Temperament Articles

A person’s temperament describes their behavior. Some people have a calm demeanor, and others are excited and bubbly. Temperament is another word for character. It starts as early as infancy and goes into teenage years followed by adulthood. Infants can display an irritable disposition where they are colicky or inconsolable, or they appear playful and receptive to their parents and family members. The study of how people seem to the outside world and their demeanor began in the 1920’s, and we continue to understand how people’s moods influence the way they appear to us.

Here you will read articles about various kinds of temperaments ranging from stoic to charismatic. You’ll learn about how your disposition communicates how you feel to those around you and find ways to understand other people’s demeanors so you can best communicate with them.

15 Benefits And Traits Of Sanguine Temperament

The Sanguine temperament is the most energetic and bubbly of all the temperament types. If you have a sanguine temperament for a child, you may have a hard time keeping up with...

What Can the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Reveal about Me?

If you’ve been asked to take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, you might greet the idea with a strange combination of happy anticipation and trepidation. You want to find out what...

4 Most Common Temperament Types

A person’s temperament is formed as an infant and never changes. It simply develops over time as you mature and grow, to make you who you are. Studies have shown that temperament...

17 Benefits And Traits Of A Melancholic Temperament

Every individual has behavior tendencies, also known as temperament. Many people have two temperament types, one primary and one secondary. However, some people are solely...

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