Understanding Your Urges: Sexual Tension Between Friends

Letting Life Take the Wheel

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Developing a romantic relationship over time through friendship can produce some of the deepest and longest lasting connections. By taking the time to develop a strong foundation upon which you know, care, and understand one another lends itself to nurture a healthy romance. Intimacy is defined as a positive emotional bond that is involved with understanding and support.

It is enhanced by our interactions with one another, through self-disclosure and mutual acceptance and valuing. This connection is associated with positive emotions, and is considered by some to be the biggest reward to human beings in pursuing and maintaining close relationships. Sexual attraction doesn't always follow logic, and sexual tension between friends can sometimes be hard to recognize or understand.

Sexual Tension Between Friends:

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BetterHelp is a resource created with the aim of connecting people to licensed mental health professionals, strengthening the skill of recognizing and appropriately dealing with one's tendencies, environment and overall emotional well-being, while introducing idiosyncratic and effective methods of self-care. The path to self-actualization starts with working to uncover and understand who you really are.

This generally means coming to terms with your past and present, recognizing how your experiences have shaped you and how it leads you to be as a person, even in the moments where we aren't necessarily who we want to be.

Finding Kindred Spirits:

While our families or long-term friends may care for us, not everyone in the world is as suited to love your unique set of traits as another. As this has obvious implications in romantic relationships, this compatibility factor is also incredibly important in relationships between family members and friends. Just because we're related to someone or we've known them for a long time, doesn't mean that they are loving you in ways which are best for you.

People can bring you down without realizing that they are doing it. This process of self-actualization can make it really apparent to you how much work those around you need to make on themselves. Cutting out those in our lives that bring negativity and toxicity can be difficult, but is worth pondering over. If nothing else, and may inspire you to make other changes.

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Cards Fall Where They May:

Some people come into our lives and become family, knowing and nurturing us in ways that our biological families sometimes can't. Those with whom we choose to spend our days, celebrate our triumphs, those who share and help create our memories.

The ties of friendship are crafted through the shared experience of walking through life together, and physicality is sometimes a part of this path. Recognizing that societal boundaries are simply that, and following your emotions, urges and what kind of relationship structure this entails is a valid way, this can be an incredibly freeing realization.

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