in counseling, and I'm huge on reading body language and facial expressions, so for me to praise this aspect of the counseling as such a big benefit is a big deal (I think, ha ha).

Written by B.R. on Jan 05, 2018 after counseling with Catherine for 1 year and 5 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, and family

Very good responses, she asks a lot of questions so she can really understand and help me.

Written by E.R. on Jul 25, 2017 after counseling with Catherine for 2 weeks

I've only just started with Catherine but so far it has been amazing. The format of messaging is perfect for me. I find it is so much easier to open up and a sincere desire from Catherine to help me do that.

Written by T.A. on Jul 07, 2017 after counseling with Catherine for 2 weeks on issues concerning grief, self esteem, and bipolar

I was asking for understanding and to be heard rather than told. Cathy has been an amazing example of knowledge with integrity and most certainly has helped me see myself more clearly for who I am, rather than for who I thought I was.

Written by M.A. on May 26, 2017 after counseling with Catherine for 3 weeks on issues concerning relationship, anger, and bipolar

Starting out, I wasn't too sure therapy was the right choice to help me. But from the first message, Catherine has proved to be of more help than I could ever imagine. She takes the time to work through all of my problems with me instead of focusing on just one. She is very encouraging and patient when it comes to what I feel I need or understand. Overall she is one of the most helpful people I have ever met and I would gladly recommend her to anyone seeking help.

Written by R.O. on May 26, 2017 after counseling with Catherine for 3 weeks on issues concerning depression, and stress, anxiety

Cathy is a wonderful counselor and has a great way to getting to the root of the matter!

Written by F.A on Dec 02, 2016 after counseling with Catherine for 3 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and family

Thank you so much, you the best.

Written by S.H on Jul 22, 2016 after counseling with Catherine for 4 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, and family

Cathy is a wonderful, caring and empathetic person who has really helped me work through various issues. She is very knowledgeable and understanding and is quick to respond. Her help has been invaluable and has helped to alleviate my anxiety and stress on a range of topics such as relationships, family dynamics and coping with someone who is abusing drugs. Thank you very much Cathy for always being such a great listener, asking thought provoking questions and being an outlet of support for me.

Written by D.I on Nov 27, 2015 after counseling with Catherine for 5 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, eating, sleeping, self esteem, career, bipolar, and depression

She is helpful. Non-judgemental, and encouraging.