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Welcome to your journey towards wholeness, wellness. As a flight attendant and licensed counselor, I have found many similarities between the two professions. If you think about it, counseling is a lot like traveling on an airplane. Both take you to a lot of unknown places, allowing for a wide variety of experiences. During the journey, there can be diversions, bumps, turbulence, breakdowns and delays. How we respond to these unplanned, uncontrollable events on the journey is within our control; we do have control over our emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Awareness of exactly what we can control is the first key in maintaining control over our lives. Counseling is about helping key in on that awareness.

Life is a journey. Welcome aboard!

On this journey into counseling, with non stop service from birth to death, you will discover the meaning of life. Your journey towards understanding life is under the control of God, as you understand him/her. Your flight time is scheduled to be about 85 years. At this time, please direct your attention to this counselor as we review concepts and theories that form her personal theory of counseling – keeping in mind that finding meaning in life is the basis of her counseling approach.

We all want to feel safe and secure in life and want to feel life is worth living. Our “seat belts” are our habits and boundaries that keep us safe where we need to be in case of any unexpected turbulence. Even though our seat belts are designed to keep us safe, sometimes they hinder us from getting up and doing what we need to do to grow. Counseling offers a chance to discover and become aware of our dysfunctional use of seatbelts, and this awareness allows us freedom to continue on our journey.

There are always clearly marked exit signs in our lives, there are different ways to deal with the issues in our lives. Sometimes we find it hard to move towards the exit. However, once we become aware of the exit, and what might be hindering our movement towards it, we are then responsible to exercise courage and thought in making choices and changes. Counseling offers you specific ways to make changes in your life. Please determine what has worked for you in the past, and keep in mind, the worst may be behind you.

Your paths are clearly marked with “signs” that should direct you, it is a matter of being aware of the signs. These indicators tell you when you should escape from an unhealthy feeling, thought or behavior. Figuring out the sign is the first step in counseling. Knowing the sign and then setting a goal offers a way to bring about change. And changing even small behaviors and thoughts can make a big difference.

There are always ways to stay “afloat” and not drown in the waves and currents of life. Counseling helps explore these “life rafts” that are stored in compartments within each of us. In searching for meaning, always remember to look overhead and find help in exploring the reliance on a higher power.

Should oxygen be needed, you will react and will attend to your basic needs. That is human nature. On a plane in this situation oxygen masks will drop from the compartment above your head, even though oxygen is flowing, the plastic bag may not inflate. The thing to remember is you have to trust sometimes in the unseen. Many times things you can not see contribute to things feeling like its happening directly at you, directly to you - things you have no control over. You can only take responsibility for things you can control – your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Being aware of your feelings, and understanding your thoughts, helps you make choices in regards to what behavior you will exhibit. If you are traveling with someone needing assistance, always get help first before offering any assistance.

If you are so mad that smoke is escaping from your ears, do not act on this, your feelings do not have to drive your behavior, you do have choices. All lives are equipped with “smoke detection systems” that usually allow us to respond in healthy ways. However, you can be found disabling or destroying these systems.

A safety information card with more detailed instructions regarding your life can be found within you. Counseling helps you become aware of this card. You have all the answers to your life within. We sometimes block our ability to see it.

As we get ready for counseling, please help prepare by making sure all carry on baggage is available for unpacking - all your feelings, thoughts and behaviors are readily available. Baggage containing stress, worry, fear, anxiety or anger will be dealt with. Holding onto baggage will hinder your journey on finding meaning to your life.

The use of cellphones is permitted. If you are feeling the need to reach out and get help, that is appropriate and encouraged. Once you appear airborne you will be advised when the use of such services is no longer needed.

I welcome you to this journey of exploration with me. I have a fun sense of humor and bring that into the counseling session, as you hopefully have ascertained in this brief description of my counseling approach. I am licensed in the state of Texas, but have lived all over the country having moved over 20 times in my lifetime, most before the age of 16. I think all that moving is what prompted me to want to travel and explore. That also helps me in the counseling session in that experiencing different versions of the American experience across the country, has made me aware of my own cultural and societal bias and limitations. In addition, my travels and experiences around the world has opened my heart and mind to our differences in how we experience this thing called life. However, traveling to all kinds of different destinations and meeting so many different people over the years, the one thing I find we all have in common is the desire to be heard and valued. I approach my counseling sessions with that goal in mind, to hear YOU. Your experience, your journey in life is to be honored and respected. Counseling is directed towards your goals in mind, with an understanding that dysfunctional feelings, thoughts and behaviors will be addressed with kindness.

Life is a journey! Let’s journey towards your wholeness together!


  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Grief
  • Self esteem
Also experienced in:
Stress, Anxiety , LGBT , Trauma and abuse , Intimacy-related issues , Eating disorders , Parenting issues , Anger management , Career difficulties , Depression , Coping with life changes , Coaching , Compassion fatigue , Read more...

Clinical approaches:
Client-Centered Therapy, Existential Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy

Years of Experience: 14

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LPC #63465 (Expires: 2023-02-28)