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Managing anger can be a daunting task, but understanding it and learning to navigate it in a healthy way is a critical skill. Left unchecked, anger affects your health, both mental and physical, and it can result in a host of negative side-effects, such as high blood pressure and anxiety. 

If you find yourself experiencing challenges with anger and want help addressing them, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Whether you're looking for reduced-cost or free online anger management resources that don’t require health insurance, or you want to learn about affordable options to learn more about anger, there are many ways to learn management skills for your emotions. For example, you can likely find free anger management classes locally or through online support groups. You can also try anger management counseling online, which tends to be an affordable option compared to in-person counseling. The point is that you're not alone, and help is available.

Interested In Learning Free Anger Management Techniques That Really Work?

One productive way of dealing with your emotions may include taking advantage of a free online course. There are many anger management classes available through a group anger management course or an online anger management course.

The goal of these anger management workshops is to give you the tools to control anger as it arises, allowing you to improve your mental health and maintain healthy relationships with your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Although anger management courses may not typically be covered by health insurance, some are available completely free of charge, or at a low cost. Several offer a completion certificate for successfully finishing the course, but by far the biggest benefits are the irritability management skills and effective anger management techniques you can develop. After investing in online training, many people have learned to skillfully manage their anger, and you can, too.

Ways To Help Stabilize Anger And Reactivity

There are many anger management classes available online, but they may not all meet your specific needs. For example, some online anger management classes may provide study materials at no cost, but if you need to complete court-ordered anger management or anger management training that an employer requires, these materials alone may not work. 

When you're exploring ways to advance your anger management skills through an anger management class, you might consider a free trial of an online anger management class that leads to a paid anger management class. This can help you understand what's provided through the course. Some free courses also provide materials, but they vary in scope and effectiveness.

Here are a few variations you may encounter while you're evaluating your options for anger management classes:

  • An online anger management class may provide free sessions or timed entry, which could include taking an assessment and exploring personal challenges behind your anger.

  • In some cases, you might have an anger management class at no cost, but you might need to pay for a certificate of completion.

  • You may be able to watch instructional anger videos for free without signing up, but if the site offers full anger management classes, you may need to register and/or pay for that additional content.

  • Some online courses give you the ability to learn materials at your own pace upon registration. There may or may not be an additional cost, and accessibility may vary.

  • Money-back guarantees may apply if a course requires a fee.

Anger Management Courses On A Budget

When you're looking for no-cost anger management classes, you might start by looking online. For every option you find, consider doing a little due diligence to make sure the provider has an extensive history and experience providing anger management support. 

Many reputable organizations provide online wellness training and mental health services featuring self-control techniques, as well as anger management classes. For example, there are online courses for veterans and serving military groups. Other organizations with mental health interests may also offer free tools through their website. Others may provide online anger management counseling. While it can be hard to have insurance pay for anger management training, it’s worth looking into possible options through your provider. Your insurance company may pay for sessions with an anger management therapist. Finally, in addition to your online options, there might be no-cost options available locally through community agencies.

Anger And Emotion Management With These Classes

The following are some organizations and venues where you may find anger management classes or groups in your community:

Mental health organizations: There are nationally recognized mental health organizations with local chapters that offer no-cost support. Often these chapters facilitate anger management workshops or provide assistance to help you better control anger.

Local events: Many cities have calendars featuring upcoming events of all kinds, and you may also find that local organizations like hospitals, health clinics, and local nonprofits announce dates for upcoming events that might be relevant to your search for anger management classes. Similarly, you might want to look at social media to find local groups that meet regularly to provide support. 

Local universities and colleges: Students who are training in the mental health field at local universities may provide counseling and mental health services for free or at a low cost. Their local training center may offer a specific list of the services they offer.

Local community centers and nonprofits: Many of these organizations have websites with information about managing emotions, including anger management. If you're not able to pay, some will be able to work with you, but a small fee may apply if you need certification for legal purposes. (This category may also include your local health department.)

Assessments For Anger Management Classes

When you're researching anger management classes or working through an online course, you may end up completing an online assessment or anger test. Many credible sources provide these assessments to help you view your emotions from another perspective. The purpose of anger management class assessments is to assess your risk and give you insight into your behavior. Specifically, you may learn how you tend to manage anger and whether you need to do any work on anger management.

In general, online assessments may help you become more comfortable exploring your emotions. You might be asked questions about criticizing yourself or assessing things that make you unhappy. Other questions might be about revenge, the feeling of being misunderstood, relationship issues, and how you handle arguments.

Remember, anger is a common emotion that everyone experiences. The questions in an online anger management class are designed to help you explore the way you manage anger. When you get your results, you may better understand your style of anger and how it impacts your environment and emotions. Anger management assessments may also highlight areas of concern so that you can choose healthier actions.

Anger Management Online Tools

Worksheets And Other Techniques 

While you're online, you may find free tools like anger worksheets. Whether or not you are currently taking an anger management class, these resources may help you learn about angry outbursts and ways to cope productively. They can also be useful for understanding your feelings, and some are even used in class or coaching settings. Worksheets from an anger management class might cover the following topics:

- How to identify triggers

- Causes behind your anger

- Anger management strategy and techniques

- How to constructively express anger

- Coping with anger in hypothetical situations

- Time-out and reflection exercises

- How your anger affects your well being

If you want to use these worksheets effectively, you might try to be honest about your emotions and how they affect you and your relationships. You might even need to use some regularly to track your feelings for comparison over time and to note progress. Also, you can keep your sheets and review them to see which methods help you the most. 

When used with other techniques like exercise or meditation for anger, these worksheets may improve your results. That said, these useful tools may not be a replacement for seeking expert assistance from a course or a professional. Instead, you might think of them as a way to augment your work with a mental health specialist.

You can also find useful online anger management training through an organization like the Anger Management Training Institute. The Anger Management Training Institute offers self-paced anger management courses that can help you understand and manage problematic anger. They also allow you to immediately download an anger management class certificate of completion once you’ve finished the program, which may fulfill employer and/or court requirements in many cases.

Interested In Learning Free Anger Management Techniques That Really Work?

BetterHelp Can Help You Navigate These Online Resources

In addition to local agencies and online groups, there are affordable alternatives online, including various types of therapy. Online therapy has been shown to be just as effective as in-person therapy for a diverse array of mental health conditions. With BetterHelp, you can choose from more than 30,000 licensed mental health professionals to find someone who helps people with anger management. 

Below are some reviews of BetterHelp counselors from people experiencing similar issues.

Counselor Reviews

"Steve is amazing and does a good job at making this seem like less of a counseling session and more of a conversation between friends. He helped me talk through my anger issues and road rage and gave me lots of problem-solving tools. I highly recommend him!"

"Regina helped me pinpoint where my anger issue stemmed from in the very first session and has been helping me become more self-aware of my warning triggers. Very insightful and helpful!"


If you want help learning ways to manage emotions like anger, it's possible to find no-cost classes and other resources both online and in your community. You might consider taking a free anger management course or speaking with a local organization. You can also try online therapy with BetterHelp, where you can be matched with a therapist with experience and training in anger management. Take the first step and contact BetterHelp today.

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