15 Benefits And Traits Of Sanguine Temperament

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The sanguine temperament is one of the four major personality types studied in ancient Greece. Different from melancholic temperament, sanguine refers to the most energetic and bubbly of all the temperament types. If your child has a sanguine temperament, you may have a hard time keeping up with them. And if you have a sanguine temperament, you may often find it difficult to remain on task. But there are things you'll both be better at naturally. This article will focus on the benefits and traits of the sanguine personality type, as well as how to work with them.

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Benefits and Traits

Here's a look at the most common traits of sanguine personalities.

Very Social

People with the sanguine temperament are social creatures. They are outgoing and will be the first to shake your hand, hug you, clap you on the back, or start up a conversation. They find it easy to make friends. A pure sanguine temperament is truly a social extrovert.


Sanguine temperament people are optimistic. They prefer to see the bright side of life, and they like to live life to the fullest. They are not as likely to see the bad in a situation as they are the good. They believe life is an exciting fun-filled experience.


The sanguine is the most impulsive of all the temperaments. If it sounds fun and exciting, they'll do it-without considering the consequences.

Excels in Communication

Those with sanguine temperament are excellent communicators. They can get the point across in a way that many other people cannot. They are great motivational speakers, and also great salespeople. They may not, however, be very good listeners, so when it comes to open communication in personal relationships, they may be lacking.

Pleasure Seeking

Sanguines are always seeking out pleasure. They may find it challenging to stay on task if something is boring or undesired. For this reason, sanguine temperament people may be job hoppers, always looking for the job that will give them pleasure.

Live in the Present

Sanguine people tend to live in the present instead of the past or the future. Because they do not consider the past, they may not easily learn from their mistakes. They may also fail to prepare for the future. A pure sanguine is not likely to have long-term goals or plans.

Tend to Exaggerate

People of the sanguine temperament are prone to telling tall tales. They exaggerate when telling stories. They also exaggerate their feelings and ideas and often display melodramatic responses to problems.

Need Constant Reassurance

Sanguines need constant reassurance from their loved ones. They appreciate gifts of toys and gadgets the most when it comes to showing them you care. Sanguines are more likely to stay in a relationship if they are getting lots of attention, time, and gifts.


People who are sanguine will talk to anyone and everyone. There is never a quiet moment when you are around a sanguine person. This can be dangerous for children and teens that have the sanguine temperament because they are likely to talk openly and freely to strangers.

Attention Seeking

Sanguines seek attention. If they are not getting enough attention from their partner, they may find a new one. If they are not getting enough attention from their friends, they won't cut them off, but they will go out in search of people that will give them the attention that they crave.


People of the sanguine temperament are outwardly emotive. If they are angry or frustrated, you will most definitely know. If they are happy, they are going to be bubbly and energetic. This makes it hard for them to act anything other than genuine.

Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is inherent in all sanguines, but it's usually light. They prefer to laugh and smile and they want the whole world to laugh and smile with them.

Forgive and Forget

Because they live in the present, sanguines are quick to forgive and forget. And they expect equal treatment. They'll want to be forgiven as easily as they would forgive.

Do You Want To Better Understand Or Improve Your Temperament?

High Self-Esteem

Those with the sanguine temperament tend to have high self-esteem. While good self-esteem is healthy, sanguines can sometimes be seen as too full of themselves or selfish.

Intense Emotions

Sanguines often feel intense emotions and are not afraid to show them.

Getting Help With This Temperament

If you have a pure sanguine temperament, you may find it easy to make friends and find partners but difficult to remain in relationships. You may also have difficulty creating and sticking to goals in your personal and professional life. You may benefit from a sense of structure, especially if your child has this type of personality.

But personality is complex. Every personality is a little different and hard to define. There is even doubt that the Big Five are all the types found in the population. Keep your mind open and don't let what people may think of you govern how you act.

Therapy As An Option

If you need help understanding yourself, a therapist is a great option. A therapist can help you develop coping skills, bring balance to your life, and help you to be more successful.

If you are the parent of a child with sanguine temperament, you may find you are constantly out of energy. You may not know how to deal with their ever-changing and intense moods, or how to maintain their attention and focus. A therapist can help you and your child find some balance.

If your spouse or partner has a sanguine temperament, you may experience challenges keeping their attention or meeting all of their needs. Couples therapy can help you both understand how the sanguine temperament is affecting you and help you find ways to cope with it so you can maintain a healthy and long-term relationship.

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When you or someone you know has a sanguine personality, it can be challenging. However, you can live a truly happy life with fulfilling relationships-all you need are the right tools. Take the first step today.

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