Our Differences Make Us Stronger: Getting To Know Someone

We Each Have Unique Personalities. We Learn From One Another's Differences
Work On Understanding Who You Are in Online Therapy

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Human Beings are a Rainbow:

Personality is a very broad subject that leaves no aspect of what makes a person who they are untouched. Many ways have been postulated to discuss about the elements of personality, with different researchers finding various methods and approaches that are more appropriate. It is also generally accepted that while personalities are richly varied, there are some potential disturbances or characteristics that lie outside the realm of normality.

Personality disorders involve complex interacting traits and patterns that can lead to distress or dysfunction in key life areas. To understand our differences, we must recognize that there are certain things that which we all have in common, or at least broad categories on which we vary. Following this line of thought, we can understand the infinite variation in human nature which can be outlined as degrees of variance on these common characteristics. Getting to know someone can be a complicated process, but it is often a process that develops without our realization.

Getting to Know Someone:

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Emotional intelligence varies from person to person, with several characteristics and behaviors associated with it. Empathy is a major element of emotional intelligence, defined as the capacity to understand and relate to the emotions of another. By self-awareness of one's own emotions, an individual can recognize the moods and emotions of both themselves and those around them.

The ability to regulate our own emotions is something that we work to strengthen. Those that are motivated to work towards their goals, despite the opinions of others or their environment, are more likely to be successful. This doesn't mean that people don't experience negative emotions like fear or self-doubt. It just means that they are able to look past it and manage it while following through on tough changes.

Recognizing and Embracing Diversity:

Ignorance leads to intolerance. Lack of exposure to different types of people, regardless of the factor on which they vary, can lead one to fear those that are different from themselves - identifying this variance as a threat to one's own existence and responding with animosity or intolerance, rather than nurturing curiosity to get to know this "other". Sometimes, our conditioning can leave us with mindsets or habits that box us in, and are worthy of improvement and metamorphosis.

We Each Have Unique Personalities. We Learn From One Another's Differences
Work On Understanding Who You Are in Online Therapy

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular method of replacing maladaptive constructs by introducing healthier thoughts or behaviors. BetterHelp is a site developed with the aim of connecting professional therapists with those in need of "tweaking" or "overhaul". Getting in touch with a mental health professional is an over-stigmatized act, although, doing so is a healthy way to tweak your lifestyle and improve your mental comfort.

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