Signs Of Attraction: How Do I Know If They Like Me?

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Imagine this: you are at a party, and you spot someone who is very attractive to you. You walk up to them, and you start a conversation. You're very interested in getting to know someone better, but you can't tell whether or not they have the same interest in you, and you might find yourself wondering how to tell if a guy likes you or not. Rather than making a move, you allow the conversation to end and go your own way.

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Sound familiar? When it comes to the signs of sexual attraction and physical attraction, not everyone knows what to look for when they are talking to someone that they would like to get involved with. This article will explore some of those common signs and how you can use body language to tell if someone likes you.

Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

Men often use the same types of signals to suggest physical or romantic attraction. If you are trying to figure out if a man likes you, here are some signs to look out for.

1. Uninterrupted Eye Contact
If a male is interested in you, his eyes are the first place that you should look. He will constantly be making eye contact with you if he is truly interested in pursuing something with you. Interestingly enough, science has proven that an individual's pupils will dilate if they are attracted to someone. If they can't get their eyes off of you and you see a visible change in their pupils, they are attracted to you.

2. He Will Make His Best Physical Assets Known
A man who is slumped over and using body language that lacks confidence when they are speaking to you either means one of two things: they are extremely shy, or they have no interest in moving into a relationship. On the other hand, a man who becomes far more confident around you is most likely interested. How can you see this confidence through body language? Well, for example, you will see these changes in the way that they puff out their muscles or flex them, the way that they stand up straight and make their chest look larger, and the way that they emphasize certain areas of their body that they are proud of.

3. He Gets Closer To You And Speaks More Confidently When Talking To You
When we're attracted to someone, the first thing on our to-do list is to get their attention and to keep it for as long as we possibly can. A man who is interested in pursuing something more with you will make this known in the way that he speaks to you. Is he raising his voice and getting your attention? Is he holding a conversation with you that is interesting and that focuses on who you are and what you love? Are they getting closer to you and making an effort to keep your attention solely on them? If so, you are speaking with a man who is attracted to you. You will be able to tell when this type of attraction is in play during a conversation with someone.

4. He Will Start Incorporating Some Of Your Quirks Into The Way He Acts
If someone truly likes you, they will start copying some of your body language or actions. For example, let's imagine that you use the word "specifically" quite a bit. Although he wasn't using the word at first when he began speaking with you, you notice that he starts using that word more frequently throughout your conversation. This is only a minor example, but you can see this with other behaviors as well.

Signs Of Female Attraction

Much like men have similar signals that display attraction; women have signals of their own when they like someone. Here are a few that you should be aware of.

1. Peacocking
Similar to how a man flexes his muscles and improves his posture when he's around someone he is attracted to, a woman will try to accentuate her best physical assets to get a man's attention. You'll notice this when she is speaking with you, and she starts adjusting her hair or her clothes. Although this may be a sign that she is merely trying to fix something that is bugging her, you will be able to tell by the way she is acting towards you.

2. She Laughs, A Lot
You may be funny, or you may be not funny at all. No matter which one it is, a woman who is interested in you will laugh at whatever you say. Pay attention and try to say something that is mildly funny or not very funny at all. Did she laugh at your joke? Was it a chuckle or was it a laugh someone has when they think something is hilarious? These subtle signs will show you if she is interested or if she has a zany sense of humor.

3. She Is Searching For Depth Rather Than Surface Level Conversation
It's easy to have a conversation with anyone that barely scratches the surface of who they are and what their life is like. If a conversation is only going in that direction or if you push for more depth and she doesn't push for the same kind of topics or she ignores them completely, she probably isn't interested. If, on the other hand, she tries to get to know you a little more, she might be trying to indicate that she likes you and that she wants to learn more about you.

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4. Her Voice Begins To Get Higher When She Is Speaking With You
When a man likes someone, his voice gets lower. When a woman likes someone, her voice gets higher. If at all possible, see how she speaks with other people and compare it to how she speaks with you. Do you notice a difference in her tone? Is there a way that she speaks to you that is different in the way that she talks to everyone else, other men included? If so, that is a sign that she might be interested.

Keep in mind that with these signs attraction, nothing is certain. It all depends on the context, and it is up to you to make sure that someone is attracted to you before trying to pursue something with them.

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