Psychopathy Articles

Psychopathy is a difficult disorder to see. A psychopath can look unassuming and even completely “normal. They are good at being chameleons and camouflaging into society. Psychopaths can be extremely charismatic, however this individual is not to be trusted. They do not posses any empathy and the potential to be an extremely manipulative person. An adult psychopath is someone who is difficult to be treated with therapy and/or medication. There are therapeutic programs that teach young people social skills who appear to have psychopathy. These programs are designed to help prevent youth from developing into adult psychopaths.

Psychopathy is diagnosed with a special list entitled the 20-item Hare Psychopathy Checklist. A person who scores 30 or more on this list is a psychopath. Neurological issues, genetics, and environmental factors are what determine psychopathic traits.

The articles in this section focus on psychopathy and things like antisocial personality disorder, for example. These articles can help you to better understand how detrimental personality disorders like psychopathy can be to others. Psychopathy is quite serious and needs psychological treatment.

Understanding Classifications: Narcissist Vs. Psychopath

Okay, so you think that your new partner is way too full of themselves and maybe they spend far too much time on what they think and what they want then you or even any of their...

What Are Psychotic Symptoms?

Maybe there’s someone in your life that you think acts a little strange or maybe you think that you’re acting a little strangely and you want to find out more. If you’re looking...

The Psychopath Test - For Dating and More

The Psychopath Test was written by author Jon Ronson in 2011. Throughout the literature, Ronson covers the intricacies of psychopathy, the media, and mental health studies. In...

What Are The Signs Of A Psychopath?

The word “psychopath” may sound scary, but it is nothing more than a cultural term assigned to the broader mental condition of antisocial personality disorder, which encompasses...

If you’ve interacted with a psychopath, this can be traumatic. You need to seek treatment immediately to process what has happened to you. Thankfully, there are online therapists who are skilled at understanding how psychopathy works. They can help you heal from this experience.
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