Where to Find Free Anger Management Classes That Really Work (And Where to Get Therapy Online)

By: Sarah Cocchimiglio

Updated December 21, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Kelly L. Burns, MA, LPC, ATR-P

Tips on Preparing for Free Anger Management Classes

When you've found the course or the resources that will work best for you, have an open mind. If you're attending a local course, don't be afraid to ask questions and share your thoughts. You'll also want to make observations and take notes. Finally, you may want to invite a friend or family member to join you if you feel uncomfortable.

For online classes, think about the best time of day to complete the material. You might be watching videos, taking notes, or completing writing exercises, so you'll want to find a time when you can focus. Online classes offer flexibility, but self-discipline is essential. Make an effort to establish a routine for either online or local classes if you want to make the most of the experience.

BetterHelp Can Help

In addition to local agencies and online groups, there are affordable alternatives online, including various types of therapy. For example, BetterHelp offers convenient online counseling with more than 4,000 licensed therapists. You can text, email, call, or video chat with your therapist from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you have internet access.

Below are some reviews of BetterHelp counselors from people experiencing a wide range of anger issues.

Counselor Reviews

"Steve is amazing and does a good job at making this seem like less of a counseling session and more of a conversation between friends. He helped me talk through my anger issues and road rage and gave me lots of problem solving tools. I highly recommend him!"

"Regina helped me pinpoint where my anger issue stemmed from in the very first session, and has been helping me become more self aware of my warning triggers. Very insightful and helpful!"


If you want help learning to deal with emotions like anger, it's possible to find free classes and other resources both online and in your community. You'll need to do some research and put in a little effort, but the results can be amazing. These classes can have an incredibly positive impact on your relationships and your life in general.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does anger management mean?

Anger management is simply a method or process of learning things that make you angry, usually by taking anger management classes or anger management training. Anger management doesn't only include learning about those things that make you angry by attending anger management classes or anger management training; it also involves you taking 'action anger management steps. Taking these anger management steps will help you calm your 'anger anger' moments. Anger management classes from BetterHelp are efficient at helping your anger control. Also, anger management classes or anger management training offer anger counseling and other anger management tips. BetterHelp offers anger management programs with efficient anger management techniques to help let go of your grip of anger.

  1. What are signs of anger issues?

You may be on a journey of anger management. Anger management can be quite challenging, but it brings about awesome results. Typically, most people get a grip on their anger management issues by noting the physical signs. Some might learn of these signs by being a part of an anger group or receiving anger counseling. Signs of anger include clenching of your fist or jaw, stomach ache or irritation, headache, sweating, mostly on the palms, feeling intensely hot, dizziness, shaking, or increased heart rate. By taking anger management classes, you may be able to identify these signs and deal with 'feeling angry anger' at unsuitable moments.

Anger management classes or anger management training will help you see that you may need anger management counseling by anger management counselors. When you notice these signs, starting anger management classes may be the best step to controlling anger. These management programs offer anger management training that helps stress or anger. By taking online courses, you will you can deal with depression anxiety anger and other related issues.

  1. Do I have an anger problem?

It's normal to think you have an anger problem, especially when people say you need to start learning ways of controlling anger. However, you will know if you have anger management issues when you start to notice the signs of anger, and you have problems controlling them. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about your anger management issues. By taking adequate online courses in anger management, you will learn ways to control your anger. Management programs for anger offer anger management training through online anger management classes. On BetterHelp, you can find helpful free online anger management classes. The platform offers a free stretch of anger management classes, anger management training, or anger management workshops to manage your anger. These management programs are very helpful for anyone having a hard time controlling anger.

  1. Are anger management classes effective?

Online anger management classes like what BetterHelp offers is extremely effective. Anger management classes offer anger management courses that are helpful for people with issues relating to anger management. Anger management therapy is another helpful technique for anger management. An online class makes it more comfortable for you. In essence, you can take anger management classes or anger management training at the comfort of your home.

Anger Management Courses

Anger management classes largely help in reducing anger and aggressive behaviors. Also, anger management classes or anger management training greatly increase positive behavior with long-lasting effects. Anger management classes may also help improve your well-being health-wise. Anger management classes are effective to a very large extent and shouldn't be taken for granted. Anger classes don't just help identify your signs of anger; anger classes also help at controlling those signs. Anger management counseling or anger management therapy also helps in general anger management. You can take anger management counseling sessions online and also learn effective online anger control techniques. By just taking an online class, you are dealing with a major concern just by taking anger management training and anger management workshops seriously. Also, anger management counseling is just as helpful as the typical anger classes.

  1. How much does it cost to attend anger management classes?

One major fear of people when it comes to anger management classes is the cost. Anger management classes or anger management training are so effective, and logically people start to attach a high price tag to anger management classes in their minds. Not only does this hinder people from taking anger management classes, it generally makes them discourage others from taking these anger management classes. Fortunately, anger management classes are relatively low. It ranges from $35-$60, but it depends on several factors. However, BetterHelp offers helpful anger management classes for free. These anger management classes may include online anger management tutorials on certain important ways to control your anger. Moreover, the anger management classes come with free tools to help anyone struggling with anger management.

Anger management classes shouldn't be taken for granted as they offer compelling ways to deal with anger management. One online class may not be enough, so there's a need to be consistent and not stop at an online class. Online anger management classes will teach you things you never knew about managing your anger. Also, online anger management classes will put you on the way to a more positive behavioral pattern. This is why online anger management classes and other anger management programs should be taken seriously. To a large extent, anger management online is quite different from doing it offline. Online anger care can set the ball rolling for super effective anger management. What online anger guidance can also do is help you see your different signs of anger, and help you deal with them. Overall, attending management classes will greatly contribute positively to your online anger care and general anger management online.

  1. Can you take anger management classes online?

Taking anger management classes may sound like you need to be present in a specific location. However, it is not the case. You can take anger management classes online; you can also be sure that these anger classes will greatly help. Online anger management is not difficult. You will have access to materials and tools to help with your anger management training. Anger management doesn't have to be so difficult as most people may think. By simply enrolling for an anger management class, you can take a series of anger management classes that will go a long way in helping your anger management. Online anger management can be done in the comfort of your home.

The beauty of online anger management is that there's no location constraint. You simply take your anger classes and general management classes and learn better anger management. A series of anger management courses will be greatly helpful in anger management. The classes anger care treats are practical and effective anger classes. In general, you will find that classes anger care deals with the major challenges faced by a lot of people. With this anger classes and anger management training programs, you will learn proper anger management. The classes anger care emphasizes is the need to manage your anger and control it. You seriously may be unable to do this yourself. However, anger classes on online anger management will help in great ways. Please note that to experience progress, you must take every one of the online anger management guidelines seriously. In these management classes, anger management can be an issue if the past. Please note that the national anger management association offer curriculums that can be very helpful. Also, the national anger management association is filled up with certified professionals that can greatly assist in issues related to anger management classes.

  1. Does insurance pay for anger management classes?

Insurance doesn't cover anger management classes or anger management training. Anger management classes or anger management training are psycho-educational classes, and typically, insurance doesn't cover psycho-educational classes like anger management classes or anger management training. Fortunately, anger management classes or anger management training cost a little low relatively. However, if it's court-ordered, you should note that insurance doesn't cover court-ordered therapy sessions. The good thing is sites like BetterHelp deal with issues relating to the cost of anger management classes or anger management training. An anger management class may cost a lot for some people; this is why sites that offer free anger management training is the best choice. You can always deal with issues relating to anger management without having to pay a dime for your anger management training or anger management classes.

  1. What is taught in anger management?

An anger management class will teach you the skills you need to manage or control your anger. Anger management classes generally have very positive results. An anger management class may teach you that improving sleep will help with anger. Also, an anger management class may advise you to keep your stress levels low for proper anger management. In general, anger management classes are very effective, but you shouldn't just stop at an anger management class, you should try to finish up the whole management classes. Each of the anger management courses has its' peculiar importance.

For this reason, try not to miss out on any of the anger management courses. More often than ever, the management courses are very helpful for people that try controlling anger. Understandably, anger management can be very difficult. However, attending management classes will make it all easier.

  1. Is there medication for anger?

No medication directly targets anger. However, antidepressants may prove helpful for anger issues. It works by calming the body of whoever takes it. It's effective for dealing with rage or negative thoughts and emotions. It is much better to take an anger management class. An anger management class will help you learn to manage your anger management issues by taking advantage of certain helpful anger management tools, without medication, an anger management class.

An anger management class will encourage empathy. Asides that, an anger management class will create a stronger bond in partners. There's so much to gain in an anger management class. Interestingly, an anger management class can also help one develop better self-understanding. There are so many other advantages of taking an anger management class. Anger management classes go a very long way in anger management. Online anger management has several benefits beyond the obvious anger management benefits. For instance, online anger management helps reduce stress. Online anger management also fosters better judgment. When you take online anger management seriously, you will learn to communicate the things that make you angry. The general benefits of anger management classes are overwhelming. You may notice certain improvements by just taking these management classes.

  1. How do I control my anger?

Anger management classes teach effective ways to control anger issues. For instance, an anger management class will teach effective anger management courses that will improve your online anger management. The basic things you could learn under anger management is the importance of thinking before you speak. When you are really at the peak of your anger, you tend to say things that you might later regret. Also, for effective anger management, learn to express your anger only when you are calm.

Online anger management will teach you the importance of taking time out to exercise. For efficient anger management, it is very vital to take time out. Anger management is not an easy task; however, it never has to stay complicated. Management courses will teach you anger management strategies that will be very helpful for anger management. Anger management courses may also be teaching you that you shouldn't hold a grudge. Holding a grudge is the enemy of anger management strategies. What holding a grudge does to anger management is to make you angry every time. For instance, you may be taking anger management seriously, and just seeing someone ignites a spark.

  1. What do I do if my child has anger issues?

It's normal to ask if your child needs to start taking anger management classes. Your child may have been reported for committing an offense in school out of anger. You may have noticed that there's a big problem when it comes to anger management when your child is involved. There's no need to worry. Online anger management can also be very helpful for your child with anger issues. You can try following up on your child's anger management courses and general management classes to help your child. It's understandable if you find it hard to teach your child by taking him through management classes. However, online anger management tutorials can be of very great assistance to you and your child. It's crucial to follow up on your child's anger management classes to help his or her learn fast.

  1. How can you calm down someone with anger issues?

It can be very scary or disturbing when you see someone with a very hot temper. Certainly, you cannot start to talk to that person about anger management classes for obvious reasons. Speaking about the need for anger management classes may make that person even a little angrier. The first step to calm down someone with anger issues is to pay attention. Make sure you don't ignore that person. Also, an effective method is to be open to what that person decides to say. In other words, be ready to hear all sorts of things. You may try to talk things through with the individual to help. To avoid a heated environment, keep your voice calm when you're talking to that person.

  1. How can I release my anger?

Anger management classes teach effective ways to release anger. Anger management classes anger experts are also great at helping with curriculums and other helpful tools for releasing anger. For instance, the anger management classes anger certified professionals may advise you to breathe. Also, anger management classes typically advise that you try reciting a mantra. These are very helpful techniques that will calm you down. By attending anger management classes, you will learn to visualize and check yourself. Thankfully, anger management classes may also teach you to look for humor and move mindfully. All of these are effective techniques typically learned by enrolling in anger management classes. Out of all of the techniques above that, you may learn from anger management classes; taking time to breathe is one of the most important techniques for anger management. Anger management classes may provide advice on extra steps, like looking for humor or changing your surroundings. Anger management classes may range from as little as eight sessions to as many as twenty-eight sessions. For effective results from anger management classes, you need to exercise patience and learn every single step.

  1. What is suppressed anger?

Please note that suppressing anger is different from ignoring your anger. Suppressed anger is unhealthy. Suppressed anger involves smiling or laughing when you feel angry. Also, covering your frustration is a method of suppressing your anger, and it is also highly unhealthy. You may learn from anger management classes that it is also very unhealthy to try your best to keep the peace when you are very angry. Anger management may also teach you that these ways of suppressing your anger can cause your anger to turn inward. Moreover, anger management classes may teach that suppressed anger is the underlying cause of depression and anxiety. For instance, anger that is not addressed appropriately dealt with can affect relationships and normal behavioral patterns.

  1. How much does anger management therapy cost?

Anger management therapy typically costs the same as therapy for any other mental health problem. Therapy services may cost between $80 and $150. The cost may vary depending on the qualifications of the therapist, such as years of experience and education level. Private therapy clinics usually cost more than clinics run by the county or local government. Online therapy, such as from BetterHelp, is typically less expensive than community-based clinics.

  1. Is there any advantage to anger management therapy?

One advantage of anger management therapy, as opposed to paid or free anger management classes, is that you can deal with any mental health issues, including anger, with your same therapist. Whether you have generalized anxiety disorder, another type of anxiety disorder, or any mental illness at all, your therapist can help you. They can give you a full complement of wellness education that will help you become healthier, both mentally and physically.

  1. Will I get a certificate of completion if I choose anger management therapy?

If you choose individual counseling services rather than classes, you might not get a certificate. However, if you need a certificate of completion to satisfy a court order, you can supplement therapy with anger management classes.

For example, Open Path offers a full, online anger management course that includes a certificate of completion.In this program of anger management classes, free anger management skills development comes with only a $4.99 registration fee. You can also take advantage of their free promotional offer to get acquainted with what they offer. However, you pay for the certificate, with the amount depending on the number of hours you need to fulfill the court's requirements.

  1. How long do anger management classes last?

Free anger management classes as well as classes you pay for typically last from one to two hours a week for 8 to 28 weeks.

  1. Does insurance pay for anger management therapy?

Insurance typically pays for therapy if you have a mental health diagnosis. Many people with anger issues do not have a specific mental disorder that would require a diagnosis. However, online anger therapy may be about the same or less than your copay for private treatment in your community. For many people, combining online therapy for anger management, free classes, and stress management skills-building is a good option.

  1. What is the best therapy for anger management?

The American Psychological Association recommended the best three types of therapy for anger management. First is relaxation. Your therapist can teach you relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation. Then, when you feel physical tension related to anger, you will know how to calm yourself and let it go. These techniques also help with stress management.

The second is cognitive therapy. This involves identifying the thoughts behind your anger. You may realize that the thoughts that trigger your anger are not realistic or helpful. Then, you can learn to adjust your thinking to thoughts that are more rational, logical, and beneficial for you and others.

The third type of therapy suggested by the APA is skills development. When you develop better anger management skills, you can deal with anger even before you act out on it. Also, if you improve other skills, you can decrease your tendency towards anger. For example, if you learn defensive driving tactics, you feel less stress behind the wheel. This can help prevent the fear that is often behind road rage.

  1. How does stress affect anger management issues?

A part of therapy and classes for anger management, free or otherwise, is stress management. That is because stress can be a significant trigger for anger. Something that you might be able to ignore easily when you're feeling calm and worry-free might set you off into rage if you're already feeling stressed.

Learning stress management techniques do more than just help you reduce inappropriate displays of anger, though. Proper stress management can also improve your physical health and your relationships. You can get help learning stress management through counseling services online or in your community.

Some stress management activities include:

  • Taking a walk
  • Aromatherapy
  • Getting out in nature
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Creating art or music or dancing
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Learning to communicate assertively
  1. Does the VA offer anger management classes?

Yes. The VA offers a course for anger management, free online for any veteran. In this course, you learn about the types of anger issues you might be dealing with and gain skills in managing your anger. This program offers free anger management classes, which you can take confidentially. However, because your name is not associated with the course, you cannot get a certificate of completion.

  1. How much do court-ordered anger management classes cost?

Costs for classes can range from free to $50 per class session, or more. Although the price varies for court-ordered classes for anger management, free services usually do not entirely fulfill the requirement. They may be a part of the solution, but you will probably at least have to pay for the certificate of completion if nothing else.

  1. Where can I find free anger management classes?

You can find a wide variety of resources, both in your community and online. For example, you can find free anger management classes connected with local hospitals, community organizations, or religious groups. You can learn anger and stress management techniques by taking advantage of Christian counseling services, which are often free as well. Classes for anger management, free to any adult, are available around the country as well as online through BetterHelp and other sources.

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