My Angry Husband Blames Me For Everything – What Can I Do?

Updated November 26, 2021
Medically Reviewed By: Dawn Brown

Being married is not always going to be easy. Sometimes you might even wonder whether there is even any love left in your marriage. If you are currently going through a rough patch, then you need to figure out what you want to do. If you have an angry husband who seems to have a terrible temper all the time, then you might even be scared.

Sometimes this anger is even completely irrational. If your husband seems to get mad at you for the smallest things, then you are probably at a loss for what to do. You might even be thinking to yourself, "my angry husband blames me for everything, what can I do?" This is a very tough situation, and you need to take things seriously to protect yourself and your children, assuming you have any.


There are many wives and spouses out there who worry about having husbands with anger problems. Depending on the severity of the anger, you may even need to remove yourself from the situation. Knowing what to do is going to involve taking a deep look into the situation. In some cases, therapy may be very helpful. If the situation is too severe, then you might need to reach out for help.

Physical Violence Is Unacceptable

If your angry husband is lashing out at your physically, then you should not continue to accept this. No one has the right to attack another person just because they're angry. If your husband is physically abusing you, then you need to reach out to the authorities. You may feel unsafe when going through a situation like this, but you should know that help is available.

There are many domestic violence shelters and domestic violence hotlines that you can make use of. If you are feeling either emotionally abused, then you need to take that seriously too. It is possible to save a marriage when you have an angry husband, but you cannot put up with abuse. Consider calling the national domestic violence hotline to get help.

Ask Your Husband To Attend Therapy

As long as you aren't in an abusive relationship, you will want to consider working to fix your marriage. Your husband's anger is something that needs to be quelled to move forward. Thankfully, it is possible to change things by attending therapy. Two types of therapy will be beneficial for you to consider. You will want to think about signing up for couples therapy, and your husband may need anger management therapy.

Combining these two approaches can help you to work on things effectively. If your husband is an angry father, then anger management therapy is going to allow them to do better. You don't want the anger problems of a parent to impact the lives of your children negatively. Anger management therapy can help you to avoid cultivating an angry family.

An angry parent can learn to control their angry outbursts by making good use of anger management techniques. You can learn to communicate more effectively with one another by attending couples therapy as well. A therapist will understand how to address all of the problems that you're experiencing. It may take time to work on everything, but the first step is getting your husband to commit to trying.

Attending therapy is a chance for your husband to change. You may need to change yourself by learning to communicate in healthy ways. If you can work together to build a stronger marriage, then it will be good for the entire family. You can learn to be happy again, and the anger problems will start to subside.


Anger Management Exercises

There are so many anger management exercises that can help you out. If your husband simply has a tough time containing his anger, then using an anger management exercise should make a difference. Your therapist will be able to teach you many anger management techniques that make managing anger easier. One of the simplest and most popular techniques involves controlling your breathing.

Learning to take deep slow breaths when you're feeling angry is important. It allows a person to take a step back and bring their emotions under control. Angry outbursts often occur due to reacting to something fast. If your husband can learn to stop himself and use an effective anger management exercise, then his anger problems will be easier to manage.

Angry children can make it difficult for a man with a temper to keep his cool. When children throw tantrums or make a lot of noise, some men tend to lash out. This can be brought under control by learning to use these exercises properly. Your husband will be able to regain his composure by learning to think about situations from a different angle, committing to not dwelling on negative events, and visualizing becoming calm. These are just some of the anger management techniques that your husband can learn from a therapist.

Anger Management Groups

Dealing with anger might be simpler for your husband if he can join an anger management group. Anger management groups allow patients to speak and interact with others who are going through similar struggles. Your husband will be able to see how other fathers are going through the same problems. It will help him to realize that he isn't unusual and that the therapy can work if he keeps going.

One of the best aspects of this group therapy is that many different people in the groups are at different points in their therapy. This means that some members of the group will be very good at managing their anger due to having received therapy for a long time. They will be able to give you some success stories that can inspire your husband to keep moving forward. It may not be easy to keep anger issues under control, but there are many other people who keep fighting to do so each day.

Your husband will also be able to draw parallels between what other members of the group are going through and his situation. It can help people to realize that there are certain areas where they can keep improving. It isn't always easy to see your problems. Looking at other people's struggles will provide your husband with certain insights that will be useful.

Anger Management Hotlines

Anger management hotlines are also available to you. If your husband is still struggling with his anger, then this will be an important resource. These hotlines allow you to reach out when you're experiencing an episode of anger. Angry outbursts can be calmed by speaking to the experts on the other end of the line.


For many people, this is a great source of comfort. If something gets to be too tough, then the hotline is always going to be there to assist. You can always count on professionals to provide you with the right advice and a calming influence. You can reach out at any time too, making it easy to get help if your husband is feeling overwhelmed by anger at an odd time of the day.

Consider Online Therapy

You should consider signing up for online therapy if you would like to work on your relationship. It is going to be possible to go to couples therapy online if you'd like to start making progress. Your husband's anger needs to be brought under control so that you can have a happy life together. Anger issues are not always easy to deal with, but a skilled online therapist will know how to help.

Online therapy is going to be an important resource. It allows you to reach out for therapy in a discreet way while still getting the expert help that you need. Your husband may be nervous about attending therapy or having his friends or colleagues discover that he is going to therapy. Online therapy is perfect for this as no one will ever know that you're doing it. You can work on building a stronger marriage without having to worry about what others think.

These licensed therapists are experienced and have helped many couples to improve their relationships. Online couples therapy is going to focus on many important things. You can work on communicating better, and your husband can even receive therapy focused on his anger issues. A combination of online anger management therapy and couples therapy may be just what you need.

You will even be able to reach out for this therapy at any time. Being able to get the therapy that you need when it is convenient for you makes a difference. You won't be stuck working around the schedule of a traditional therapy office. Whenever you need assistance, you will be able to reach out and get the help of a dedicated therapist.

Don't wait to sign up if you are in need. If you want to work on saving your marriage, then this is a great option. You can find the love that you once had for each other again. Your online therapists will be there to guide you through the entire process.

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