51 Quotes About Rejection To Keep You Going

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Everyone experiences rejection from time to time. Whether it’s being passed over for a promotion, not getting into your school of choice, or being turned down for a second date, rejection can be extremely difficult to get over. Everyone experiences rejection from time to time, but that doesn’t it doesn’t hurt. Here are 51 quotes about rejection to keep you going.

Overcoming rejection can be hard

Inspirational quotes about rejection

  1. “Today’s rejection may become tomorrow’s acceptance.” – Ehsan Sehgal
  2. “Rejection isn’t failure. Failure is giving up. Everybody gets rejected. It’s how you handle it that determines where you’ll end up.” – Richard Castle
  3. “There’s nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself.” – James Lee Burke
  4. “It is necessary to put yourself out for rejection and accept that you will be rejected.” – Robert Genn
  5. “Rejected pieces aren't failures; unwritten pieces are.” – Greg Daugherty
  6. “Practice, practice, practice until you eventually get numb on rejections.” – Brian Klemmer
  7. “Sometimes rejection in life is really redirection.” - Tavis Smiley
  8. “I am not the richest, smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going and going and going.” – Sylvester Stallone
  9. “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese
  10. “Without experiencing criticism and rejection in life, it would be impossible to grow or improve yourself.” – Mwanandeke Kindembo
  11. “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” – Walt Disney
  12. “The more I risk being rejected, the better my chances are of being accepted.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki
  13.  “Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the furthest thing from it. Because cynics don't learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness: a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying yes begins things. Saying yes is how things grow.” – Stephen Colbert
  14. “Remember, the pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret.” – Matthew Hussey
  15.  “In life you'll get hundreds of rejections, just need one yes to forget the remaining. So never stop moving on.” – Shubhankar Mishra
  16. “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” – Bo Bennett
  17.  “We don’t have to take rejection as a reflection of our self-worth. If somebody who is important (or even someone unimportant) to you rejects you or your choices, you are still real, and you are still worth every bit as much as you would be if you had not been rejected.” – Melody Beattie
  18. “Over the years, I have come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection.” – Henri J.M. Nouwen
  19. “We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don’t. I have always learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success.” – Henry Rollins
  20.  “You have to be prepared that some opportunities will work out and others won't, and that's ok. You can’t win everywhere. The more opportunities you get, the more rejections you will receive. It's simply a numbers game.” – Jen Alvares
  21. “Don’t waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  22. “You have to take all the rejections that life will throw at you. We do not grow in happiness, but we grow in sadness. Each rejection teaches us something new.” – Avijeet Das
  23. “Take rejection as an eye-opener. Take it as something that pushes you and makes you do things better.” – Amit Sadh
  24. “Rejection is the friend you never knew you needed. It usually saves you time and money.” – Kevin Darné
  25. “Rejection just motivates me to keep trying and to try to do better.” – Sasha Grey
  26.  “You don't realize it at the time, but some of life's roadblocks, detours, and rejections are answered prayers.” – Steve Maraboli
  27. “Successful people reject rejection.” – John C. Maxwell
  28. “Rejection can disappoint you, depress you and may even stop you in your tracks. Learn not to take rejection so personally—if you’re honest with yourself and believe in your work, others will too.” – Bev Jozwiak
  29. “Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.” – Steve Maraboli
  30. “Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn’t feel a part of their heart break at rejection? You ask yourself every question you can think of, what, why, how come, and then your sadness turns to anger. That’s my favorite part. It drives me, feeds me, and makes one hell of a story.” – Jennifer Salaiz
  31. “Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” – Harvey Mackay
  32.  “I think all great innovations are built on rejections.” – Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
  33.  “Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny.”– Bryant McGill
  34. “If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” – Henry David Thoreau
  35. “Rejection is the sand in the oyster, the irritation that ultimately produces the pearl.” – Burke Wilkinson
  36. “I have learned not to allow rejection to move me.” – Cicely Tyson
  37. “Some people are going to reject you simply because you shine too bright for them. That’s okay, keep shining.” – Anonymous
  38. “Do not waste yourself in rejection; do not bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson
  39. “The fear of rejection is worse than rejection itself.” – Nora Profit
  40. “Every rejection is incremental payment on your dues that in some way will be translated back into your work.” – James Lee Burke
  41.  “When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”― Kelly Cutrone
  42. “Rejection is not the end. Just a step on the path.” – Anonymous
  43. “Rejection is neither an indication of value or talent. Remember that. If you believe in what you have to offer, then don’t stop offering it simply because some of those you offer it to reject it. Many people are simply not very good at recognizing talent or value. it doesn’t mean you won’t eventually find an audience that will.” – Zero Dean
  44. “It is not rejection itself that people fear, it is the possible consequences of rejection. Preparing to accept those consequences and viewing rejection as a learning experience that will bring you closer to success will not only help you to conquer the fear of rejection but help you to appreciate rejection itself.” – Robert Foster Bennett
  45. “Rejection is a common occurrence. Learning that early and often will help you build up the tolerance and resistance to keep going and keep trying.” – Kevin Feige
  46. “Rejection isn’t a sign that something is wrong for you, it’s a sign that they’re wrong for you.” – Sonya Parker
  47. “Work like hell! I had 122 rejection slips before I sold a story.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  48. “Rejection doesn’t have to mean you aren’t good enough; it often just means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer.” – Ash Sweeney
  49. “A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.” – Zig Ziglar
  50. “If you aren’t ready for rejection, you aren’t ready for love.” – Marty Rubin 
  51. “Rejection tests whether you’re serious about your dreams.” – Tiyasha Ghosh
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Online therapy can help

Handling rejection on your own can be tough. Turning to your friends for support or reading quotes from people who have been in your shoes can help, but sometimes, that isn’t enough. One way you can help yourself get through it is by talking to a therapist online. A professional mental health professional can help you gain a better perspective on what happened, gain the courage to put yourself back out there, and learn to focus on the present instead of worrying about the past.

Overcoming rejection can be hard

If you’re ready to start therapy but are nervous about talking to someone in person or just looking for a more accessible, convenient way to get the help you need, online therapy is a good option. Research suggests that online therapy is just as effective as in-person treatment, and when you sign up, you’re matched with an available therapist within 48 hours. If you’re ready to take the next steps, sign up with BetterHelp to get started.


Handling rejection can be challenging. These rejection quotes can give you inspiration and help you feel like you’re not alone. Talk to an online therapist if you need more support figuring out where you stand and learning how to enjoy life again.

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