Why Am I Sleepy All The Time: Does It Mean I’m Lazy?

Going to bed when you aren't sleepy may or may not be a sign of laziness. Having the feeling of being sleepy never is. That's because sleepiness is a physical reaction that you may have little control over in the moment. There is always something behind excessive sleepiness, though. Do you find yourself asking 'Why am I sleepy all the time?' Here are a few possible reasons.

Sleeping All the Time Can Be a Sign of a More Serious Mental Health Issue
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Sleep Deprivation

If you are deprived of sleep at a time you're usually in bed, you'll probably get sleepy eventually. The problem will get worse the longer you're deprived of sleep.

Sleep Apnea

In obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your airway collapses when you relax into sleep. You wake up suddenly, with your mouth dry and gasping for air. This not only makes you feel sleepy during the day, but it also puts your health and even your life at risk. It increases the risk of stroke and heart conditions. If you have symptoms of OSA, see your doctor for a referral to a sleep specialist.

Substance Abuse

Heavy drinking or drug use disrupts your nighttime sleep and decreases its quality. Your body requires more sleep to repair the damage these addictions can cause, but your sleep is so fragmented you can't make it happen.


Narcolepsy is a very rare condition. You might lose control of your muscles when you feel something strongly. You may jump immediately into REM sleep and have vivid dreams. You might not get a full night's sleep, but when you sleep during the day, you wake up refreshed. If these symptoms sound just a bit different from what you're experiencing, you might have a condition called idiopathic hypersomnia. That disorder can also cause you to be excessively sleepy during the daytime as well as at night.

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Feeling sleepy during the day may be a symptom of depression. Understand that depression has both emotional and physical components. The sleepiness may fulfill a desire to escape. Or, it could happen because depression slows down your system.


Anxiety can make you want to sleep the day away. Or, you might take a nap one day when you're feeling anxious and find yourself feeling calmer after your nap. Napping can become a crutch that allows you to avoid dealing with your anxiety. If you feel anxious before you feel sleepy, a counselor can help you take the next steps.

Sleeping All the Time Can Be a Sign of a More Serious Mental Health Issue
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Source: pexels.com

How to Find Out 'Why Am I Sleepy All the Time?'

If you're feeling sleepy and don't know why it can be hard to find the right person to help you, there are online therapists that can help you choose the right starting point with the right professional. If your sleepiness is related to depression or anxiety, they can help you find ways to improve your mood. Remember: the feeling of sleepiness doesn't mean you're lazy. It simply means you haven't found the way to stay alert.

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