I Love The Rain: How Nature Can Be Therapeutic And Healing

By: Robert Porter

Updated August 28, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault

Are you the type of person who enjoys the sound of rain? You might find that hearing raindrops on your roof, or your window has a calming effect on you. You aren't alone in feeling this way, and many different people find rain to have a soothing impact on their mood. It's even fairly common for people to listen to audio recordings of rain to make it easier to fall asleep at night.

You might find yourself saying things such as "I love the rain" due to the therapeutic impact that nature has on you. Even if some of your friends don't share your enthusiasm for rain, they will likely find many different aspects of nature to be very calming. Take a look at the information below to get a better idea of how nature can be both therapeutic and healing. Whether you're talking about the sounds of rain of the impact of spending some time outdoors, you should never underestimate the power of nature.

Spending Time Outside Helps You To Relax

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Spending some time outdoors can be very relaxing. People spend so much time inside these days, and it winds up making you feel very cooped up. There's something very therapeutic about being outdoors and looking up at the sky. It allows you to take a deep breath of fresh air and simply reset yourself. All of the stress that you have been carrying with you from your work week can be washed away by spending time outdoors when you're able to.

This is why so many people go on camping trips to relax. It's something that lets you get in touch with yourself, and it allows you to enjoy a certain sense of calm that only nature can provide. You don't necessarily have to go on a long camping trip to enjoy the benefits of nature. Even just spending a bit of time outdoors is going to have a positive impact on your mental health.

Being able to go outside and spend some time gardening might be good for you personally. Many people love doing things outdoors because it changes things up from their routine. Think about how much time you spend looking at a computer screen or talking on your phone. As important as technology is for everyday life, it's also important to remember your roots and to take time for the simpler things in life.

Installing a garden area somewhere in your backyard could be the perfect way to spend some quality time outdoors. This is going to give you a deep sense of satisfaction when you see your plants start to grow as well. If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out about what's going on in your life, then taking time for hobbies like this can help you to put things into perspective. Nature does have therapeutic benefits such as boosting your mood and lowering your risk for dementia.

Rainy Days Are A Great Time For Personal Reflection

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Rainy days are going to be a perfect time for personal reflection as well. When it's rainy outside, you might not be able to spend a lot of time outdoors during certain tasks. This can still be a great opportunity to relax and enjoy some downtime, though. You've probably heard of people saving books for rainy days in the past. If it's raining outside, then you should take it as an invitation to do something good for your mental health simply.

This could be any number of things that you enjoy doing. Many people do love catching up on a good book, but you might want to do something else that you enjoy. If you like writing, then taking the time to make some progress on your book might be a good idea. Those who enjoy movies might enjoy getting comfortable on the couch and enjoying the subtle sounds of raindrops while their favorite movie plays.

You can also spend some time simply thinking back on your week and what is going on in your life. As mentioned earlier, many people find the rain to be quite relaxing. If you count yourself among these people, then you should also be able to enjoy just sitting down and reflecting on things while the rain helps you to focus. Your love of rain will make it easier to simply think about things and to try to put things into perspective.

Using Nature To Help With Depression Or Anxiety

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Some people even use nature to help with depression or anxiety problems. Millions of people suffer from depression issues every single year. There are also a large number of people who purely suffer from anxiety. Sometimes these problems are caused by stress, and spending some time outdoors can help you to relieve your stress.

You see, spending time in nature is a great way to quiet your mind. When you're dealing with a lot of stress every day, it makes it difficult to slow things down enough to work through the issues that you're going through. You might work a fast-paced job, or you might be going through tough times in your relationship. Whatever the case might be, it's going to be a good idea to spend some time outdoors when you can.

Even spending a little bit of time outdoors has been shown to have a positive impact on people's moods. It might help you to feel less depressed, and it can certainly wash away some of the stress that has been eating away at you. This is why many people schedule regular outdoor walking sessions to clear their minds. You might even want to take things a step further than this and try your hand at hiking some nature trails when you have the time to do so.

Simply Getting More Sunlight Is Important

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It's also good to note that getting more sunlight is going to have a positive impact on your mental health. One of the reasons that spending time outdoors feels so soothing is that the sun is going to give your body some much-needed vitamin D. Many people in the US have vitamin D deficiencies, and this could contribute to depression in some ways. Therefore, getting more sunlight is going to be a good thing.

If you can, it might be smart to spend a certain amount of time each day outside. You don't have to spend hours on end outdoors just to enjoy the benefits of getting some sun. You also don't have to go suntanning or anything like that, so it's plausible for pale-skinned individuals to spend more time outdoors, too. Simply spend some time outdoors enjoying the sunshine when the weather is nice enough, and you just might feel better.

If you have a nice patio area outside of your home, then take some time to sit out there and enjoy a meal. Even just chatting with your friends outside for a certain amount of time each day can help. You'll get a little bit of sunlight each day, and your mood will be boosted because of it. This is something that you should consider fitting into your regular schedule if you've been feeling down.

Online Therapy Is There For You Too

Online therapy is going to be there for you, too. Spending time outdoors is a good idea when you're trying to boost your mood. It just might not be enough to tackle some of the complex issues that you're going through. Many people need to be able to rely on therapy to get through depression or anxiety problems. Nature can be therapeutic and might help you to manage some of your symptoms, but therapy is still an important part of treatment.

Luckily, you're going to be able to get this therapy in a very convenient way. Online therapy is very easy for people to take advantage of. It's a type of therapy that allows you to get help without even having to leave home. You'll be able to talk to a licensed therapist at home, and you can start working through your issues together. You're going to be matched with a skilled therapist that understands exactly what you're going through.

If stress is one of the reasons why you're going through so many problems, then this is going to be a good way to help yourself. Therapists can teach you the best coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations more effectively. Your therapist might even recommend some nature-based exercises to help you relieve the stress that is harming your life. Over time, you're going to be much better at dealing with problems like this.

Just knowing that you have professionals who can help you whenever you're in need is going to be beneficial. You can reach out whenever you feel like you're having a tough time and the therapist will be there. Getting over problems with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions will not always be easy. It's going to be much easier to deal with things when you have someone who cares about your well-being working with you every step of the way.

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