Mike Pfisterer


About Me

I look to help you identify your strengths and utilize them so that you can achieve your desired outcomes. My approach is to utilize multidimensional psychodynamic tools based upon your life course and inherent difficulties. In conjunction with the client, goals will be developed and guidance will be provided in order to achieve the optimal short term gains and long term growth.

I primarily utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, social learning theory and task based theory to help achieve change. These tools can be particularly helpful for those coping with negative thought patterns, depression, anxiety, developmental differences, executive functioning difficulties and challenges associated with trauma and transitions.

My practice has entailed work with a wide variety of individuals including teens and young adults with learning, emotional, and developmental differences. I have also engaged in practice with individuals with autism, those impacted by a wide range of environmental challenges as well as those having difficulty making life transitions. I have also participated in family based crisis management, helped families develop a range of techniques to improve relationships with their significant others and acted as a conduit between family members coping with trauma.

I live with my wife, daughters and two dogs and have a passion for helping others. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you have your aspirations align with your actions!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Depression

I also have experience in Addictions, LGBT, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder

Years of Experience: 3

Services Offered

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LCSW #086146 (Expires: 2020-09-30)


Written by A.L. on Dec 02, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 6 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, relationship issues, and self esteem

Mike sticks to the point and conveys his ideas clearly.

Written by M.O. on Sep 28, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 1 month on issues concerning relationship issues, self esteem, and career difficulties

Mike has been a cornerstone in my mental transformation and I have immediately seen the difference and positivity in my life. I am extremely thankful for Mike’s partnership and guidance.

Written by N.I. on Sep 19, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 4 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, eating disorders, self esteem, and bipolar disorder

Mike has helped me though so much.. I've suffered with depression and anxiety for 15+ years and had numerous therapists. Mike is the only therapist I would recommend. He is supportive, but doesn't coddle you and really works with you through your issues rather than tell you what you're doing wrong. He is truly a blessing in my life and I can honestly say that I don't know if I'd be here if I hadn't been matched with him. Mike, if you read this....thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an angel.

Written by R.E. on Sep 02, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 6 months

Mike has been great. Life is not always easy (to say the least) but it's kind of comforting to have a therapist you can confide in AND who gives you tools to better cope with life's f*ckery. You can't always control what lands in your lap, but learning better and more mindful ways to deal with really really helps. I also like working with Mike because he doesn't BS you or just say vague therapist things that sound nice but don't mean much. He keeps it real and you feel like you're also chatting with a fellow human. Having him as my therapist has really made a big difference in my life and helped me get through some very hard times.

Written by J.A. on Aug 16, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, and self esteem

Mike is an extremely open minded person who listens to what’s on your mind and tries to make certain situations relatable. He is very keen on figuring out what your concerns are and how to best approach the situation together or through best practices individually. He’s been extraordinarily helpful!

Written by R.O. on Jul 19, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 4 months

Mike is a good listener and is very respectful in the way he communicates his insights.

Written by L.E. on Jun 04, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, and family

Mike is very good at helping me break down the components of my problems and my emotional reactions to them. I'm an analytical person by nature so I really appreciate this quality in a therapist.

Written by J.O. on Mar 18, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, family, eating, and self esteem

I am really happy to have been paired up with Mike. I feel that I can open up to him about anything and he isn't judging and tries to give the best advice as well as asking questions to get you to really think about certain things and try to figure things out. Anything that I talk to him about, he addresses everything.

I really like that he asks questions and when he responds back, it isn't just a few short words here and there. You can tell he really is taking the time to reply back and help as much as he can. I trust him enough to open up to him about everything that I need and want to talk about.

Written by M.I. on Mar 13, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 3 weeks on issues concerning relationship, and family

Mike Pfisterer is a gentleman and a true professional. He takes in all the thoughts and feelings I write to him and addresses every single one. He also makes it even more helpful by making suggested references to other professionals who are experts in their field. I believe that Mike is truly taking every case he has and making it individualized to what the client requires in order to get the best results and just to help. I trust in his abilities and feel very confident in disclosing my thoughts with him. Thanks Mike.

Written by D.I. on Mar 11, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, self esteem, and career

I'm really glad I got paired with Mike when I joined BetterHelp. The tools he's given me to manage stress have been very helpful and I will continue to use them. He has been very encouraging and kind and gives me thoughtful responses which I always look forward to reading.

If you're looking for a compassionate and supportive counselor, you can't go wrong with Mike.

Written by J.E. on Feb 17, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, relationship, and trauma and abuse

Mike has been super attentive and consistent in his support. He asks good questions and spends time responding in a caring and clear way. I've really enjoyed my sessions with him so far and highly recommend him!

Written by L.I. on Jan 16, 2018 after counseling with Mike for 3 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, trauma and abuse, self esteem, anger, and career

I asked Mike to have shorter messages so for me it easy to communicate and not to feel obligated to answer all questions. And he comfortably switched to my needs. He understands me very well