What Is A Sapiosexual & What Does It Mean?

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Have you ever heard someone describe himself or herself as a "sapiosexual"? Have you ever said to yourself: "what is sapiosexual?" Continue reading for the definition of sapiosexual.

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Define: Sapiosexual

For the term "sapiosexual," Wikipedia's dictionary - Wiktionary - defines the term as being sexually attracted to a person's intelligence. In other words, the sapiosexual meaning is that someone is aroused by how smart another person is. Someone might be good-looking, which is enough to gain a sapiosexual's interest, but once that person opens his or her mouth and reveals how smart they are, that's when they become more of a turn-on. This is the sapiosexual definition.

To define "sapiosexual" in another way, this term is used to describe a person who is only turned on by smart people. You could be the best-looking person in the room, but a sapiosexual will only be interested in you if you also have something smart to say. Now, if someone asks you "what does sapiosexual mean?" or "what is a sapiosexual?" you'll have the answer. And if the idea of receiving books as a gift over flowers is super-exciting to you, then you too may be a sapiosexual.

While other languages certainly have a word for "sapiosexual," apparently the term is rather new. Therefore, it is still difficult to tell whether a sapiosexual meaning in Hindi exists for those who have attempted to look it up.The term "sapiosexual" was coined by a LiveJournal user back in 1998, per Sapiosexual.com. What is known, however, is that the word "sap" in Latin is interpreted to mean "understand."

Interestingly, if you try to look up the sapiosexual wiki page, you will be automatically redirected to the Wiki page for the dating website OkCupid. It appears that Wikipedia does not have a page devoted to the term, supporting the fact that the term is a new one. Or perhaps Wikipedia is simply trying to direct you to your next intelligent companion, as listing oneself as a sapiosexual became quite popular as a way for users to identify themselves on OkCupid.

Sapiophile Vs. Sapiosexual

You may have heard the term "sapiophile" to describe someone who is attracted to intelligent people, and you may have thought to yourself: "what's the difference between a sapiophile and a sapiosexual?" The answer is nothing. The term "sapiophile" is a term that is less often used to describe the same exact thing. Both the sapiophile and the sapiosexual define themselves as being sexually attracted to smart people.

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Signs You May Be A Sapiosexual

Do you think you may be a sapiosexual, but you're not quite sure? Chances are, if you are turned on by smart people, you may be a sapiosexual. If you need further proof, though, here are some more traits that are typically indicative of sapiosexuals.

You Are More Turned On The More You Get To Know Someone.

Have you ever met someone or watched someone on TV that everyone was fawning over because they were so attractive, yet they didn't quite grab you? But then, after watching how they conduct themselves and listening to what they said, you instantly felt more attracted to them? This is a sign that you may be a sapiosexual.

Because sapiosexuals are more turned on by a person's mind than his or her body, it stands to reason that even if someone is physically attractive, a sapiosexual won't be truly drawn in until s/he gets to know that person. And the more they get to know that person, the more attractive that person becomes.

You don't fall in love as quickly.

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The beauty of being a sapiosexual is that, because you don't fall for someone instantly just because of how attractive they are, you get the opportunity to vet someone before falling in love with them truly. For sapiosexuals, while they may be attracted to someone enough at first to be interested in getting to know them further, that spark may not light until much later in the relationship.

This may sound sad or frustrating, but it's fantastic. This gives you the chance to truly get to know someone before falling so deeply in love with them that it's difficult to turn back. And this saves a lot of heartbreak in the end when you can tell the other person early in the relationship that things are just not working, rather than allowing enough time to pass for the other person to fall so in love with you that you are forced to crush his or her heart into tiny pieces when you don't feel the same.

The Idea Of A Long, Intelligent Discussion Is More Appealing Than Sex.

Some people would rather curl up with some chocolates and a steaming mug of tea or coffee, rather than a glass of wine. Others would rather have an intelligent discussion, rather than meaningless sex.

Sapiosexuals are happier in a relationship if their physical stimulation is often supplemented with intellectual stimulation as well. This isn't to say that sapiosexuals won't also engage in occasional casual sex. But casual sex is more like junk food insofar as indulgences go, and sapiosexuals would much rather dine on a healthy meal of intriguing conversation. Bonus points for those relationships that subsist on fantastic sex, followed by deep conversations.

Brains Are More Of A Turn-On For You Than Possessions.

Sure, he may have the latest and greatest in technology or a fancy sportscar that turns heads every time he comes to pick you up. But if he isn't capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation with you, then none of his possessions mean anything. Sure, they're nice for a little while, but they won't sustain the relationship.

You've heard the phrase "money isn't everything," and for a sapiosexual, this couldn't be truer. While both money and good conversation can keep a relationship going for a long time, the sapiosexual would much rather remain intellectually stimulated by his or her partner than reap the benefits of dating somebody who's rich.

Having Fun With Sapiosexuals

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In today's world, or at any time really, who isn't attracted to the idea of dating someone intelligent? But how do you weed out the smart from the, well, not-so-smart? If you're interested in someone and you know them well enough to have their email address, you can always send them sapiosexual memes to get their interest. If you two can share an intelligent joke, that may be a real turn-on for a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuals may also enjoy nerdy things, like taking tests or taking on challenges for fun. You can even take sapiosexual tests together, like this one from Buzzfeed, to see if you truly are sapiosexuals. There is also a somewhat "official" sapiosexual test, which was created by Loner Wolf - the same LiveJournal user who coined the term in the first place. Included in Loner Wolf's test are questions people can answer to narrow down what it is they truly find attractive in other people.

For example, are you annoyed by "ignorant" or "stupid" people? Do you appreciate a person who dresses as intelligently as they behave? Do you like when someone flirts subtly or plays mind games, rather than coming out directly and telling you how they feel? These may all be signs, according to Loner Wolf, that you are a sapiosexual.

Did you also know there is a sapiosexual flag? Just like the flag for gay pride, there is also a flag for the sapiosexual flag as well. Now you too, as a sapiosexual, can proudly display your sexuality with a flag of your own.

Sapiosexual Quotes

There are plenty of quotes out there,to sum up how it feels to be a sapiosexual. Most of them have a humorous slant and are from unknown sources, mainly because they are the very definition of internet quotes.This is no surprise, considering the term originated on the internet in the first place. Here are a few:

"I love big brains,and I cannot lie."

"Never underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary."

"Brains are the new boobs."

"Please, say it again: how big is your library?"

"Talk nerdy to me."

The Cons Of Declaring Yourself A Sapiosexual

While there's nothing wrong with finding intelligence sexy, some people feel that to declare oneself a sapiosexual is to be pretentious or even insulting to those who may suffer from a learning disability.

However, for others, being able to define their sexuality brings a feeling of relief. They may have gone their entire lives wondering and stressing over why they simply don't feel the same level of attraction to people who are otherwise generally accepted as being incredibly good-looking. It may also be frustrating for them to have to get to know someone first before truly being aroused by them.

Once they realize that being attracted to someone's intelligence over their body is a thing, this normalizes how they have been feeling and allowed them to attach a label to it. While a label isn't always considered to be a good thing, it can be a relief to know that their sexuality is normal enough that a term has been created to describe it.

Looking for more information on sapiosexuals? Are you a sapiosexual who is having difficulty connecting with others and finding the right people to date? Consider reaching out to one of our counselors, who are available 24/7 to assist you with guidance and advice.





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