I Want To Break Up With My Boyfriend, But How?

Have you been thinking, "I want to break up with my boyfriend" a lot lately? You might have been having thoughts that your relationship is over for a while now, but feeling that way and ending the relationship are not the same thing.

Ending a Relationship is Not Easy. But When it’s Over, Rip the Bandaid Off!
Talk About Your Breakup With An Online Therapist.

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You might just be feeling unsure and keep putting off bringing the subject up. Are you afraid that you'll make the wrong decision and regret it later? Thinking these things through before making your final decision will make you feel better about it when you do decide if your relationship is over or not.

Maybe you know it's not working out but you don't want to hurt your boyfriend's feelings. The thing is, continuing in a relationship that you know is over for you will just going to cause more pain in the end.

It's better to be honest with yourself and your boyfriend now if it's over, so you can heal and move on to a relationship with someone that is better suited to you.

Still Thinking, "I Want to Break Up with My Boyfriend"?

  1. Do What's Best for You

If you're thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend, you need to put your needs and feelings first. Take some time apart if you need to. Spending time away from your boyfriend might be what you need to get a clear picture of the situation and how you feel when you aren't together for a while.

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Think about what you want in the long-term. If your current boyfriend fits in that future picture, you might want to give your relationship a chance to recover. If not, you probably don't want to waste time with someone that isn't making you happy.

  1. Be Prepared

Whether you decide to break up with your boyfriend or not, you need to be prepared for the aftermath. If you decide to stay together, you might want to talk about what you both want out of the relationship and what needs to change. You might also want to consider couples counseling to help mend your differences and start new.

If you decide to break up, you need to be ready for your boyfriend's reaction and to stay true to yourself no matter what his reaction is. He may try to talk you out of it or make you feel guilty, but if you truly feel like this is the right move for you, don't let him convince you otherwise.

Ending a Relationship is Not Easy. But When it’s Over, Rip the Bandaid Off!
Talk About Your Breakup With An Online Therapist.


  1. Talk to a Counselor

You might not be able to get your boyfriend to couples counseling, but if the decision to stay together is something that you are really struggling with, counseling can help you get through it. A counsellor can help you assess whether your relationship with your boyfriend is healthy, and help you see the path ahead of you more clearly.

If you don't want to go to in-person counseling and wants someone to talk to when you need a listening ear, BetterHelp is one affordable online counselling option that matches you with an experienced mental health professional based on your needs.


If you are having a hard time deciding if you want to stay with your current boyfriend or not, don't worry. With a little bit of thought and guidance from friends, family, a counsellor, or a talk with your boyfriend himself, you can decide what is best for you.

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You probably know what you want, but take your time. A break up is a big decision, so be ready to give it the attention it deserves.

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