Types Of Bullying Throughout Society

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Bullying is both easy and difficult to define. While we think of bullying as something happening through physical contact or more recently, over the internet, the reality of the situation is that there are even more categories of bullying than we realize. To get a better grasp on what bullying is and how far it reaches out, here are the different types of bullying that we have recognized in our society so far.

  1. Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is one of the categories of bullying that is the easiest to recognize. When someone is physically bullied, it means that they are being harmed through any form of physical contact. Physical bullying can be as simple as pinching or as extreme as punching, but any and all forms of physical abuse are serious. Physical bullying also refers to any contact that causes damage to another person's belongings. You may see this type of violence occur when people use rude and threatening body language to intimidate another as well.

  1. Verbal Bullying

Not all forms of bullying are physical. Bullies can cause just as much damage with their words. Verbal bullying occurs when one person hurts another person through name-calling, insults, threats, or any other type of language that makes the other person feel bad or threatened. While physical bullying is a lot easier to identify, verbal bullying can be difficult to recognize because it often relies on trust rather than physical evidence. Therefore, people who decide to be verbally abusive towards others are more likely to get away with it.

  1. Cyberbullying

As social media platforms continue to grow popular with today's youth, so does the newer form of bullying known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying takes place when someone uses a social media platform or another type of technology to target their prey and send threats, mean comments, or rude pictures to them or post them on their profile. Because many of today's youth are constantly connected to the internet, they are always vulnerable to this type of bullying, and it is often hard to stop.

Keep in mind that cyberbullying is not restricted to the internet, however. Any bullying that happens over technology is considered cyberbullying.

  1. Social Bullying

Social bullying, also known as relational bullying, is a bullying tactic employed by those who wish to exclude certain people from their social group. This type of bullying often happens between a group of people and the person on the receiving end might feel isolated because of the group's harassment and exclusion methods. Social bullying can be difficult to end because, while all people should be included in all groups and activities, you cannot force other people to accept a person.

  1. Prejudicial Bullying

Prejudicial bullying is not so much a type of bullying as it is a reason that children and adults bully each other. When someone is not tolerant of another person's sexual orientation, skin color, or religion and they decide to take action that hurts the other person, this is prejudicial bullying. Prejudicial bullying goes hand in hand with many of the other categories of bullying in this article.

  1. Sexual Bullying

If someone is making fun of you in an inappropriate way in regards to your body or your sexual life, you are sexually bullied. Sexual bullying can occur through cyberbullying in regards to crude texts or photographs, through verbal bullying, and even through physical bullying when someone touches you inappropriately. Sexual bullying can be very damaging and very dangerous if not taken care of immediately.

Overwhelmed By All The Different Therapy Methods Out There?

Now that we've talked about some of the most common forms of bullying that we see in our society let's talk about some of the bullies that go along with these types of bullying.

Popular People

Popular people become bullies when they let their popularity control the way they think. They know they set the trends with the people around them and they know that they dictate the social standings of everyone around them as well. Using this power that they have against other people, they will make others feel powerless by physically hurting them or by using relational bullying tactics to exclude them from social circles.

This will also occur among people who are trying to fit in with the popular kids. However, it might not have the same impact that occurs when a popular kid decides to bully someone.

The Victims Of Bullying

People who have been bullied will sometimes begin bullying others themselves as a means to express their pain and to feel as though they have more control over the position of being a bully. These type of bullies are formed quite frequently, and unlike popular kids, these kids tend to fall at the bottom of the social ladder because of the issues that stem from their poor home or school life.

Bullies That People Would Least Expect

Some bullies are not outright in their actions and are the least expected by the people around them to be a bully. These types of bullies will often trick people into thinking that they are sweet and caring and then use that personality to their advantage to hide the bullying that they are doing under people's noses. These bullies can be the most harmful as they are hard to catch.

Bullies That Only Harm In Groups

There are some unique circumstances in which people will only bully other people in groups but will not partake in bullying behavior when they are on their own. These types of people will often have a single group leader that they are eager to please and who condones violence and bullying. When they are away from their leader, they typically have no more interest in bullying. Therefore, the most worrisome bully in this type of situation is the leader of the group.

Bullies That Have No Agenda

The bullies on this list will often have a reason for doing what they're doing, even if the reason is not justifiable. Bullies who have no agenda will target anyone who comes in their path and will not be deterred by any consequences that result from their actions. These bullies often have mental health issues that need to be fixed so that further harm does not happen to others.

The effects of bullying others and of being bullied can be very harmful to a person's mental health. If you are struggling as a result of bullying or of being a victim, we recommended visiting https://www.betterhelp.com/start/.  Clicking on the link above will bring you to a page that will help you find the right counselor for you!

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