The Family We Create: How To Get Your Friend To Like You

What Does Family Look Like to You?

Family Means Something Different To Everyone. Learn More About Family!
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We all have different pictures in our head of what a family is. As more and more people move far away from their terminal home, and as modern connectivity continues to redefine correspondence, it becomes more common and necessary to change the definition of what it means to be loved and to love, as well as what it means to live and exist together.

Generally defined as a group of people who have a strong and meaningful bond with one another, family is different for everyone, but meant to serve as a constant in the face of differences or challenges that come along. How to get your friend to like you can come easy when you follow the energy of what feels right. Characterized by trust, loyalty, intimacy, and compassion, this "family-centric" energy is satisfied for many people through community living arrangements, co-parenting, alternative work schedules and environments.

How to Get Your Friend to Like You

Being mindful of your actions and emotions can make you more appealing to others to be around. They say that you can't choose your own family, but there is a growing acceptance of the movement that your family are those in your life that you pick up along the way. Keeping that in mind, think of those in your life that nurture your creative energy, who help water the roots of your dreams and ambitions.

For some, this may be a painful thought, as this role is substituted by individuals that consider it their right to be your biggest critic. Healthy relationships are meant to recalibrate sense of self, not the opposite. Sometimes, families can serve as a barrier to success, where this nurturance is meant to happen instead leaves scars and bruises from maladaptive familial structures and interpersonal dynamics.


Understanding Alternative Lifestyles

For some, when it gets too much, they rely on the scaffolding around themselves in the form of their spouse, parent or siblings. What I'm proposing here is finding our own scaffolding in the friends and communities that we exist among. Too much of popular culture dictates what family looks like based on a pinpointed definition, not giving due recognition to the menagerie of alternatives that exist.

You can and should be the architect of the family that you need and want, both in the structure and content. Healing, whatever it may be from, is a process that comes with time, as we begin to craft and cultivate worlds that best suit our unique needs. Totally idiosyncratic, both what we are individually healing from and the process and its parts by which we choose to proceed. Another word for it is community. Having people or a person that you can rely on to bring you soup and decongestants when you're flat on your back sick.

Getting Outside Insight

Family Means Something Different To Everyone. Learn More About Family!
Work On Your Family Issues With An Online Therapist


Friends can serve as siblings, parents, or any other form, serving as moral support, and an outlet loving and constructive communication. Understanding that you have choices in your life and allowing your growth to reflect that can sometimes require the input of someone distanced from your life. BetterHelp is a resource that can connect you with professionals uniquely trained to suit your needs. In a changing world, we find ourselves presented with idiosyncratic manifestations of existence, with the capability of sculpting our own as we see fit.

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