Why Depression Memes Are So Relatable

By: Robert Porter

Updated March 04, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Kelly L. Burns, MA, LPC, ATR-P

Suffering from depression is certainly not easy. When you feel like you're depressed, you might wind up going through many different emotions. Sometimes you feel a profound sense of sadness and other times you might simply feel numb to what is going on in your life. Depression takes on many forms and it's important to be able to cope as best you can.

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Getting treatment for depression is certainly of the utmost importance. It's also a good idea to do what you can to make yourself feel better. For some people, this is going to involve spending time with friends and family in order to try to stay positive during trying times. Even being able to make yourself laugh might be helpful, which is why some people have turned to looking at depression memes.

Why Are Depression Memes Popular?

Memes about depression have become increasingly more popular over time. Now that people are starting to accept mental illness as a real problem, it's easier for people to understand that they aren't alone. People share these depressed memes in order to express how they're feeling or to make an observation. It can even help some people to understand that sometimes it's okay to laugh even when the negative emotions inside of you are a very real problem.

Unless you've been staying away from social media for the past five years or so, you likely know how prevalent memes are. It seems like a new meme is being created every single day. The formula for a meme is quite simple. It generally uses some type of picture and then is accompanied by text that makes a certain type of joke.

When it comes to using memes to make a joke about depression, there are many different options. A depression meme & depressed memes are going to have a lot in common with any other meme that you might see on the Internet. It's just that the joke or observation being made is going to be about depression. You might find that it's a simple and humorous way to communicate what you're going through.

People Easily Relate to Memes

People are able to very easily relate to different memes. One of the reasons why memes have become so popular is due to their broad appeal. They're easy to understand and most people are going to understand what you're talking about, assuming they're familiar with the subject matter that the meme is discussing. For people with depression, seeing someone post a meme about something that they're struggling with comes across as immediately relatable.

Being able to relate to others who are posting depression memes helps you to understand that you aren't alone. Sometimes people with depression tend to shy away from others and they spend a lot of time inside of their own heads. It isn't unusual for a depressed individual to feel like they're strange or that people don't like them due to the things that they're going through.

The truth is that depression is incredibly common and many people are struggling with the exact same things that you are. When you see your friend or family member posting a meme about depression, it's an expression of how they're feeling or an observation of some kind. The fact that you are able to see that others close to you are going through the same stuff makes you feel a little better. Depression might be very difficult to cope with but it's certainly good to know that you aren't unusual and that others are fighting to get through the day just like you.

Laughter Is Good for Your Mental Health

If depression memes are able to make you laugh, then that's actually going to be very good for your mental health. Anything that you can do to make your depression subside is going to be helpful. Some bouts of depression are severe and you might not be able to find it in you to see the humor in a meme. Those going through mild bouts of depression might be able to laugh and try to feel a little bit better.

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Laughter has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health and the immune system. Anything that can make you laugh is going to release positive endorphins in your brain. This can alleviate depression symptoms and help you to feel better. Laughter is also known to decrease stress-causing hormone levels, so it's really quite helpful.

You don't have to make use of memes in order to make yourself laugh either. Anything that you find funny is going to do the job. Sometimes simply putting on your favorite comedy movie is going to be a good way to help yourself feel more positive before bed. Other times, you might want to put on a stand-up comedy special. Whatever you decide to do will make a difference, so just know that laughter can actually be good medicine.

There are many different ways to make yourself laugh and feel happier. Using this technique to alleviate depression symptoms is a great idea. It can be one of the best coping mechanisms for those who struggle with daily depression issues. Don't be afraid to share a meme online or to try to laugh at a silly YouTube video. You might not feel like you're in the mood to laugh at first, but lightening the mood with humor has certainly helped many people.

Getting Treatment Is Also Important

Knowing that laughter is helpful is definitely nice. Depression memes & funny movies might help to make a difference in your life. They can improve your mood somewhat and make coping with depression a bit easier. This is not going to be a replacement for traditional treatment options, though.

If you're going through depression problems, then you should definitely take the time to talk to your doctor. It's important to get properly diagnosed when you're feeling depressed. You might have already talked to your doctor and you may be receiving treatment already. If you haven't, then just know that it really is an important part of the process.

Trying to fight depression on your own is never going to be easy. Depression is a debilitating condition that can completely drain you of your energy and motivation. It might feel like you can get by for a little while but it's also possible for depression to become worse over time. You need to be able to reach out for help in order to get things under control.

Your doctor will be able to get you the help that you need so that your depression symptoms can be managed. This often involves using antidepressant medications and it may also include therapy. Using these treatment methods in tandem can really make a difference in your life. You can start to control your depression so that you can move forward in life without feeling like you're being held back.

Don't hesitate to make a doctor's appointment to discuss depression issues. They will always have your best interests in mind and will be able to refer you to a specialist if necessary. Millions of people seek out treatment for depression each year. It's an important part of getting better and all you have to do is make an appointment to get things started.

Online Therapy Is Also Very Helpful

You should also know about online therapy. Online therapy is an option that many people are turning to when dealing with depression. Traditional therapy methods are great but they aren't always going to be convenient for you to take advantage of. You might find that it's difficult to make it to therapy sessions during normal office hours due to your own life responsibilities.

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In this situation, online therapy is going to be the ideal solution for you. This is a type of therapy that allows you to get treatment from home. You will be able to reach out at any time of the day or night, making it more practical than traditional therapy. If you're having a tough time, then your online therapist will be there for you when you reach out.

These online therapists are fully licensed and ready to assist you. There are multiple different types of online therapy available as well. You can choose to reach out over the phone and discuss your problems with your therapist that way. Some people prefer video chat so that they can see their therapist and build a connection that is more similar to traditional therapy. Other options include text messaging therapy and e-mail exchange therapy.

You can learn methods for coping with your depression in order to make things easier on yourself. Your therapist knows all of the best methods for helping people to overcome depression issues. Even if you are going through severe depression issues, your online therapist will be ready to assist you. They care about your well-being and want to be able to guide you toward a happier and more satisfying life. It can take time to overcome depression problems, but you can get where you want to be with a true professional by your side.

Don't wait to sign up for online therapy if you're in need. Coping with your depression by using memes and humor can be helpful. It's just not going to be a complete substitute for therapy. Start working toward defeating your depression problems today. It will be as convenient as possible and your therapist will always be there for you.

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