Benefits Of Sexual Abuse Counseling

Sexual Abuse Causes Trauma That Needs to Be Addressed By a Professional
Open Up With An Online Therapist About Sexual Abuse

Every 98 seconds, a person in the United States is sexually assaulted, with nearly 32,000 victims of sexual abuse every year in America. People under 30 make up the majority of sexual abuse victims. When a person is a victim of sexual abuse, he or she may not know where to turn to find necessary help. This is where sexual abuse counseling can help.

Sexual abuse can greatly influence a person's mental health. Whether the incident just occurred or happened 20 years ago, victim's experience the psychological effects of sexual abuse. The ramifications of sexual abuse include anxiety, depression, trust issues, lower self-esteem, feelings and thoughts of shame and guilt, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), fluctuations in mood, periods of intense anger, dissociation with feelings, self-destructive behaviors and more. If this goes untreated, the effects can last for months or even years.

Some benefits of sexual abuse counseling are the following:

You will develop self-love behaviors and routines.

When you attend psychotherapy sessions or talk with a licensed mental health professional online, then you will begin the healing process. This means that you will learn and develop a variety of self-care strategies and tactics to aid you throughout your daily life. These strategies can help when a person who has suffered sexual abuse feels overwhelmed with thoughts about the previous incident and its related ebbs and flows of emotions.


Sexual abuse counseling will help you get your feelings out.

Some victims of sexual abuse bottle their emotions. Mindfulness and experiential techniques during therapy can immensely aid in the recovery process. This includes learning to meditate, writing in a journal, creating a piece of art, etc. A sexual abuse survivor could be struggling with feelings of numbness, fears of intimacy with a current partner, shame for "allowing the incident to happen" and more. While it could be challenging to face internal emotions, using these emotions for something positive also helps with self-love and recovery.

Sexual Abuse Causes Trauma That Needs to Be Addressed By a Professional
Open Up With An Online Therapist About Sexual Abuse


You will build a network of others just like you.

In a group therapy session, you will realize that you are not alone in experiences, thoughts and emotions. You can talk with peers and the moderator about what is going on inside your head and in your own life. This better helps to manage guilt, shame and other emotions associated with sexual abuse. Sharing your story could help you throughout the healing process; in addition, it could help someone else, too.



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