Dr. King Counts

(D.Min, LMFT)

About Me

My aim is to serve my clients by providing excellent caring and effective therapy while respecting each client's individuality. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and an ordained Christian minister. I care and love helping people heal and progress and accept each person's right to make their own decisions. I have extensive experience helping people not only as a clinical therapist but as a minister, mentor, college professor, and pastoral counselor.

I am very experienced helping with trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship, marriage issues, and parenting problems,. I have extensive experience working with the military. I am certified in evidence based trauma resolution therapy (EMDR) and help bring healing for those going through major life adjustments.

I am also certified in an approach to therapy using focused attention and help people quite smoking, lose weight, get their sleep patterns on track, and increase their mental focus for sports and academic success. Let's get started!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Anger

I also have experience in Family, Grief, Sleeping, Parenting, Self esteem, Career, Depression

Years of Experience: 12


LMFT #647 (Expires: 2018-04-30)


Written by S.A. on Dec 08, 2017 after counseling with King for 3 months trauma and abuse, and sleeping

When I began my therapy sessions with Dr Counts, I felt like a big and messy emotional pile. Dr Counts is courteous and considerate. When I drop my guard and expose my vulnerable side during our sessions, I have felt that I am in safe hands. As a disabled person, my confidence to put into words what I am feeling is gradually improving largely due to Dr Counts' non-judgemental approach to therapy. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is sensitive and self-conscious.

Written by F.A. on Nov 19, 2017 after counseling with King for 10 months relationship, and family

When I think of all the qualities of a good counselor I have to say Dr. Counts is one who I would highly recommend. My faith in God guides me and Dr. Counts has provided me with a sound listening ear and counsel. Not only is Dr. Counts compassionate and a wonderful listener, I wholeheartedly recommend him and feel confident that he has given me the tools to successfully go through one of the hardest periods of my life.

Written by S.E. on Nov 01, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and parenting

Dr. Counts has been extremely helpful and kind. He's a wonderful counselor and I would recommend him to my friends and family.

Written by E.L. on Sep 15, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 months depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, and career

I have tried counseling many times over the decades, but it's rarely been helpful. The therapeutic model of "once you understand your subconscious underlying motives, you'll consciously change your behavior," doesn't work for me. To my great surprise, King Counts is the best counselor I've ever seen. We have used a few different modes of therapy, and one in particular has been very helpful in resolving old issues that I've carried around since childhood. Dr. Counts is extremely intelligent and keeps us focused on the issues, while also respecting my inclinations to work on different issues at each session. He's happy to accommodate my preferences in therapy and my personality. I can't recommend King Counts and BetterHelp highly enough, and I've already done so several times.

Written by T.O. on May 12, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 months relationship, and family

We are both fairly “experienced” in going through thousands of unpleasant events that have very badly affected our 44-year old marriage. We have also tried over those years dozens of approaches and read a number of books to make our marriage work better. However, over the past few years we were “running out of steam”.
We decided to have some marital counselling, not really believing that it could help, because we thought that we had already tried out almost everything. How wrong we were!
Initially, we were thinking about face-to-face counselling. However, then we learnt about BetterHelp enabling remote counselling via message exchange, chat box, and video sessions. We were incredibly lucky that we met Dr. King Counts. His very gentle, kind, and yet deeply-probing questions and suggestions did reveal the things we would have probably never thought might make a big difference in HOW WE SEE EACH OTHER! That is probably one of the basic things in all relationships that people see most of what happens around them only through their own eyes. They do not realize the emotional consequences of some events from the past that form the partner’s behaviour and attitude today. We both perhaps knew it was the case, but somehow we could not disentangle the facts from emotions and how they affected each other for years.

Dr Counts helped us to see ourselves in a slightly different light, building on what was positive between us. One such thing was the sheer fact of going through really terrible events in our lives yet surviving as a family, because for us that has become the top value of our lives. The other one was great love in our earlier years, and finally the years of “Marriage endurance test”. Yes, he did point to negative sides of our characters, after all, that is his job, but he let us discover it ourselves rather than telling us. And that probably is his great skill for which we deeply thank him.

Written by S.H on Apr 12, 2017 after counseling with King for 6 months

I've been working with King for a few months now. He's been incredibly helpful and very, very patient. I greatly appreciate his help.

Written by S.H on Mar 23, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 months depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, grief, and sleeping

I have had nothing but a postive experience with Dr. Counts. He has fast responses and brings a very good perspective on whatever situation you need help with. He has given me many different useful technics on how to fix stressful situation, how to sleep better and many other things. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs good advice and a non judgmental ear to listen.

Written by L.A. on Mar 22, 2017 after counseling with King for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, grief, sleeping, and self esteem

Dr. Counts is amazing. His patience level with me is always so much appreciated as I have so much to work through and it's not for the faint of heart!

Written by A.N on Mar 02, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 months relationship, family, intimacy-related, anger, and career

After few session, I'm happy to express and analyse with Dr. Counts some delicate relationship matters.

Written by N.A on Feb 16, 2017 after counseling with King for 2 weeks relationship, self esteem, and career

Dr. Counts is amazing. Dr. Counts is so brilliant at easily and clearly identifying the underlying issues that have kept me stuck in my healing and growth. Of course, he is also so great at listening/reading whatever I've written and understanding me through whatever words I've written. With my presenting problem, I needed both high quality counseling AND spiritual guidance/direction. Dr. Counts is so incredibly gifted at both. I'm so thankful and grateful for Dr. Counts and his help during my healing and growth. Many thanks & God Bless you, Dr. Counts!
Highly Recommended.

Written by S.H on Feb 08, 2017 after counseling with King for 4 days

Dr. Counts has been really wonderful. He provided me with the basics I needed to resolve my issues and because of that, I was able to come to a peaceful conclusion. I am now at a better place than I was before I received guidance from Dr. Counts.

Written by C.H on Dec 28, 2016 after counseling with King for 7 months trauma and abuse

Dr.Counts is a wonderful person who listens and provides grounded, positive, spiritual advice in all areas.

Written by A.N on Dec 27, 2016 after counseling with King for 3 weeks relationship, family, sleeping, and self esteem

Dr. King is excellent, extremely kind and caring. It's the first time I got therapy where someone offered methods to address my problems rather than just listening to them.

Written by L.I on Dec 18, 2016 after counseling with King for 3 days

I really appreciate Dr. Counts for his help. He is doing a great job!

Written by R.A on Nov 22, 2016 after counseling with King for 5 months family

Dr. Counts is a truly kind person who feels like a friend. He's always willing to listen and is very intelligent. My own family issues are likely beyond any simple fix that a counselor can help with, but it was nice to have a trained expert to talk things out with so I could better wrap my mind around what I could change in my life vs. what I can't change. Highly recommend.

Written by G.W on Nov 16, 2016 after counseling with King for 2 days relationship, family, and anger

Dr. Counts is understanding and able to share very good insights to the difficulties that I am going through. His compassion and genuine help enable me to think through the ordeals I'm facing with a lighter heart, with greater clarity. Thank you.

Written by K.I on Nov 08, 2016 after counseling with King for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related, and career

Dr. Counts has been PHENOMENAL! He offers a wonderful perspective in an understanding way. He is very responsive and presents solutions. I appreciate him as my counselor

Written by P.A on Nov 01, 2016 after counseling with King for 1 week stress, anxiety, family, self esteem, and career

I'ld like to say a big thanks to Dr. Counts. In a week he got more results than months of therapy. He surely has a light within.

Written by W.I on Aug 29, 2016 after counseling with King for 1 month relationship, family, anger, and career

Dr. Counts is a very important part of my recovery. He is kind and understanding. I would recommend him to friends.

Written by H.A on Aug 17, 2016 after counseling with King for 1 month

I don't know what to say actually but I would like to just say BIG THANK you to Dr. King Counts and the people who work on BetterHelp site.

Dr. Counts just took me from hell to start to live again happily. He was respected and understandable, also he was caring and giving me everything i wanted to just heal myself. I speak a very different language however he made it so easy to me to get along with what he says. He respected my faith. He asks if I understand what he says and explains what I could not understand very fairly.

It is really worth the money and the time.. Before BetterHelp, I went to a psychologist who did not respect me at all however on BetterHelp, especially with Dr. Counts, I felt respected and as I mentioned I am healing and starting to live a new life after a 5 years of depression and anxiety.


Written by H.J on Aug 16, 2016 after counseling with King for 2 days stress, anxiety, family, and self esteem

Dr. Counts is absolutely amazing. He is an encouraging man of God and is extremely patient. He is very consistent and reliable in his methods and guided me through self-administered EMDR. Through EMDR, I was able to reprocess traumatic and negative experiences and come to new positive realizations. Left sessions feeling triumphant. Successful experience. Highly recommended.

Written by M.A on Aug 11, 2016 after counseling with King for 1 month grief, and anger

Dr. Counts is a good Dr. He listens and somehow understands. He is a preacher but he doesn't push his belief on people. I'm not into all that I actually have issues with it and was apprehensive about using him. I'm glad I did though. He gives great thought to his answers and gives awesome questions and feedback. He texts often and replies quickly.

Written by R.A on Aug 02, 2016 after counseling with King for 1 week stress, anxiety, self esteem, and depression

He's been amazingly compassionate and helpful!