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Managing anger is a skill that can be learned, much like effective communication or dealing with difficult people. Learning to control extreme emotions can be very important, preventing you from saying something you'll later regret or making poor decisions in the heat of the moment.

Everybody gets angry from time to time, but letting your emotions control you is largely a matter of choice. Anger management techniques can be adopted by anyone in order to live a happier, better regulated life.

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Managing Bipolar Anger And Rage

According to NIMH, Bipolar Disorder – also known as Manic Depressive Disorder, is a mental illness which causes “unusual shifts in the mood, energy, activity levels, and the...

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Anger is a healthy emotion and a common response to many situations. However, how you handle your anger and what you do when you are angry can cause significant problems at...

Causes Of Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental condition with a personally inflated sense of self-importance and a deep need for excessive attention and admiration. It...

Anger is a valid emotion

Don’t be ashamed of your anger. Everyone gets angry from time to time, and it’s okay to express these feelings. It becomes an issue when you’re getting angry a lot of the time, and you can’t seem to control your temper. With any mental health issue, including anger, it’s okay to ask for help. You can learn to manage your anger with the right treatment, which could include counseling and (if necessary) medication. The first thing to consider when you’re managing anger is what triggers your rage. You might have problems controlling your temper if you’re a survivor of any abuse. It’s important to realize that it’s not your fault that you were abused. The anger you’re experiencing is normal, but there are ways to cope with it. You may become angry if you’re easily frustrated, or you have a mental illness where you are prone to outbursts of anger, such as Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder. We’re going to look at the causes and treatment for anger problems.

Why are you angry?

Some things make us angry in life. Maybe someone isn’t treating well in your family. It could be that your job is toxic, or perhaps you’re in a romantic relationship where your partner does things that make you angry. There are many reasons that you could find yourself angry, whether their situational or the result of mental illness. You may become mad after getting fired from a job. You might experience anger as a result of childhood trauma or a traumatic event you experience as an adult. You could feel angry after a bad breakup or a divorce. People become angry when they think they’re being mistreated or their feelings aren’t valued. Whatever the reason you’re mad, remember that it’s okay to find ways to express your anger.

How you express your anger

The way we express anger is partially influenced by the way we were raised. Imagine that you grew up in a household where when people got angry they yelled or broke things. You might grow up believing that this is an appropriate way to express your anger. Your abusive background influenced you, and you think that it’s acceptable to take your rage out on others no matter how intense those feelings are. Some people manage their anger well. They know when something or someone makes them feel mad, and they take a deep breath, walk away, count to 10, or observe the anger rather than react immediately. They take a moment to process their feelings and then respond to the situation.

Learning to communicate anger in a healthy way

It’s important to learn healthy ways to express your anger rather than exploding on people. Sometimes people struggle with realizing when they’re getting heated, and then they find themselves snapping out of nowhere, or at least that’s what it seems like to them. Their anger goes from level zero to 100 seemingly in an instant. It can feel frustrating when your anger comes out explosively, and you don’t want to hurt the other. When an individual is expressing uncontrollable rage, they’re not aware of their anger building to the point of explosion. They need to figure out how to slow their anger down enough to figure out how to cope with it.


Before you can slow down your anger, you need to be aware of it. One thing to note is that once you’re able to observe your baseline anger, you can start to make changes to manage it. You don’t have to live with an uncomfortable level of rage surging through you. When you notice that little things make you extremely angry, it’s crucial to ask yourself why. One place where you can explore these questions is counseling.

Counseling helps you understand and manage anger

The first step to getting help with anger problems is recognizing what they are. When you work with a counselor, they will help you address your issues with anger and teach you coping techniques so that you feel in control of your emotions. Online counseling is an excellent place to learn what kind of things make you angry, and how to manage these feelings when they come up. A professional online counselor wants to help you healthily express your anger, and find ways to communicate it to your loved ones, so they understand. Talk therapy is one of the most effective ways of improving your mental health, including learning ways of managing your anger. You can speak to a qualified therapist who is affordable, remain anonymous, and communicate from a secure location of your choice. Check out the database of online counselors here at BetterHelp, and find one who is right for you.
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