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My name is David Anderson and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Tele-Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practioner (CMHIMP). I am a clinical mental health provider based in Boulder, CO with 5 years of clinical experience at the Master’s Level.

My journey has driven by a curiosity about people, life, and growing during times of adversity and other difficult and often anxiety-provoking life challenges. I wanted to become a greater expert in the field of Psychology and enrolled into a non-clinical / research Ph.D. program where I studied positive psychology, humanism, philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience to better understand the cognitive structures of the mind, philosophies that make up the frameworks of psychology, and the study of human behavior from a positive perspective. The previous five years worked in crisis for many years but transitioned to E-counseling to help support people and make a bigger difference. I like holistic wellness approaches and was a wellness executive coach and a professional yoga teacher. I have an academic counselor and have been an adjunct college professor of psychology.

I primarily work with higher functioning working professionals and college students, who struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression.
I do this for both Ethical and Colorado regulatory obligations, and to help ensure from the start that we might be a better fit.

In short, I only work with what the industry refers to as less psychologically acute individuals. Therefore, in my practice, I am ethically bound and must refer those with more significant mental health diagnoses to ensure that Tele-mental health is an appropriate treatment avenue for the client.

I like to think of the initial consultation as upfront and authentic way for both you and I to screening each other to feel out if we might be a good fit. As you are likely a very busy person, I want to avoid wasting your time.

Now you might be wondering, Would he need to refer me to another therapist due to a previous diagnosis?

Below is a basic clinical list, yet not necessarily limited to this list (we can talk about it too in the initial consult), of diagnosis that would require a referral so that you get the best care to meet your individual needs.

Before I get started with the list I would like to note that when I do refer, It is my personal goal, to do this as kindly and as gentle as possible when such a need occurs.
This includes, but is not limited to, those who would meet the diagnostic criteria for "severe mental illness" like Bipolar I with Psychotic features, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorders, Other Thought, or other Delusional Disorders.

I expressly always refer all Personality Disorders.
I do this because I feel the research clearly shows they are not appropriate for Tele-Mental Health. Specifically, these include Paranoid personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Schizotypal disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, Avoidant, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Dependent Personality Disorder.

My views and values, Politically I am a moderate, I grew up I an conservative rural state and later lived in a very liberal metro area; Thus, I have an appreciate for both sides of view points. One example of this, I believe in fiscal responsibility but also believe that religious and spiritual values involve helping the less fortunate as such I'm not for Big Goverment, yet I value systems that support those who fall on hard times or become disabled.

I would say I value equality and consider my self a pro-women therapist and ally for women. I dare say I am a feminist and value the contributions of women and recognize that women have had to work often twice as hard as men in male-driven environments in order to succeed and be taken seriously as equals or professional peers. I also acknowledge that as a man, I own that my privilege has allowed me to avoid harassment and these other challenges. I choose to support and empower women, I support sex-positive clients and encourage ethical safer sex practices (including communication around intimate and sensitive issues). Lastly, I also respect and accept where you come from and what you value with regard to religious, spiritual, personal, and diverse political values. I am not here to judge, I am here to help you achieve a greater sense of well-being and feel supported. This is reflected in my chose form of therapeutic practice of Transpersonal and Person Centered Therapy, which I will explain in greater detail.

MY APPROACHES - I refer to my self as a Transpersonal Therapist that employs a Rogerian Person-Centered Modality. In practice this is a combination of modalities founded in humanism, positive psychology, and transformative counseling. The specifics of these therapeutic modalities include Rogerian Person-Centered Therapy commonly referred to as (Rogerian), Jungian Archetypal Psychology Supporting Intuitions, Active Imagination, and other feeling work of introspection, Brief Solution Focused, Therapy (BSFT), and other diverse Transpersonal Counseling (such as Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and personal growth toward self-actualization, and transcendence, and Buddhist Psychology.

I find brief solution-focused approaches, and motivational interviewing techniques, holistic mindfulness wellness counseling complement the previously mentioned modalities. At times I also may employ some Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) approaches which are a very direct form of therapy that works on shifting core beliefs (similar to Mindfulness-Based CBT). As such, for clients that are interested in more spiritual integrative approach, I can provide space for Religious Values, Yogic, Buddhist Psychology, and other Mindfulness-Based principles in my practice and honor the individual spiritual values of my clients.

CREATING CHANGE - I know that change can be very difficult and I do all I can to help support and empower you so that change can be as lasting and as comfortable as possible. When you need me to kick into coach gear I can help create action plans and offer exercises to transform your life in the here and now. I believe that healing follows the hero’s journey and sometimes to move forward we need a safe place to talk about things to figure out what’s going on, the next step after that is preparation and action, learning from the mistakes, and doing better. I work best with highly motivated people and I work with clients with depression, anxiety, career, and college issues.

About Me:

My LIFE and LEISURE - When I am not counseling I am doing yoga, enjoying a movie, reading, working on completing my dissertation study, and creating motivational content. I live a full and busy life and attempt to practice what I teach. Change takes work, greatness takes, effort and in most cases, the journey starts from humble beginnings. As such, I have become an expert at helping people start over and create forward momentum.

If you are ready to take the steps to create change (even if it’s just venting at first about the problem), then I look forward to working with you to build the life you want to live and heal from previous challenges.



  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Career difficulties
  • Depression
  • Coping with life changes
  • Compassion fatigue
Also experienced in:
LGBT , Relationship issues , Family conflicts , Intimacy-related issues , Eating disorders , Parenting issues
Years of Experience: 5

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Phone

  • Video


LPC #0013591 (Expires: 2023-08-31)