When Should You Seek Help As A Female Sex Addict?

Updated August 27, 2020

Sex addiction is something that has the potential to completely upend your life. Many people suffer from problems like this, and it is largely seen as something that men experience. However, thinking that women can’t be sex addicts is simply not correct. There are many women out there who struggle with sex addiction issues that are very severe. If you’re a woman who is going through a tough time and sexual addiction is holding you back in life, then you might be wondering what you can do. When should you seek help as a female sex addict? Read on to learn more about sexual addiction and when you need to reach out for professional help.

There’s a Difference Between Liking Sex and Sex Addiction

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Before moving further, it’s going to be good to discuss the difference between liking sex and sex addiction. Sex is a natural thing, and it’s something that everyone desires. You can like sex and desire sex without being a female sex addict. You can even have a very active sex life without being considered a sex addict. Sexual addiction isn’t really about how much you’re having sex. It’s about the type of sexual behavior that you’re exhibiting and whether it’s harming your life. Addiction is something that can happen to just about anyone, but some people are more prone to becoming addicted to things than others.

Your sexual behavior might be normal if you don’t show signs of addiction. If you’re still making rational choices, then you might just be a woman who loves having sex. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, but you need to be honest about your sexual behavior. Some people don’t realize that they’re addicted because they try not to think about the negative choices that they’re making. The information below is meant to help you to recognize unhealthy sexual behavior so that you can confront what is happening. If you’re just someone who likes sex and you aren’t making unhealthy choices, then you might not need to worry at all. This process should be about looking at your sexual behavior with a critical eye to ensure that you’re on a positive path.

Has Sex Addiction Hurt Your Relationship(s)?

The first sign that you might need help with sex addiction will come when your sexual behavior starts to impact your relationship with a significant other. Are you cheating on your partner because you can’t get enough sex? This is something that has the potential to hurt someone that you care about deeply. You might have a strong urge to have sex with other people that you can’t seem to control. This is a sign that you have a true sex addiction and that your impulse control issues are severe. If you love someone that you’re dating and you keep hurting that person with your sexual actions, then you might need help. This is especially true if you want to try to save the relationship or if you see a future together with this individual.

Sex addiction has the potential to hurt other relationships in your life, too. For example, you might start missing out on certain social functions because you would rather pursue having sex with people. This could mean missing out on your sibling’s birthday party or not picking your daughter up from school on time. When your sexual habits start to have a negative impact on your relationships, it’s going to become clearer that you need to seek professional help. People who are struggling with sexual addiction aren’t always able to make the best choices. Sexual behavior like this can ruin your life if you aren’t careful, and it’s going to be best to try to get help before things get any worse.

Dangerous Sexual Habits

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It’s also important to know that your sexual behavior can be dangerous at times. Normal sexual behavior might not have an impact on your life, but dangerous sexual behavior is different. For example, you might not think twice about taking part in unsafe sex acts if you’re struggling with sex addiction. The thrill of having sex and seeking out unusual sex practices might be too much for you to avoid. Your sexual behavior might become more extreme over time because of your addiction. This type of sexual behavior has the potential to put your health at risk in multiple ways.

Female sex addicts will run a high risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if they keep making unhealthy sexual choices. Your sexual behavior might cause you to have sex with strangers, and this will increase the chance of you contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Also, your sexual behavior could involve you regularly having sex with others who aren’t using protection. This can increase your chances of developing major health issues and unwanted pregnancies.

Examples of Risky Sexual Behavior

You might feel like your sexual behavior isn’t unusual because you’re having a hard time accepting that you have a sex addiction. Many people who are addicted to something will have a difficult time accepting the addiction. This is normal, and you see this pattern in people who struggle with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. For this reason, it might be good to think about some examples of risky sexual behavior that could be an indication that you have a sex addiction and need help. It’s not impossible that sexual behavior like this could be normal, but these examples of sexual behavior certainly aren’t typical.

Are you seeking out riskier sex situations than usual? Sometimes sex addicts have a hard time feeling like they’re satisfied sexually and pursue unsafe behavior. They might seek out sexual acts that are more extreme in an effort to get more pleasure. An example of this could be having sex in public instead of keeping things confined to your personal space. Another example is having difficulty regulating sexual impulses and seeking out sex with strangers. Your sexual behavior could cause you to make unsafe choices that will put you at risk for being hurt or arrested for your actions.

If your sexual behavior is causing you to seek more unhealthy sex practices increasingly, then you might need to think about getting help now.

When Sex Choices Start Affecting Your Work

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Another sign to look out for occurs when your sex choices start to impact your ability to earn a living. For example, some individuals with sex addiction may miss work to pursue their sexual impulses. If you can’t go to work because of your sexual behavior, then it is recommended you seek help with this issue. Remember that choosing to pursue sex to the detriment of your own financial livelihood is not healthy sexual behavior.

Your sexual behavior isn’t something that has no consequences. Sex is one of the most pleasurable things in life, and it’s normal to want to enjoy it. However, when your sexual behavior prevents you from being able to pay the bills, it’s obvious that something is amiss. Female sex addicts need to be able to turn to professionals for help and be taken seriously. You might be ashamed of your sexual behavior and could even be worried about admitting what has been happening. No matter what you feel, it’s imperative that you understand that you aren’t alone. Many female sex addictions have been able to turn things around by working with professionals who understand sexual behavior like this.

Recognizing that your sexual behavior has become problematic might make you uncomfortable at first. It can be an uneasy realization to see that you’re making many mistakes. This sexual behavior can be changed, and you can get back to making healthy choices once more. Turning to experts to get help is a positive life choice, and you can also try to rely on others that care about you. This doesn’t have to be a situation that keeps progressing and getting worse. You can recognize your sexual behavior for what it is and get things taken care of. Sex isn’t inherently bad, and it’s normal to want sex and to desire fun sexual situations. It’s just that sometimes sexual behavior can get out of hand and turn into an addiction.

Speak to a Therapist Today

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Speaking to a therapist is going to be one of the best ways to get your sex addiction under control. There are many risks associated with sex addiction, and these sexual behavior issues can actually be even more dangerous for female sex addicts. If you want to regain control of your life, then an understanding therapist is going to be there to help you out. Professionals like this work with those who are struggling with sex addiction so that they can develop healthy sexual behavior over time. They understand the difficulties of being addicted to sex and other things. They can work with you to develop coping mechanisms, and they can help you to work on the sexual behavior issues that might have pushed you to become addicted to sex.

The road to recovery from sex addiction isn’t always going to be an easy one. You won’t wake up the next day after your first therapy session and suddenly be healed and back to having completely normal sexual behavior. It takes time to go through the process of recovering from your addiction, and you’ll need to be committed to things. Even so, it’s going to give you the strength to know that you don’t have to face this burden alone. It can be scary to feel so alone as a female sex addict, and you’ll be able to find comfort knowing that compassionate professionals are there for you. This is why reaching out today is in your best interest.

You have options when it comes to therapy, too. Some female sex addicts will be more comfortable working with a traditional in-person therapist. Others might find it comforting to be able to get therapy from home. Online therapy is a great option that allows you to get therapy discreetly. It’s also very affordable and convenient. If you want to regain control of your life, then you can work with either a traditional therapist or an online therapist to fix your sexual behavior problems. Just having a qualified expert on your side should help you to move forward with greater confidence so that you can start living your life the way you want to once more. You can still have a satisfying sex life, and getting your sexual behavior back to something that is healthy for you will feel fantastic.

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