15 Benefits And Traits Of Sanguine Temperament

By: Ashley Brown

Updated August 03, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Rashonda Douthit , LCSW

The sanguine temperament is one of the four major personality types studied in ancient Greece. It refers to the most energetic and bubbly of all the temperament types. If your child has a sanguine temperament, you may have a hard time keeping up with them. And if you have a sanguine temperament, you may often find it difficult to remain on task. But there are things you'll both be better at naturally. This article will focus on the benefits and traits of the sanguine personality type, as well as how to work with them.

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Benefits and Traits

Here's a look at the most common traits of sanguine personalities.

Very Social

People with the sanguine temperament are social creatures. They are outgoing and will be the first to shake your hand, hug you, clap you on the back, or start up a conversation. They find it easy to make friends. A pure sanguine temperament is truly a social extrovert.


Sanguine temperament people are optimistic. They prefer to see the bright side of life, and they like to live life to the fullest. They are not as likely to see the bad in a situation as they are the good. They believe life is an exciting fun-filled experience.


The sanguine is the most impulsive of all the temperaments. If it sounds fun and exciting, they'll do it-without considering the consequences.

Excels in Communication

Those with sanguine temperament are excellent communicators. They can get the point across in a way that many other people cannot. They are great motivational speakers, and also great salespeople. They may not, however, be very good listeners, so when it comes to open communication in personal relationships, they may be lacking.

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Pleasure Seeking

Sanguines are always seeking out pleasure. They may find it challenging to stay on task if something is boring or undesired. For this reason, sanguine temperament people may be job hoppers, always looking for the job that will give them pleasure.

Live in the Present

Sanguine people tend to live in the present instead of the past or the future. Because they do not consider the past, they may not easily learn from their mistakes. They may also fail to prepare for the future. A pure sanguine is not likely to have long-term goals or plans.

Tend to Exaggerate

People of the sanguine temperament are prone to telling tall tales. They exaggerate when telling stories. They also exaggerate their feelings and ideas and often display melodramatic responses to problems.

Need Constant Reassurance

Sanguines need constant reassurance from their loved ones. They appreciate gifts of toys and gadgets the most when it comes to showing them you care. Sanguines are more likely to stay in a relationship if they are getting lots of attention, time, and gifts.


People who are sanguine will talk to anyone and everyone. There is never a quiet moment when you are around a sanguine person. This can be dangerous for children and teens that have the sanguine temperament because they are likely to talk openly and freely to strangers.

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Attention Seeking

Sanguines seek attention. If they are not getting enough attention from their partner, they may find a new one. If they are not getting enough attention from their friends, they won't cut them off, but they will go out in search of people that will give them the attention that they crave.


People of the sanguine temperament are outwardly emotive. If they are angry or frustrated, you will most definitely know. If they are happy, they are going to be bubbly and energetic. This makes it hard for them to act anything other than genuine.

Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is inherent in all sanguines, but it's usually light. They prefer to laugh and smile and they want the whole world to laugh and smile with them.

Forgive and Forget

Because they live in the present, sanguines are quick to forgive and forget. And they expect equal treatment. They'll want to be forgiven as easily as they would forgive.

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High Self-Esteem

Those with the sanguine temperament tend to have high self-esteem. While good self-esteem is healthy, sanguines can sometimes be seen as too full of themselves or selfish.

Intense Emotions

Sanguines often feel intense emotions and are not afraid to show them.

Getting Help with Sanguine Temperament

If you have a pure sanguine temperament, you may find it easy to make friends and find partners but difficult to remain in relationships. You may also have difficulty creating and sticking to goals in your personal and professional life. You may benefit from a sense of structure, especially if your child has this type of personality.

But personality is complex. Every personality is a little different and hard to define. There is even doubt that the Big Five are all the types found in the population. Keep your mind open and don't let what people may think of you govern how you act.

If you need help understanding yourself, a therapist is a great option. A therapist can help you develop coping skills, bring balance to your life, and help you to be more successful.

If you are the parent of a child with sanguine temperament, you may find you are constantly out of energy. You may not know how to deal with their ever-changing and intense moods, or how to maintain their attention and focus. A therapist can help you and your child find some balance.

If your spouse or partner has a sanguine temperament, you may experience challenges keeping their attention or meeting all of their needs. Couples therapy can help you both understand how the sanguine temperament is affecting you and help you find ways to cope with it so you can maintain a healthy and long-term relationship.

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When you or someone you know has a sanguine personality, it can be challenging. However, you can live a truly happy life with fulfilling relationships-all you need are the right tools. Take the first step today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is a sanguine personality?

The sanguine is one of the primary temperaments which describes a person that is enthusiastic, social, active, and overly talkative. They are typically considered as extroverted persons. When a sanguine meets you for the first time, he may hold a conversation with you in a manner that seems like he had known you for a long time. Asides being social, temperaments sanguine are charismatic and outgoing. Due to their cheerfulness and humor, they are able to brighten up people's life. Sanguines are very good at things that are related to communication, but they may not be perfect in completing tasks.

Who is a melancholy sanguine?

A melancholy sanguine personality is a mix of both the melancholic and sanguine personality in one person. Since it's a mix, the individual will have the traits of both personalities. The melancholic is a thoughtful individual that may often be anxious but typically try to attain perfection by every means possible. A melancholic doesn't only try attaining perfection in themselves; they also want to see everything around them in a perfect condition. Also, the melancholy is detail oriented. On the other hand, the sanguine is talkative, outgoing, and social. A melancholic sanguine love having fun and laughing when they feel comfortable and accepted. Sometimes, they may also be talkative but usually have high personal ambitions but fail to achieve their dreams because they normally don't take action.

What do the four temperaments mean?

The four temperaments basically explain a major theory of psychology about personality and suggest four bodily fluids that affect the complete human personality. The four fundamental personality types are Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. According to a Greek physician, the Sanguine is cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, confident, and quite talkative. When you meet a Sanguine, there's a high tendency to have discussions that may seem as though you have known each other for a long period.  A choleric temperament is goal-oriented, analytical, and logical. When having a discussion with a choleric, you may notice that they are usually straightforward and extremely practical. A choleric behave like they don't have fears, and they are complete in themselves. A melancholic has the power of self-reliance, which may be a great advantage. Also, a melancholic is reserved, thoughtful, and may have frequent cases of anxiety. People often love melancholic because they are very analytical and task oriented. The phlegmatic is an easy-going individual. They are also very peaceful, relaxed, and quiet. Also, they are very sympathetic people ad care a lot about people. However, the phlegmatic always try hiding his or her emotions.

Who are Sanguines attracted to?

The Sanguine is a fun-loving, social, and outgoing personality. Typically, Sanguines are attracted to other personality types. However, when two sanguines are attracted to each other, it may end up as an extremely happy relationship they choose to date or get married. A sanguine may also get attracted to other personalities like the melancholic. The melancholic individuals are reserved and very thoughtful, but they are able to make a good match with the sanguine, which is outgoing, social, and talkative.

Who is phlegmatic person?

Out of many other temperaments, the phlegmatic describes the most stable and calm personality. A phlegmatic is an easy-going person that dislikes having clashes with anyone. Usually, the phlegmatic doesn't have serious issues with emotional outbursts, bitterness, or anger like other people with different personality types. A phlegmatic is also self-content, kind, relaxed, and consistent. They are often referred to as lazy because their shy personality can make them uninterested in a lot of things, which ends up making them look lazy. If you don’t know your personality type, Myers Briggs helps with giving a type indicator.

What is the most common temperament?

The Sanguine personality is the most common temperament. This is because a large percentage of people have a sanguine personality. Normally, Sanguine is defined as being social, generally active, and talkative. Please note that the mere fact that Sanguine is a very common temperament doesn't directly mean that everyone is Sanguine. Please note that Sanguine may be of two different types, which are the secondary temperament and primary temperament types. The Sanguine personality is curious, creative, spontaneous, impulsive, goal-oriented, optimistic, and cheerful. A sanguine is capable of talking to new friends like they have known them for a longer time.

Who is choleric person?

Cholerics are well known for their attitude of wanting to dominate and stay in power. Also, the choleric is associated with yellow bile humor. Other humor types are the bile and phlegm, or the blood yellow bile black. There may be a mix of humor like the bile black bile and phlegm. The choleric and melancholic personality is known to have the yellow bile black bile humor. Usually, the choleric person may also have a very weak level of self-control. Naturally, choleric are problem solvers, and they are normally open about their opinions. Asides being problem solvers, they are also ambitious, goal-oriented. All of the qualities of a choleric ultimately makes them natural leaders of society. Typically, a choleric people are leaders of the group. In addition, a choleric is an effective influencer, independent, prideful, quick-thinkers, competitive, and easily annoyed. When a choleric speaks, his or her words usually sound commanding even when he has no intention of making it sound that way. Cholerics may also be choleric melancholic, choleric sanguine, or have a mixture of cholic melancholic and phlegmatic. To know your temperament, you should perform a temperaments test.

What are the 4 types of temperament?

There are four fundamental personality types that define a person's personality, which is the sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, and choleric. The Sanguine is the commonest type of personality; it refers to those that are talkative, outgoing, and social. A melancholic normally acts self-reliant, thoughtful, and extremely reserved. The choleric is a logical, goal-oriented, and analytical person. Lastly, the phlegmatic is different from the other articles. They are peaceful, relaxed, quiet, and easy-going. A person may have a mix of personalities such as the choleric, melancholic personality types, or the sanguine choleric melancholic personality types. Taking part in a temperaments test.

Are Melancholics romantic?

The melancholic personality always secretly crave for a perfect relationship. When this happens, it can typically make the entire relationship awesome. Please note that is a little difficult for a melancholic to make a move on someone that attracts them. Interestingly, a melancholic always has fun with other melancholics. So, it is possible for two melancholics to have a happy and romantic relationship with each other. Asides being with another melancholic, they have the ability to stay close to Sanguine. As a matter of fact, the melancholic and the sanguine may also go as far as get married due to their compatibility. However, this may not mean everything may go on rosy but, they will definitely work out.

Who should a melancholic marry?

When it comes to compatibility, melancholics are very compatible with their personality reflection. Due to their personality, which involves staying analytical and critical, they are normally better off with the melancholic personality. Also, melancholics have a personality of being introverted and avoid being called in a crowd of people. When it comes to how they feel, most of them are deep-thinkers and feelers as well. All of their traits and characters combined make them natural or inborn leaders of a community or social gatherings.

What are the weaknesses of a sanguine?

Sanguines are defined by the way they talk (talkative), the way relate with other people, and the way they react to situations. In terms of relating with people, the sanguine temperament is the easiest person to stay around with. The sanguine temperament is outgoing, touchy, and handshaking. Also, they tend to bring life around a room there in at the moment. Moreover, they are very cheerful people and they put a smile in the faces of a lot of people. Unfortunately, the sanguine have their own weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of the sanguine is they often exaggerate when they are in a conversation. They typically exaggerate to make themselves look more successful than their true state. A major weakness of the sanguine is they also adopt unhealthy and destructive behaviours. If you are uncertain about your personality traits, you can perform the Myers Briggs test according to medical concept. After using the Myers Briggs type indicator, the type indicator should be able to tell your personality

How do Melancholics behave?

A melancholic is a self-reliant personality that are also reserved, thoughtful, and are anxious often. Also, a melancholic is also called black bile. According to Galen’s personality theory, the black bile is associate to a cold and dry behaviour or quality. The melancholic is a person that works to achieve perfection in themselves and also strive for perfection in their surroundings. This personality results in a detail oriented and neat character. Out of the other temperaments, the melancholics are introverted people that work hard to get some time alone. Also, they may enjoy spending time with people in some occasions, but, the time they spend with other people drains off their energy. When they spend time with other people, they ultimately need to take some time out alone to recharge their minds. There may also be a mix of temperaments in a specific person for instance, the choleric melancholic and phlegmatic or the sanguine choleric melancholic.

How do I change my temperament?

There’s a possibility for you to change your character, but you cannot change your temperament because they are inborn. To change your character, you may need to change your surroundings, write out a plan to follow, and ensure you’re following up. Other ways that can make you alter your temperament are through writing a journal, telling a friend, or rewarding yourself. The major reason why your temperament cannot change is because it is biological and inborn.

Who is a sanguine woman?

A sanguine woman is someone that is highly talkative, active, enthusiastic, and social. When a sanguine woman meets you for the first time, she may relate with you like she has known you for a long time. A sanguine is typically extroverted and enjoy being around people. Sanguines are prone to exaggerate to make themselves more successful than they really are. The sanguine is also impulsive and they are great communicators. The sanguine woman is able to see the bright side of life and live life to the fullest. Moreover, they are also pleasure seeking so they may be more.

What are the nine temperament traits?

There nine temperament traits are the activity level, biological rhythms, sensitivity, intensity of reaction, adaptability, approach/withdrawal, persistence, distractibility, and mood. Please note that these are different from the fundamental personality types. The activity level deals with how active that person is. The high activity level and the low activity levels are the two different types of activity level. Also, the biological rhythms refer to the regularity of someone’s internal drives, like eating, sleeping, and toileting, and others. Sensitivity involves the high sensitivity and low sensitivity. Highly sensitive people react strongly to light, touch, light, sound, taste, and smell. Adaptability simply means the way a person can change or adjust to new situations. Approach/withdrawal refers to how quickly a person is able to adjust to changes. Persistence refers to how long someone is willing to stick a task even when it’s hard. Distractibility simply refers to people that are easily distracted by their surroundings. Lastly, the mood refers to the overall tone of the person’s interactions and characters. You should employ the Myers Briggs type indicator to know your personality traits by medical concept. Also, you don’t need to worry about infringement of privacy since the privacy policy is being followed.

Can melancholic marry phlegmatic?

The melancholic is the person that is self-reliant, reserved, and anxious often. Usually, the melancholic strive for perfection in themselves Also, they work towards creating perfection around their surroundings. Also, the melancholic is always detail-oriented and neat in everything they do. The Phlegmatic are peaceful, relaxed, quiet, and easy-going. Unlike other personality types, the phlegmatic is the most stable temperament.  They are very calm, easy-going people, and they don’t have issues of emotional outbursts, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness. The melancholic and phlegmatic both view the world differently. However, there is no attraction between these two personalities but they can get married and live a happy life.

Are Phlegmatics introverts?

A phlegmatic is the most stable temperament. They are calm, easy-going, and they don’t have emotional outbursts, exaggerated feelings, unforgiveness, or bitterness. A phlegmatic personality tends to be quiet and peaceful and they are sympathetic and care about the emotions of others. A phlegmatic is introverted and they enjoy having time alone. However, they are nicer than the melancholic and they are unburdened by perfectionism and they do not judge other people.

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